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Author Topic: Rick's secret box of ideas (M looking for sub F)  (Read 662 times)

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Rick's secret box of ideas (M looking for sub F)
« on: April 26, 2015, 06:02:59 AM »
Hello and welcome to my thread.

What am I looking for?

Hot, sweaty, lewd and utterly non-consensual fun focused around a central theme where a younger guy (or one perceived as socially inferior) preys upon an older (or apparent socially superior) woman. You looking for somebody who plays the role of a caring master that while assertive also openly shows a romantic and sensual side, things probably won't work out. Now, if the role-play is supposed to be about a dominant male who uses force, blackmail or a combination of both to take leave a woman completely helpless and then take her as if she deserves no less we just might manage tell a juicy story about it.

Family Matters

Wife's Surprise gone wrong

The premise for this idea is a wife who has been sexually deprived for a while decides help maters by doing something nice for her husband. So, one morning she gets up before her significant other, heads for the study and waits there naked. The door is left open just a little and when she hears somebody outside she begins to play with herself hoping to lure her husband to come inside and find his surprise.

What she didn't expect is that this is the one day where her husband decides sleep in and her son got up early. The rest of her plan works just fine though and while it is the wrong guy the view of her like that does get him so hot he cannot help himself but has to have her right then and there regardless of what she might want to say about it.

Lazy day at home

Rick knows he is not supposed to have those thoughts about a female, especially if the woman in question is his own mother. The problem is he simply cannot help himself. Anytime she runs around barefoot in her pajamas he finds his glance drawn to exposed parts of her legs, when she lounges on the couch in her comfy cloths he ends up checking out her cleavage, when she takes a shower he feels hard pressed to 'accidentally' walk in on her and when she works out he cannot help for the view of her hot, sweaty body to give him a hard on.

So far she expects nothing, or it could be she just doesn't want to see how her son constantly checks her out. Today is no different: for her it is just a normal day where she gets to be home and enjoy doing, well, what she usually does when not having any plans or obligations. Whether is because her husband is away on business or she is a single mother, the only other person present is her son.

Now, for Rick things are very different. He is all but relaxed. It's not the first time they are alone, but for some reason it is driving him particularly crazy today. Time and time again he finds himself making excuses to be in the same room with her and time and time again he finds himself stare at her body. The strangest thing being how any sign of her looking annoyed by his constant intrusions only excites him more and he finds himself fantasizing how bothered she would look and act if he would be to violate her privacy in ways far worse.

Son's porn

Rick has an impressive collection of porn and his mother finds it. That's always a difficult situation for a parent to handle, but when she realizes most of it deal with forced sex and grown women being molested often by younger partners and failing to realize she is the true cause of his fantasies she decides confront him. How could she have expected her own son harbors such thoughts about her. So they end up all alone in his room and her bringing up that topic may be all it takes to tip things over the edge.

Taking a day off

Rick decides to skip school. The mom to skip work. All on the same day and either of them tells the other of their plan. So when she is home she thinks to have the whole day for herself. Time for her to do all the things she usually wouldn't. Opportunities where a grown woman and mother has eight to ten hours all to herself are rare, so best use it. Being a single mom (or having a husband who is away on business often) also probably leaves her with no shortage of ideas on how to use the time.

Meanwhile Rick might think having the house all for himself is the perfect opportunity to invite some friends. Nobody would have expected that this leads to a chance encounter where her son and his friends walk in on her during an occasion where she wouldn't want anyone to see her, least of all her son.

Road trip

School's out. For parents this is often bad news and creates the issue about what to do with their child - or worse, teenager. With the mother staying home this summer the question never came up. Now, however, the situation occurred where she has to travel to a neighboring city - perhaps to visit a sister or other relative, or head to an embassy to renew a passport. It's not all that far, merely a days trip, and so she decides to take her son with her.

what the woman didn't expect is ho her son started feel about her after watching her pad around the house in comfy pajamas the last couple weeks. Now he is left with nothing else to do but sit in her car the whole day, with the only thing to entertain him being to ogle his mothers legs as she drives or catch a glimpse at her bust.

Now, if she only known how horny her son is by the time evening comes around she'd probably kept driving until they find a place with more vacancies then a room with a single double bed. Most certainly she would have decided against wearing but an oversized shirt for the night and made sure the bathroom door is closed all the way so her son couldn't use a mirror to spy on her getting undressed.

Things being as they are though, she had a whole day to get her son all worked up and is about to expose herself to him with the full length of her legs bared and no bra under the large shirt. Odds are she won't even be making it to the single bed in the room before he is all over her with no intentions to take no for an answer.

Too famous for her own good

Celebrities - constantly in the limelight they always need to be concerned about their public image, near paranoid even about the little things. All it takes is a slip to be all over the news, or a wardrobe malfunction for a picture to go viral.

On the other hand, all the attention can easily make a woman become conceited, haughty even and for every celebrity who let the fame get to her head there are dozens of men who'd love take her down a notch. What's different about this story is that one of these men has no scruples and every opportunity to do just that.

My craving here is less about changing the public image of an actress, but rather putting her into a situation where she is forced to allow them collect compromising footage and then use her fame against her by blackmailing the woman into sub-servitude.


Whether it is a young actress who only recently had her first breakthrough or a seasoned one who senses her fame beginning to fleet, they are hungry for at least one more big hit. Now a manager senses the stars desperation and approaches her with the proposal of a talkshow that is supposed to open doors for her again. It's a ploy though to lure her into a studio where a host quickly turns to asking very intimate questions; where nobody is call "cut" when her cloths are ripped off and where a camera keeps recording as she is held down and taken advantage.

Home Services

With fame comes money and with money the ability to hire people that will take care of every day needs. The hardest decision the rich and wealthy often face is not what services to hire but whom. Fortunately there are people and entire companies that specialize taking care of it all: from maintenance works to the vesting of household staff to even providing security.

Unfortunately - for the celebrity - there are people like Rick who only offer those services to gain a clients trust and relentlessly exploit it. So when he is very thorough in making sure maintenance crews and security visit often to check equipment he merely means for their sight to become so common the woman hardly notices them anymore; when he instructs them to keep meticulous reports it is mostly to learn the woman's routine and know when she is home usually, what she is doing when and when she is commonly home alone.

Finally, when installing her security system they took themselves the liberty to add a few more cameras than ordered - or she ever would anticipate. Hidden ones to collect intimate footage when she believes herself to be unobserved her bedroom or under the shower.

All for a singular purpose. So when the day comes where Rick springs his trap she doesn't recognize how the young pool boy also blocks the rear exit of the room she is in, barely notices the two security techs blocking any other doors and never realizes that she is actually alone with all those guys.

It's a dangerous job


It's not easy teaching young minds. Generally it involves standing in front of a bunch (late) teenagers many of which are not yet quite equipped to make sound decisions or consider potential consequences of their actions. What they have plenty of is hormones and way too much time. Then there are those who are never up to anything good anyway; the kind of student who passes time by pretending to need help only so he can get a glimpse at his teachers bust or who makes it a sport trying to get her bend forward just in hopes it will make her flash her panties to a friend. All that is not unusual and sometimes the stuff a female teacher has to put up with, but what if she ends up with one or more jocks in class who don't intend stop there? Quickly one of several situations could develop:
  • the jock (or jocks) simply don't care at all about any consequence and one day decide to involve her in conversation at the end of class for all the other students to leave, then shuts the door on her fully intent on living out all the fantasies he had when watching her stand in front of class.
  • it being the twenty-first century he (or they) scour the internet and social networking sites just to find some incriminating or private pictures about their teacher, figuring the material could be used to blackmail the woman - enough anyway to make her stay after class or visit her at home.
  • the student(s) find an entry of their teacher on social media or even a dating site. At first they just thought to prank her when creating a fake profile to contact her, but what started as just messing around soon turned juicy. With nothing to loose the student(s) eventually decided to see what happens when they proposed exchanging no-consensual fantasies and when the teacher went for it she unwittingly gave him/them even worse ideas. Now the student(s) are convinced they have all the material they need to blackmail his/their teacher and so decide(s) to confront her after class or pay her a visit at home.

Latina: Inspiration
Anglo: Inpiration
Asian: Inspiration 1, Inpiration 2


Beware of the internet

The idea here is a middle aged woman who frequents the internet and on some (more raunchy) forums uses a fake profile to protect her identity (or as alternative visits a dating site under a wrong name). One day she starts chatting with this guy who is a perfect stranger to her, or so they both thought. They keep in touch for a while, but some point she messes up and reveals something that allows the guys to recognize her as his own wife's best friend.

From this point forward he tries collect as much incriminating material as possible, from chat logs to getting her to accept dares that result in her sending him pictures of various parts of her body. It's all material he plans to use to blackmail her, threatening to send it to her husband and link it to social sites tied to her actual identity. Harmless stuff at first, like stripping in front of a webcam and masturbating, but with him having the ultimate goal to gather enough material to force her into having to meet him, one where she gets to find out the guy blackmailing her is somebody fairly close to her and who believes himself to be in a position where he doesn't have to take no for an answer from her.

Massage parlor set up

It's the same old story with a twist. Guy lusts after a woman that is supposed to be taboo to him, goes crazy with sexual frustration and eventually fantasizes about crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed. The twist? This particular guy has friends and together they have means and resources to create opportunities to also fulfill those fantasies.

Pairings for this story could be a mother and son, aunt and nephew, a teacher and students, co-workers, a neighbor or even a best friends husband.

The rough idea is that he either knows somebody or together with friends has rented a small storefront that is set up as small massage parlor. They then set up to provide for her to receive a voucher for a day of pampering, which she is given either as present or (fake) price for a drawing she entered.

What she doesn't know is that there are cameras everywhere to record every moment of her stay, that the sweet scents in the room are laced with a drug to help her relax and lower her inhibitions and how the masseur, while skilled, has but one agenda: to tease and touch her all over her body until she incapable of hiding her arousal.

From there things could go one of two ways, the friend succeeds in his objective and the group is provided with a video of the woman having a sordid affair right there on the massage table or once she is worked all up the rest of them enter the scene to take her by force to create footage of her stimulated body subjected to rough and perhaps even non-consensual group sex.

Either way, what the group hopes get from it is not only satisfaction but also footage embarrassing enough to her they can use it for further blackmail.

Interested? Feel free to shoot me a PM.
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Re: Rick's secret box of ideas (M looking for sub F)
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2015, 10:26:56 AM »
Updated (Teacher)

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Re: Rick's secret box of ideas (M looking for sub F)
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2015, 07:15:53 PM »
Updated (inspirations & what am I looking for?)

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Re: Rick's secret box of ideas (M looking for sub F)
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2015, 07:38:31 AM »
Updated with new cravings:
* Wife's Surprise gone wrong
* Beware of the internet
* Massage parlor set up