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Started by RubySlippers, October 21, 2008, 05:37:16 PM

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Again I'm losing track of thread in the board save one that was set-up under the old rules. I did bookmark the threads on my computer and I still forget about them and lose track. I have therefore a suggestion save for solo-games go back to the old set-up with a thread in a subboard per game regardless how long its been up ior size. You can always remove them it should be easy enough if a game dies or is not posted in for a month but this current set-up is crazy. I'm favoring playing on RPOL since they have proper threads that get bright when there is a post and is there on my main page. I love gaming here but playing and running games is getting to be a pain although I keep hammering away starting games hoping I can keep track of them.


Can you clarify? I'm not sure what you're losing track of... maybe people can offer ideas on how they keep track of theirs. :)


The threads of the games and I tried shortcuts on the favorite sites, problem is if I do not SEE the thread I lose track of them and often for a long time. With Shadows & Shades its there on the main page and bold when someone posted so I can simply see it. With the others if there is no latest post and see the name I forget about the game - even ones I like. Its very frustrating for me.

On RPOL I have a specific game under my games I'm in that gets red when there is a post, blue when I have a message in the game PM - here its reather disorganized.

I liked the old way better it was so easy there is the game in the sub board and if there is a post its bold so I better check it out.


Does using 'notify' and 'my topics' now work?  I find that combination, plus 'Show new replies to your posts'  always keeps me from losing anything I've posted to.


*nods* That combination works well for me as well... and considering the number of games I have going, that's no small feat...



I think it's about looking at it differently, instead of trying to apply the same process to E that is applied to RPoL :)  They don't function the same way, some things are better here and some are better there (based on individual preferences), and posting here and seeing how other people handle it can certainly help.  I use the 'show new replies to your posts' feature as well as using a wiki page and checking all of my current games at least weekly (when I'm actually writing).
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