My dark secret with the neighbor (F for Dom M)

Started by Usani, April 28, 2015, 03:38:06 AM

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Alicia Smith is 18 and she has had a thing for the 30 year old neighbor next door for the past 2 years.  Her parents knew him well and trusted me quite a bit, she spent lots of time over there.  They hung out, he even helped her with her music since she was studying Music Production in College.  But what her parents didn't know is that behind closed doors they were also something else...there was a Dom/sub relationship mixed in with it all.  She didn't need to tell them right now since they lived next door and it wasn't any of their business anyway, she was 18 after all.

Also, Alicia has sever anxiety and depression and has had a history of hurting herself and over the past 2 years he has gotten to know her more and more.  He has shown her how to channel it and cope in a constructive way and thats how the relationship started.  So whenever she feels an attack or anything of the sort coming on she goes to him and he helps her calm down first then helps her release that tension and stress.

If someone could please portray him as the character I would be forever grateful!  You may pick my character image too if you like! Please read my O/O and I prefer writing in forums!  :) Hope to hear from ya soon! ;)


Are you looking for someone to play Aj? If so please let me know I shop would love too.
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