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April 24, 2018, 08:12:43 PM

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Author Topic: A few of my ideas [M for F/M, feminization, TG, and sissy concepts]  (Read 498 times)

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Hi all!

I've been on here for a while now so I guess it's about time for me to make one of these. A little about me first; I mainly enjoy stories with a TG/sissy element to them, though this isn't always the case, and non-con stuff is a plus, so is a cultural change. I also really like stories with a bit of danger or adventure in them. I really like history so I have a thing for setting stories in historical time periods, or having modern day characters travel back in time. I've got a few ideas that I will share with you.

Welcome to the Band
A young man is kidnapped or otherwise selected (this is subject to change) to become a member of the next manufactured number one pop band! The only catch is that it's an all girl band. I'd actually really like it if the band was a K-pop group or something like that.

Maid to Order
A rich man who has a vast summer estate is found out by a young reporter. He arranges to make this man disappear... and then reappear at his mansion, as a beautiful maid. She will need to be trained in housekeeping, and maybe other things.

Oh Susannah
This isn't really much of a concrete idea... I just really like the civil war era and would like to do a roleplay that takes place in that time period. It could involve time travel, or it could involve actual soldiers.

You know the story. The nerdy guy gets caught up with the hot cheerleaders... And becomes one of them!

One Night in Bangkok
On vacation to Thailand, our hero ends up looking a little different after a long night drinking in a bar in Bangkok. Unable to pay the tab, he must work off his debt, as a dancer.

A Summer With Auntie
This one is based off one of the classic feminization cliches. Someone who is not behaving correctly is dropped off at "Aunties" house (she doesn't have to really be related, she could just be a governess). By the time he is returned at the end of the summer, he is radically different. Let's just say he's become much more sweet and gentle.

Sweet Little School Girl
A mother decides to enroll her misbehaving son in an all girls school. Of course, before he joins, he has to look the part...

The Kidnapping
A young man is kidnapped by those who have a nasty plan in store for him. Who exactly those people could be depends... It could be a radical feminist group who "corrects" men, turning them into women and recruiting them as agents. The kidnappers could also be a group who sees the profits in creating sissy slaves. They kidnap subjects, begin to train them and give them a new look, all before putting them on the international market.

Learning to be Latina
Let me guess. You probably think I'm hot, don't you? Long tanned legs, ruby lips. Deep brown eyes, luxurious long black locks. What's there not to love about a senorita like me?

I'll let you in on a little secret. I wasn't always a Latina.

I used to be a white guy.

How did I get this way? Well, it's rather hard to recall. I think my mind has been a little tampered with. For the most part, it feels like I've been speaking Spanish, watching telenovelas, and listening to Selena for as long as I can remember. But if I think back, long and hard enough, little pieces come back to me... I can remember scraps of who I was, and what happened to me.

In this story, a man experiences the typical fish out of water element common with TG stories, but it's spiced up by a cultural change.

If you have any other ideas similar to these, involving some of these concepts, or you like the ones shown here, feel free to PM me!

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Re: A few of my ideas [M for F/M, feminization, TG, and sissy concepts]
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Added two new story prompts.

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Re: A few of my ideas [M for F/M, feminization, TG, and sissy concepts]
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Added a new story prompt.