Shadow of the Colossus Inspired RP Wanted {F LF Any}

Started by Deity of the Archaic, April 26, 2015, 06:14:49 PM

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Deity of the Archaic

In a world where giant beasts walk the planet, everything is massive and everything makes you feel like an ant. Long ago, humans and the colossi lived in relative peace, never fighting or really crossing paths. But a rift opened up and bigger, more aggressive Colossi rushed from the gate, and rallied the smaller ones. In the Great War, almost all of humanity is wiped out. Now the survivors are nomadic and live in the shadows of the massive beings, foraging for food and finding lovers when they can.

The world is known only as Gargodour, a harsh planet filled with deadly rainforests, brutal deserts, volatile thermal vent fields, beautiful boreal forests, death-defying crags, oceans, canyons, tundras and much much more. Life is hard and few live past 30. Families are unheard of and couples with children have to hide away for fear of death.

A faction of brave, young souls called the Vanquish take up the ancient weapons of their forefathers to take the Colossi on, doing everything in their power to destroy the demon-esque giants. Our characters are part of the Vanquish, skilled in arms and partnered up to defeat the colossi. The battle with the first giant is harrowing, nearly killing them both. The experience brings them together, both as partners and more.

I am taking one partner on this, any gender. I am craving this soooo bad after watching a YouTube lets play of Shadow of the Colossus and I just had to try and get an rp going based on this idea. Please check the O/Os before you message me!
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