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Author Topic: All Shapes and Sizes (looking for new partners) ::m/m,f/m,f/f::  (Read 355 times)

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Offline ReyneTopic starter

Hello everyone. I thought I would plan out a real thread of ideas and plots as well as possible fandoms that I would love to roleplay.

First of all, I thought I'd go ahead and give you all a good idea of what I am looking for.

I am comfortable with playing male and female characters. I am looking for f/m or m/m specifically. My female characters are often above a size 14 and are plump and wonderful. So yes! I can roleplay f/f as well, just ask.

I want to have a roleplay that has some thought and planning to it, so if you do not find anything I have to offer as appealing I am open to your ideas as well!

Another point I'd like to make before listing plots and what not is this.

I am willing to roleplay through threads, messages, email, messenger, and even on tumblr where I frequently roleplay. A thread here is most appreciated though, so!

Alright, now for some plots and lists of fandoms (as well as what I ship) so we can get started!

Plot Ideas:

You Meant Something To Me[m/m]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Back in college, they had everything. Fraternity power, good grades, a future. Women were no problem, they were fickle and easy, but each other? They meant everything to each other. More than brothers, more than friends. They knew the ins and outs of each others bodies. Could kiss and touch and unfold secrets between them that no one else would ever know. But things change. College ends, and graduate They grow apart, one becoming successful in business, the other politics. But at a reunion, they meet again, and despite the wedding rings on their fingers, they know that spark is still there. So can they do it? Can they over come years of a life already built to be with each other again?

Kiss with a Fist[m/m,f/m]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Since middle school the two of them have been caught in an ugly relationship. He once threw a dodgeball at the other's face during gym and there has been instances where one or the other has been slammed around the locker room. The popular one doesn't care for how the other likes to undermine his words or try and stick up for his friends. He has his own life and he doesn't need the kid making comments on how he should live it. The other is fed up and ready to punch the guy's lights out. He might be considered nerdy but he was strong and capable, dammit. So when the nerd starts to date the popular one's best friend, something grates on him. Watching them together annoys the shit out of him and it isn't until they're face to face in another screaming match that it clicks. He has feelings for this guy.

Stars in my eyes [m/m, m/f or f/f]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They're a world renowned celebrity. Doing work that reaches the masses and inspires so many people. Yet they seems to not have been able to reach one person. The extremely cute barista in the depths of New York who talks to them like they're an idiot and makes a mean cup of coffee. So after their second week in the big apple while working on the latest project, they decides to try and ask the barista out. And well, they say no. Which just inspires the celebrity to work even harder for their attention and recognition. And of course the barista decides to finally check out the star's work...and is honestly surprised by how much they likes the celebrity's work.

Not far to fall [m/m,m/f,f/f]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Angels from heaven tend to get attached to each other. They become siblings, best friends, beings in which they can depend on. But when one half of that relationship ends up falling, what else is there to do? How does an angel deal with the consequences of losing their best friend and possibly their wings just to see them again? Does one succumb to anger and forsake them or do they seek them out and try a hand at reason?

Death Kiss m/m

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young man nearly died many years ago. It was a house fire, tragic really, and he lost his entire family. He thought that maybe he too would be able to go, but no, instead he was saved by this beautiful person he will never quite forget. Several years later, after botched therapy sessions and terrible mental health centers, he's out on his own and against the world. The first time he kills someone, he catches a glimpse of that beautiful face before it and the soul of his victim is gone. So he does it again, and again, until he can fully see just who it is and wants to talk to this angel of Death. It keeps happening and he keeps finding ways to make Death stay a little longer until Death himself is exasperated and tells him just to ask him out already and stop making his life so much more busy.

You Can't Buy Love m/m,m/f,f/f
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Life has not been easy, but one man has made it even though some nights he goes home feeling utterly drained. Working the streets for cash isn't simple, but someone has to pay for his father's medical bills. Someone has to keep it all afloat even if he feels like sinking. So when one man picks him up one day and doesn't shove him or hurt him like all the others, when this one makes him sleep a full day and eat an actual meal, it's only natural to feel a mixture of relief and suspicion. The man decides to purchase his services as a live in boyfriend. Someone to come home to and have sex with. Someone to look forward to. The buyer is not a bad man but he is cold and a bit awkward in his mannerisms, he doesn't know how to really open up but...the hooker has decided to be the tutor. He'll soften the man, he'll crack open that icy exterior, and he'll do what he can for as long as the man wants him. But what happens when emotions finally get involved?

No Homo [m/m,f/f]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two college guys are caught up in each other. One is desperate for a friend and has been harboring or rather, denying, feelings for anyone of the male gender. The other has known of his sexuality for a while and has actually pined for the other male since high school. College is a time to experiment and try things out. So the two of them begin this casual, rocky relationship that is based on friendship but grows and twists thanks to curiosity and legitimate feelings.

All that Glitter [m/m with a specific desire for cross dressing] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm looking to roleplay a story about two males. One of which is a cross dresser. [Can be a cross dresser who performs in shows, at a bar, or just generally does it from a day to day basis.] The other can be either a partner of his for a long time, a lover who enjoys what he does, or a new comer, someone who has yet to really experience the world and finds himself spending the night in the bed of a man who is...beyond what is normal to him. But their relationship becomes beautiful and grand, complete with all the glitz and glam that comes from being with a man who dresses up as Marilyn Monroe on Fridays.

Although this is just an idea I'd be willing to do any sort of story with cross dressing, so feel free to throw anything at me

Not Alone m/m or m/f
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It's come to needing help. He doesn't want it, he doesn't NEED it, but people are telling him he has to take it. Leaving rehab is hard, but surviving in a world of drugs and temptation is even worse. So he takes on a sober companion and tries his best to stay clean with the help of this man moving into his home, invading his space, and wanting to help him. Drugs are a demon, and they belong to him. But for some reason, this companion wants to change that, and in the process, something deep blooms.

Bewitched [m/m or m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Being in the King's Guard is a great honor, something he has been craving for ages. And now he has his dream. Couple that with the fact that he is betrothed to a beautiful woman and his life is starting to look up. He's actually becoming someone! And then the week begins anew and the Festival comes into town where all the beautiful gypsies come roaring through. With their dancing, their tricks, and their spells. It's so easy to get caught up in it all. And when he sees the performer, all beautiful and exotic, appealing to his need for adventure, he's caught. He's been captured. Utterly spellbound by the beauty he has never known before. But what is a Knight to do when his very own captain wishes to do away with these gypsies. Does he choose the dream he's always wanted? Or does he reach for something new and oh so much more?

That Test of Time [m/m or m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Best friends since they were both nerdy little kids, they have been through it all. From the awkward years of puberty to the first real break up. Senior year is approaching with college applications hovering above them and the idea of a new life. Freedom. Their friendship has had its tests, but the idea of leaving is the biggest one yet. And as they struggle with it, will they finally come to terms with the feelings that haunt them when they see the other hanging over someone else? Will the L word finally come out? Or will it all just fade in time and be another story of what slipped away?

The Heart Wants... [m/m] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ever since he can remember his best friend's little brother has always been hanging out. The times where they had to drag the little five year old around the park or shut him up when he started to cry after his brother had beaten him in Super Smash Brothers. He's seen all that can be seen. He knows all about that kid and his annoying habits. But he's always liked him in a way, always gave him tissue when he cried too hard and the snot shot out or gave him an extra oreo when his big brother was being an ass and refusing to give him more. He's kind of...always looked out for him. In High School when the kids made fun of the wiry guy, he made it known that no one could just bully him around. He had the freshman's back. But then Senior year came and went and he...well. He kind of made it out there. His music shot off, he got a career and his best friend went to college. They still talk, Skype, etc. But the little brother? Well. He misses that guy...he really does. But he has no right to. Still it doesn't stop him from writing songs. And when he goes home for Christmas three years later and that little brother has grown up to a Senior ready to take the world by storm...? Well, he...desperately wants to be able make it up to not being there.

The Guide [m/m or m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Everyone knows the story of Pocahontas and Sacagawea, Native American people who helped English explorers and introduced them a brand new land on the East Coast. What I want is to explore the story of a Native American man. I would want to write about an English settled, male or female, coming into the territory and being introduced to a whole new world, a new community of people and second guessing his or her motives to building land and sacrificing his or her own reputation for befriending and soon falling for a Native American.

Still Into You [m/m or m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The setting is modern time and the two star crossed lovers are leads for bands that absolutely hate each other. In fact, every single one of the members of the band have gotten into a fight with a member of the opposite band. After an accusation that one band, Paradise Lost, stole the other band's hit song, the two have been feuding since high school. Now with them in their twenties, living life the best way they can and trying to make themselves known, how has time shaped them? From awkward times at parties to blind dates setting both front ment up, well, it can only progress until finally the leaders are forced to look at their relationship and figure out how they're supposed to work. Do they go after that fire and tension between them and tell their bands? Or do they choose to ignore those feelings and instead make hit songs about it?

Crash&Burn[m/m] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They had been travelling to Asia from America, a chance of a life time to be transfer students to a school where they would learn a new language, new culture, and in time help to further the education of the students of Thailand. However, these two students who are other wise known as rivals since their constantly trying to best each other at grades and skill, are caught in a storm. The plane crashes and splits in half right over the ocean. It is only by the power of an unseen force that they are alive and washed up on the shore of some island they've never seen or heard of in their entire life. Can they overcome their competitive ways to work together and survive or will it be every man for himself?

Not One of those Crazy Stars... [m/m] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A hit singer has been rising up the charts. From catchy tunes to slow ballads, he's become an over night sensation, really. But it isn't long before his stardom creates problems. From crazy stalkers to the paparazzi catching him indisposed at parties he's...kind of getting over whelmed with it. Which is why his publicist assigns him a body guard. Someone who is capable of dealing with his young, partying ways and is also more than happy to slam a freak face first into the dirt for even thinking about touching him inappropriately. He's expected to protect the star...but things get a bit uh, sticky when the star ends up falling for him.

Only Hope [m/m,m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
His home is under attack. A royal who is well mannered, beautiful, proper, betrothed, and delicate. A man who in time will come into her own period of reigning, only, now, the home he loved, the one where his parents' blood runs free, is taken. The plans are set in motion and the get away has been something known for ages. So, he runs. At the river, he finds him, a rough, handsome, but coarse man who is to take him and bring him to safety. On the boat, they clash rather fiercely as they travel down the paths of the open water and stop time to time at villages, only in time they realize they are being followed by the evil man who took the land of the prince. Can there ever be a place for safety? And will the prince find in time that there is more to his rescuer than what meets the eye?

Find Your Way [m/m or m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
College is a tough place to be. It's a whole new world and setting, being drug away from your friends and family and placed into a setting where for four years the teachings of the major of your choice will be drilled into your mind. So in order to keep your sanity you branch out and you meet new people, new friends. What I want is a role play going through the lives of our characters who meet. I think it would be ideal for one of them to either be quiet, a studier or a nerd who likes games, while the other is more outgoing, good looking, and with the two of them meeting in a club, their friendship could blossom in time to a full blown romance. But also I wanna go through the drama of college and the issues of distance. I want this to be a long term roleplay and would enjoy to have someone literate and able to role with the punches as well as give in with their own ideas.

Plain Gold Ring [m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It's the 1920's. She's a gorgeous jazz singer. Leaning on pianos and dressed in the latest fashion to fit her curves. She had the attention of the entire club every night, her voice is like that of a goddess, powerful and soft, sweet and bold, she's got the entire package in her set of pipes. But He's the man she only sings for. The city gangster who sells alcohol under the tables, the one whose illegal workings got her this job in the first place. He's her friend, nothing more, right? After all, he's running a mob he has no time for singers, but there's something about her...something new. Maybe it's the fact she's got a new man, her first man. Jealousy ensues and music sparks even more as the battle between mobster and the sweet boy next door ensues and she's left in the middle, unsure of what to decide.

I Hold the Key [m/m or m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Since middle school they've been friends. Since grade school they've been neighbors, and when having so little distance between two people for so long you're bound to get attached. Only thing is though that since they were in eighth grade their attachments have been...much more intimate then what most friends would think to have. Needless to say they have been each others' firsts and they have experimented in the world of sex on each other. Now it's Senior year though and they are both eighteen. Despite their connection one of them slowly drifting away. They don't have a real relationship, just an understanding of what makes the other shake and moan. So when one of them begins to reach out and try to really...connect with someone, the other becomes jealous. After all, their body belongs to them. They know how to make the other scream for more. So what happens as new relationships come into the picture? Do they fight for more, or do they stay content with just physical needs?

Just Try [m/m or m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The idea is, the Vampires and Werewolves are at the brink of finally signing a treaty. They have it all planned out and ready to go. They're tired of the fighting. But something needs to be done first. Something to really show they're trying, when in reality they want a small inkling of an excuse for this to never work. So they bring out a lone vampire and a lone werewolf and join them in holy matrimony. Neither one of them knows until the big day. They know its an arranged marriage and a decade or more of being alone has eaten at them but it is not until moments before their vows are being exchanged that they know two very unlikely races are joining together. Just how will this work in the end? Sure there might be a bond in time but how can two people of races that hate each other try and learn how to love each other? And will the treaty ever be passed?

I tried to Save You [m/m or m/f] :

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They've known each other since grade school, best friends and inseparable they've been through it all. However once High School arrives their friendship is tested. One has taken the route of a bookworm, all ways studying, all ways reading, all ways trying to get good grades. The other had taken the path of the rebel. Popular and good looking with charm to boot, they've neglected studying and instead spend their time being a host. One fatal part has the rebel bringing the book worm along...only to have the nerdy friend be overwhelmed by the drinking and the sex and the chaos...and confronts their best friend. Only to have an argument that shatters their friendship forever.
Five years after graduation and the two still aren't talking until they happen to meet at a local coffee shop just downtown from the new apartments they've moved in. Both of them have changed...but have they changed enough to still be friends?

New Ground[m/m,m/f]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A recent graduate decides to head out for the summer before Graduate school begins. Heading out to Nevada and the dry heat state, he finds himself stuck with a shoddy little hotel room across from something that looks like a warehouse for leather clad adults. The man he meets is a biker, and while they come from very different backgrounds...they find themselves getting along really well, and before the student knows it, he's falling for someone utterly different and the same all at once. How will the Summer Fling work out in the end?

Fandom Roleplays-

Star Trek [Kirk/Spock]
My Mad Fat Diary [Rae/Finn, Rae/Chloe]
Teen Wolf [Derek/Stiles,Boyd/Erica,Allison/Scott/Isaac]
Mass Effect [Garrus/Fem!Shep, James/Cortez,James/Shepard,Nihlus/Shepard,OCs]
Welcome to Night Vale [Cecil/Carlos]
Game of Thrones [Looking to roleplay Danny/Drogo]
Marvel [Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, The Avengers, etc. Just ask me for ships and ideas but heads up. Thor/Loki is my fave]
Once upon a Time [Rumplestiltskin/Belle]
The Mortal Instruments [Simon/Jace,Alec/Magnus]
The Hunger Games [Cinna/Katniss,Katniss/Gale,Katniss/Peeta]
Suits [Harvey/Mike]
Dragon Age
Criminal Minds [Reid/Morgan, really eager to play them!]

I am open to all sorts of roleplays for fandoms. From Canon storylines to AUs. I love it all.

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