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Midnight's Lair

Welcome to Midnight's Lair! I'm Midnight, and here you'll find all the ideas I've thrown together, things I'm craving, and things I'm looking for.

About Me
♠ I aim to reply once a day, and I'll tell you when I'm away ♠
♠ I prefer to play submissive or switch characters ♠
♠ Bold indicates my preferred role in my ideas ♠
♠ I don't mind RPs which are smutless, pure smut, or a mix of the two ♠
♠ I'm also open to any ideas you wanna throw at me if none of these interest you! ♠

My Characters

Currently Craving
♠ Any plots my characters can be used for ♠
♠ Red Riding Hood idea ♠
♠ Male x Transmale ♠
♠ One Piece Fandom RP ♠
♠ Supernatural/Mythical creatures ♠




♠ Demon x Human
♠ Werewolf x Human
♠ Master x Pet
♠ Knight x Mage ♠
♠ Noble x Thief ♠
♠ Feel free to PM with more ideas if you've got them ♠


♠ Low-High Fantasy ♠ Steampunk ♠ Grungy Sci-Fi ♠
♠ Modern ♠ School Life ♠ Romance ♠


Red Riding Hood
Little Red is the the youngest child in a family of Hunters. In a world where the average person is mostly unaware of the presence of supernatural creatures, their hometown has a werewolf problem, or so her family claims. A pack has been discovered on the edge of town, barely causing any trouble for local residents, but the Red Hunters set out with the aim to get rid of them. Having never agreed with their savage ways of killing any and all supernatural creatures, regardless of if they were 'good' or 'bad', she begs them to stop, to leave them alone as they're not doing any harm. They don't listen, and next thing she knows they're bringing home half of the werewolf pack as trophies, gutting them and pulling out teeth and bones to use in potions and elixirs. For Little Red it's the last straw. She flees her home, aiming to make it right with the werewolves her family just nearly eradicated.
I'm looking for someone to play a wolf opposite my Little Red. I'm willing to split background characters, and discuss the plot beyond that I've started here. I just really want to play Red Riding Hood playing with werewolves. Feel free to change or twist this idea as well.

Trans and Kinky
Two young men meet, and either after a long while of getting to know each other or that instant connection, they've begun dating. They've yet to have sex, but the reason why comes to light when one of them confesses that he is in fact transgender, born in a female body which he's not entirely comfortable with yet. With gentle persuading and reassurance, they finally get over that hurdle together, only to discover a few more things about each other. The young transman has a few kinks he'd like to try out, but the other male once was a regular on the BDSM scene, and is more than happy to show him the 'ropes'.
Basic idea of this is a curious but inexperienced submissive transman and his more experienced dominant boyfriend exploring BDSM together as well as exploring their new relationship. Would prefer to play the transman, and this can be done either via a continuous storyline or as a slice-of-life just doing a few short scenes.

A Classic Fantasy Adventure
Two adventurers meet. It's the typical story of how they meet in a tavern, or are hired for the same job, but they have to work together regardless to achieve the same goal. Turns out they work very well as a team. What weaknesses one may have is covered by the other's strengths. Perhaps one is a mage while one is a fighter, or maybe one fights with a sword while the other is long-range with a bow and arrow, either way they carry on working together from their initial meeting. As time passes, they grow closer and closer, until one drunken night they end up sleeping together. This brings up feelings and desires they didn't realise they had before, or maybe they did only they didn't mention it for fear of losing what they already had.
Just a typical fantasy setting. I'm looking for dungeon crawling and romance, with sprinklings of smut. I'm happy to start from the beginning or from where they start having feelings for each other, preferably playing two males, but I can play a female if your character is interesting enough. Heavily based on Pathfinder as I love playing that game.

Cowboy Space Pirates
The captain of a ragtag crew aboard a spaceship was once a well decorated officer in the Imperial army, but after finding out a big government secret and disagreeing with it entirely, he deserted them and fled. He stole one of their spaceships and one of their enslaved Volterrans; a race of beings who seem to have electricity running through their veins which people had used to power ships as a much cheaper alternative to power rods. Now on the run, he's acquired on his crew an ex-soldier who used to fight on the opposing Unified Colonies side, but fled just like he did, along with an engineer running away from a high status family who won't let them be who they want to be, and an android fighting to stay 'alive' after killing their previous owner after refusing to be abused any longer. Now they must fight for freedom as space pirates, avoiding being captured, and trying to stick together as a team despite obvious personality differences.
I'm looking for someone to play the captain of the ship opposite myself playing the Volterran. They are the only couple on the ship, and we can split the rest of the crew between us. I left them blank and vague so we can input our own designs onto them. This is a really good idea to world build on together, and I see it more as a slice-of-life and relationship building kind of thing first.



♠ Charizard ♠ Pidgeot ♠ Arbok ♠ Ninetales ♠ Arcanine ♠ Rapidash ♠
♠ Haunter ♠ Eeveelutions ♠ Typhlosion ♠ Houndoom ♠ Miltotic ♠ Absol ♠
♠ Luxray ♠ Lopunny ♠ Mismagius ♠ Lucario ♠ Liepard ♠ Zoroark ♠
♠ Sawsbuck ♠ Hydreigon ♠ Delphox ♠ Talonflame ♠ Furfrou ♠ Meowstic ♠

♠ The normal setting of Pokemon, but with gijinkas instead of actual Pokemon, who people capture and train as pets, companions and more. Has a possibility of getting twisted and serious but can stay light hearted. ♠
♠ Humans have died out, only Pokemon gijinkas roam the world in the ruins of the human civilisation, acting like tribes and groups with barely any technology besides what they can get working in the ruins ♠

One Piece
♠ Zoro x Sanji ♠
♠ Doflamingo x Crocodile ♠
♠ Killer x Eustass Kid
♠ Sanji likes dressing in women's clothes because of his time on Okama island and is ashamed of it, Zoro finds out and initially mocks him but eventually helps him accept it. ♠
♠ Zoro is actually a transman but has hidden it from the crew all these years. He's been getting close to Sanji for a while, but as they get closer he begins getting more nervous about going further. An exploration for the development of their relationship ♠

Harvest Moon
♠ Imagine the plot and setting of one of the games, but instead of wooing and marrying one of the girls, the guys were options as well. MC moves to the town, gets settled into his farm and new way of life as usual for the beginning of the games, then along comes one of the handsome bachelors to steal his heart. He has to struggle with running the farm and trying to spend time with the object of his affections, while also trying to figure out if they even like men. ♠
(I've played most of the games, and looking for someone to play the bachelor, I don't mind which game or which bachelor)

My Little Pony
♠ Two stallions find themselves falling for each other, but in a town where homosexual relationships are out of the ordinary, they struggle with the debate to keep it hidden or going about their normal lives as if it was no big deal. After a couple of issues arise, they decide to keep it quite, but find it harder and harder to hide their relationship from everyone, especially considering they can't keep their hooves off each other. ♠
(Can be canon characters but I'd prefer OCs. Thought of it being set in Ponyville but we can do it anywhere.)

Other Fandoms
♠ Cardcaptor Sakura ♠ Sailor Moon ♠ Fate/Zero ♠
♠ Team Fortress 2 ♠ Persona 4 ♠ Mega Man ♠
♠ Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ♠ Harry Potter ♠ YuGiOh ♠


My Characters

♠ Characters I would very much like to roleplay but don't have any solid ideas for plots or settings they can be part of ♠
♠ Feel free to PM me if you'd like to invite one of them into an idea you have ♠

[All art is my own]

|| Sci-fi || Modern Fantasy ||
Jasper "Jazz" Mortimer
A jack of all trades and a master of none, Jazz has made a small name for himself being a bounty hunter and a gambler. What he makes up for in the lack of skills and strengths, he makes up for in charisma and luck. He's mischievous, stubborn, and very flirty. The kind of man you can rely on if you dare trust him, and the kind you really don't want to get on the wrong side of. While he is very easy going, if you manage to somehow anger him, he can hold decades long grudges.
Jazz was originally made for a sci-fi setting, but he's easily re-worked into a steampunk, fantasy or modern fantasy setting.
He likes both men and women, with a slight preference for men. But my own personal preference is to play him paired with a man.

|| Sci-Fi || Fantasy ||
Gareth Blackmoor
No one knows about his heritage, the one that gives him the soulless black eyes and gaunt skeletal appearance. Gareth doesn't talk about it either, simply sitting there with a cigarette permanently in his hands or between his lips, smoke curling around his fingers, almost as if under his control. You'll find him most likely working as a mortician, possibly being an alchemist and apothecary on the side. He barely talks about himself, focused on the tasks at hand, quiet and mysterious with a low hollow sounding voice you're not entirely sure comes from the nicotine.
Gareth comes from a modern fantasy setting but can be reworked into Sci-Fi and normal or high fantasy easily.
He shows no indication of sexual preference, but does prefer males.

|| Furry || Fantasy ||
Kae Nacht
Chubby and fluffy, this kitten is quiet and shy, barely saying a word and keeping to himself. At least until you get to know him, and then he simply won't shut up and demands all your attention. Until he reaches that point with someone, he'll keep to himself, timidly reaching out to a person until that level of trust is established. But once he gets to know someone, he'll talk about anything and everything.
Kae is a furry character I can put into almost every setting, with the easiest being a furry/anthro world or one set in a fantasy world.
He's completely gay, with no interest in women at all. He might be interested in futas, but they confuse him slightly.
I can play him as a full male, a transman, or a cuntboy.


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