Female Looking for a Daddy/Mommy Dom(me)

Started by Sylvie, April 23, 2015, 10:59:33 PM

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Liliana, known as Princess Lily during tea parties, was the first of Daddy's little girls. The daughter of his best friend, she fell in love with the older man the moment she met him. She clung to him whenever he would come by and begging to sleep over at his place on the weekends. Of course, he was more than happy to have her over. He loved her too and loved spending time with her. He loved her so much in fact that when she came of age, he introduced her to the world of Daddy's and Little's. She had always been a bit childish no matter how old she got. He saw that she was stifling the way she truly felt in order to be the woman that society expected her to be. He offered her an escape, freedom from all the responsibilities and worries of growing up. He offered to take care of her, to spoil her and to protect her. An offer she accepted without hesitation.

Despite loving her Daddy very much, she had trouble being obedient. She'd forget that a daddy dom/little girl relationship was a two way streak. Just because he loved spoiling her doesn't mean she could just do whatever she wanted. Discipline was still important and it took her awhile to get that. She'd constantly forget to put away her toys or clean her room. She'd sneak sweets into her room and throw tantrums when her video games were taken away. It took some work - and a lot of spankings- to teach Liliana obedience and respect for her Daddy. She still occasionally breaks the rules, but their relationship has become quite strong and wonderful since she became his Little Girl.

Liliana is a very creative girl and a wonderful artist. On lazy Sunday afternoons or when Daddy is away at work, she'd spend hours and hours in her bedroom, painting whatever came to mind. She might have the heart of a little girl, but she has the creativity of a gifted painter. Often times, she would run to Daddy after he comes home from work to show him her latest Masterpiece. Just last week, she painted a gorgeous fantasy landscape inspired by one of the many video games she loves to play. Another love of hers, Liliana is often chastised for playing to much video games. Daddy buys her every game she wants, but if it weren't for a strict time limit, she'd play for hours and hours. Her favorites are Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, and Mass Effect.

Liliana doesn't go to school anymore, but she will occasionally take a class at the local community college. Sometimes its to pursue her own interest and sometimes Daddy makes her so that her mind doesn't rot away from staying inside all day. She loves to play tennis and volleyball, but will enjoy just about any sport. Her favorite foods are root beer floats and waffles. She loves alt rock music, especially the music of I Fight Dragons, her favorite band of all time. Her favorite movie is Wall-E, but there's no way she'd miss a chance at dressing up as Elsa on Halloween. Her favorite stuffed animal is a cute little blue elephant that she named 'Mr. Truffles.' Liliana hates vegetables, but can be convinced to eat carrots and peas in exchange for video game time and sweets.

Liliana is a very sexual girl. She might have to be told several times to behave herself, but she'll never need convincing or orders when it comes to bedroom. She'll spend a couple hours before daddy comes home, planning what she will wear that night and what kinds of kinky things she'll do to make Daddy happy. As sexually open as she is, Liliana is terrible at handling pain. It's why she's afraid of spankings and why she hates anal play. Of course, daddy finds different ways to have fun with his little girl. Controlling her orgasms, tying her up, and pet play are just a few examples of how they have fun.

Milicent, known mostly as Milly, is the second of Daddy's little girls. She started out an intern at his firm, but found herself living with him as his Little not long after. He had taken to her, not because just because she was beautiful. She was very pretty, but so very shy and timid that she simply couldn't do her job right despite being such a smart girl. He liked her because she was gentle and loving and fun when she finally managed to get out of her shell. He managed to get her to open up and eventually introduced her to the lifestyle he and his first Little were living. Milly was hesitant at first, but she had come to trust him completely. It didn't take much convincing to get her to move in and accept her new role as his Little Girl.

Milly loves to be make her Daddy happy, which is why she is always so well behaved and follows all his rules. Sure, she might stray every now and again, but only misdemeanors that earned her a quick spanking. She's neat, polite, and well-mannered, always eager to show people how well she's been brought up. But despite her eagerness to be Daddy's good Little Girl, she is painfully shy. It isn't just when she's being a Little. Ever since she was young, she never had the courage to talk to strangers and rarely made any new friends because of it. She hides in her room when Daddy brings his friends and fellow dominants over and prefers to stay indoors instead of going to the park with Lily. It takes a lot of work to get her to open up, but there's a lot to her when she finally does.

Milly is a brilliant girl with quite a lot of potential. She had plans to become a doctor after college, but put aside those ambitions to pursue a more stress free life. She still brought with her many skills and talents. Milly is a fantastic chef, often cooking tasty meals for Daddy and Lily in the evenings. She is also a gifted musician, having learned to play the piano and violin at a young age. Daddy bought a piano just for her and now she doesn't go a single day without playing a few of her favorite pieces. Milly loves video games just as much as her sister does, but prefers indie games like Limbo, Journey, and Shovel knight. It's hard to drag her away from her laptop, but the promise of a bedtime story and some cookies before bed usually does the trick.

Milly isn't very athletic, but enjoys swimming in the summer. She actually enjoys going to the beach despite all the people there, but Daddy and Lily have to be there with her of course. She enjoys listening to pop music oddly enough, her favorite artist being Katy Perry. Her favorite foods are ice cream sandwiches and hamburgers. Her favorite movie is Howl's Moving Castle, preferring Miyazaki to Disney any day. Of course, she still dresses up as Anna on Halloween. Her favorite book is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and can often be found reading it when she's trying to avoid socializing. She can never go to bed without her stuffed giraffe, Mr. Charmsworth.

Liliana isn't as sexually repressed as she is shy. She knows what to do and enjoys doing it very much. If there's something Daddy likes, she does her best to do it for him, whether it's dressing up in a special outfit or doing a certain sexy dance. Her biggest asset is her very large breasts. She's a petite girl like Lily, but is blessed with a very supple rack - something her sister is often envious of. But besides that, she also has a love for rough play. She loves anal and loves pain play even more. So much so that spankings have become an ineffective punishment for the rare times she steps out of line. Bondage, flogging and choking are all things that make Milly weak at the knees.

I'm looking for a competent and creative Daddy or Mommy (I just used Daddy for their descriptions, but it's all the same). I'm primarily looking for some kind of casual, light-hearted, slice of life sorta thing like spending a lazy sunday afternoon together or going to the beach or going to a small party at the park. Sex will of course be sprinkled in there, but I'd love to focus on the kinky dynamic between a pair of young Little's (18+) and their dom(me)