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Author Topic: Some Ideas for Us - ((Updated May 19th)) (F for M)  (Read 766 times)

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Some Ideas for Us - ((Updated May 19th)) (F for M)
« on: May 01, 2015, 12:22:05 AM »
To Start Us Off
I like to play submissive female characters. If that works for you, wonderful!
Have a look at my Ons and Offs thread before we continue!
Please PM me if you would like to RP; I'd like to keep this thread clean.  :-)

Below are plots I'm looking to play right now, but if you feel compatible with everything so far and would like to RP something else, shoot me a PM! I'm open to new ideas always. :)

Intense Craves
These are plots I really want to play right now, most are very quick plots with lots of smut.

An Older Pervert
An older man goes after a younger girl. Fairly simple. It can be a teacher, uncle, stepfather/father, random man... open to ideas.

Forced Creampie
He wants to breed her; or he simply doesn't care anymore. Or he knows there's no danger, though she doesn't. Either way, he forces his seed deep inside her, not letting go until he's spent.

Taken by a Gang
Any sort of gang-rape, forced group sex. It could be an actual gang, or a group of male friends who takes their one female friend one day... many possibilities.

I'd Really Like to Try
Some kinks I've been wanting to try for a while, to find out if its an On or an Off.

Forced to Drink
Anything that involves a man forcing a younger female to drink his piss; he comes up and puts it in her mouth as if for a blow job, but instead relieves himself. Variations can be worked out, a plot added if necessary. Quick and smutty.

Dirty Play
Scat, Watersports. I've not done either before, so if you like that, please PM me! I'd like to try an RP with one or both, to see how it goes.

The Ideas
Cravings are labelled as such, plots with a little more plot are marked with a *

Taken by the Teacher
She was a pretty student, but her marks were dropping. She didn't know what to do... As were necessary to get into college, and she needed a college degree. She couldn't afford a regular tutor, so she started meeting after class with her teacher, who began extra lessons to help her do better. But tutoring isn't all he has in mind...

More than a Stepfather- Craving
He had always viewed her as more than a daughter. To put it quite bluntly, she was hot. His new marriage wasn't going that well, and sex had become a thing of the past. Her mother was often away on business trips, leaving them alone together... until he can't hold back any longer.

*Kidnapped to Kill*
Every superhero has a sidekick. Every Sith Lord an apprentice. Likewise, a serial killer who has a killing spree of over 20 recorded (and much more unrecorded) bodies decides to take on his own prodigy. The girl he chooses he surmises to have the potential is from a broken home like himself, and he feels a connection. He wants her, wants to teach her what he knows. Bring her into his life of death. Even if that means kidnapping her. He's sure she'll learn to like it eventually. 

Brought to Justice
He's a superhero, saving the city time after time from dangerous criminals and deadly threats. She is one of those threats- a super villain, who seems intent on destroying both him and the city. That is, until he finally captures her one day.. and decides he both wants to keep her to himself and has a punishment that will keep her in line... forever.

*Don't tell the Others*
On a team of superheros, not everyone is so heroic. He has decided that he wants his female teammate.. and he's going to have her, whether she wants it or not. Even if he has to blackmail her, and make sure she never, ever tells the team.
This can go two ways- she either starts to have feelings for him, and vice versa; or someone else on the team starts to notice, and he tries to both figure out what is going on and eventually free her... out of his own feelings, perhaps?

Fallen with Broken Wings
An angel fell from the sky, breaking her wings and stranding herself on Earth. She is innocent and naive; the demon who finds her is not.
He either reveals himself as a demon, and takes her downstairs as a pet- or he masquerades as a human, intent on stealing her innocence in the cruelest way possible.

Ears and a Tail
She's not human- never has been- but then, neither is anyone else in the world. It's a world of anthros, where she might have cat ears and tail and the next boy over might have the same from a wolf. Some have wings, others daintily pawed feet...
Could be set at a boarding school, where two roommates of the opposite sex meet and begin a relationship.
Could be set where male's libidos match that of their animal counterparts- when they want it, they take it.
Lots of options, I'm open to ideas!

*Seeking Out the Unknown*
Together they investigate magical artifacts and strange occurrences in the world for their boss, a young man with a lot of money and more than a few secrets of his own. Everyone in his employment seems to have a special power of their own, whether or not they've chosen to tell others about it. This team is made of a young man and woman, who at first are at odds but slowly grow to care for each other and want to protect the other. However, their work often lands them in dangerous situations, always unique... and sometimes it digs up secrets from their pasts.

*Seeking a Reprieve*
In an odd turn of events, it is a young man who has been 'whoring' himself out to young ladies, sometimes older women, for money. Generally, people have just assumed that he is simply what he appears to be- a whore. However, his new roommate is different. She is sweet, and acts so naturally around him he feels like he can forget the darker side of his life. In reality, the money is for something more important, for medical fees or a younger sibling's education... but he hates what he has to do, and slowly begins to fall for his new, and only friend. He wants to stop, wants to settle down... but his many partners includes some people not mentally stable, and life around him can be dangerous. There's also the matter that he still needs the money; but what are you supposed to do when you fall in love?

*Wrecked and Alone*
There was a plane wreck.. or a shipwreck. You come to, and find that you are the only survivor... you, and a girl that you find among the wreckage. You are both injured, and alone; how will you survive on this island?
//Additional//: There is no one but this female for company, and any man would get lonely. The law is far, far away... who is to say he cannot take what he needs?

Be Careful What You Wish For
//Plot 1// She found a bottle one day. It was supposed to be nothing, nothing but some old junk bought from a store for a couple of bucks. But something lives within this bottle... a genie, who is all to eager to grant her wishes. But every wish comes with a price; a price the genie will be all to eager to take.
//Plot 2// It was a young man who found the bottle in the shop, and was more than surprised at the lovely young genie who materializes from its depths. His requests, at first, are innocent... but soon, as he spends more time with her, he begins to want something more. Something from her, that she is magically bound to give him.

Keeping a Cat- Craving
It was unexpected, when he found this creature. He had thought she was human; thought she was a normal girl, protected by the laws that said he could not have what he longed for when he saw her beautiful body. But then he discovers her secret; her fragile cat ears, always covered by a hat; her long, silky tail, always tucked into her sweater and pants. This is not a human. She is not known by the governments of Earth; if she was, they would take her, study her. Which means no one will miss her...
He catches himself a cat, and takes her home to be his personal pet. There is nothing she can do to stop him... had always wanted a cute kitty cat.

I Saw What You Did
She usually got good grades, but this test came too fast; she didn't have enough time to study, and she couldn't afford to lose her scholarship. Just this once, she cheats on a test... surely, one time, it will be alright?
But someone sees her, and he now has the power to make her do whatever he wants, whenever he wants- or he'll tell the school exactly what their star student did. And he wants her to do plenty.

Winter's Long Night- Craving
It was supposed to just be a few days, in a cabin up north. She went up with a group of men to study local flora and fauna while they surveyed the sight for lumber and brought back samples for their company. But a blizzard hit, snowing them in; they might not be able to leave for weeks, and with food being rationed, tempers are high. Everyone needs a break, but where to get it...
And then their eyes fall on her, who could give them the reprieve they want. The reprieve they need.

Taking it to Survive- Craving
Long ago, she was cursed- that she may eat, and drink, but it will not sustain her. To survive she must drink the fluids of a man, that this will be her bread and water. So long as she does this, she will survive- and if she stops, she will starve and die.
She has been a young woman for a long time in this manner... until he catches her. She is not on any records; he takes her, and keeps her. After all, she needs a meal- or three- every day. He's happy to provide that, as her master of course.

Additional: I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, so this doesn't need to be included, but I'd like to explore the idea that any fluids from a man count, and she ends up being hungry enough to let him piss in her mouth each morning or something. Again, lots of people don't like this so it's only if that's an on for you.

*Pokemon Rivals*
They've always been rivals. They battle each other, and race to finish gyms. They could slowly start to develop feelings for each other... or he could win a pokemon battle, with the bet that she must now do as he asks... or he simply takes her one night, unable to contain his frustration any longer. If he can't beat her in battle, he'll show his dominance another way.

Don't Read From the Book
It was just an old bookstore, but she pulled out the right book. Magical spells lay inside, the answer to her every problem; but the book is the lair of an ancient creature, a demon who exacts a price for every spell. Usually in balance; a spell to cancel rain one day may cause it to rain harder the next. But with more complicated spells come more complicated prices, and the demon has been in the book for a very, very long time. He wants something satisfying, and a naive girl casting spells might be just the satisfaction he craves.

*Don't Look at Me*
((Taken from another's thread ideas; thanks for the inspiration!))
This is a more vanilla, romantic setting.
She is a burn victim, he is blind. Together in the hospital, they begin to fall in love... but soon, the doctors believe they can cure his sight, enable him to see for the first time in many years. She is terrified, so scared that he'll finally see her face and know she's not beautiful. Together, they work through their fears and try to keep their love.

*After the Apocalypse*
The world has ended. Two survivors meet; there are so many possibilities. Women are in short supply, does he take her as his right to continue the human race? Are they lonely, and fall in love as they struggle to survive?
Open to many possibilities with this one.

Taking at a Whim- Craving
It is a world exactly like ours, but where men may take a woman whenever they desire. People walk around in a mix of clothed and not, simply depending on temperature or preference that day. In this world, there could be many stories; a high school girl going about her day, and the one who is just of age to get excited enough to take her. A teacher who does not normally take students but this time, this time he wants to breed one. Living in a gang where the members simply take what they want from a female member when they want it.

My Son's GF- Craving
She's alone one day at her boyfriend's house while he steps out. His father's still in the house though, and he has his eye on this beautiful young girl...

Picture Inspirations
Some images NSFW

*Raised by The Wild*

Setting: Medieval or Modern
She's been raised most of her life by the creatures of the wild. Wolves, birds, the trees of the forest. You find this girl in the forest and show her another, less innocent side of life... she agrees to go back to the city with you, but what life awaits her there, away from the forest she knows so well? With nothing more than a naive outlook on life, and you by her side.

The Forest Spirit

Setting: Medieval Fantasy
Legend tells of a magical creature who calls the forests of this realm home. She protects the forest and dissuades visitors from visiting again. Few have seen her, or more than a wisp of her hair or laughter as she ducks behind a tree.
However, the legend also says that if she is caught and penetrated by a man, she will be magically bound to him and his will...
Many men have set out to achieve this conquest, but thus far all have failed. A new expedition is setting out, with you at the lead; will you be the one to catch this elusive creature?

Beware the Wolf

Setting: Modern or Medieval Fantasy
Maybe she knew he was a werewolf, maybe she didn't. But one day, the increased libido could no longer be suppressed. He needed a way to appease his desires, and she was what he wanted.. or what was closest.

*Caught Out of Water*- Craving

Setting: Open
She's a mermaid, plain and simple. The plot could go many ways... she could get stranded on a beach and almost die, rescued by a man she falls in love with.
Or perhaps she is caught up in the fishnets of some fishermen who have been away from home for a long, long time...

--For me:--
Character Images
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Re: Some Ideas for Us - ((Updated May 3rd)) (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2015, 01:22:30 PM »
Updated cravings

*Wrecked and Alone
Be Careful What You Wish For
Keeping a Cat
I Saw What You Did

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Re: Some Ideas for Us - ((Updated May 11th)) (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2015, 09:52:08 AM »
Updated cravings

Winter's Long Night
Taking it to Survive
*Pokemon Rivals

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Re: Some Ideas for Us - ((Updated May 11th)) (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2015, 02:36:52 PM »
Updated cravings

Don't Read from the Book
*Don't Look at Me
*After the Apocalypse

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Re: Some Ideas for Us - ((Updated May 19th)) (F for M)
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2015, 03:34:29 PM »
Updated cravings

"Intense Cravings" Section
-An Older Pervet
-Forced Creampie
-Taken by a Gang

"I'd Really Like to Try" Section
-Forced to Drink
-Dirty Play

Taking at a Whim
My Son's GF