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May 26, 2018, 06:33:33 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Transgender/Transformation/Gender-Bending/Body Swap group games!  (Read 2707 times)

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Offline EvalonTopic starter

I could see that also being used in a non-forceful way as well. To explain, like someone who goes in offering to pay with science chooses, at the end, that they don't want to go back to their old life. EVO could essentially offer them a similar package, could they not? Maybe they agree to work for a time for EVO in exchange for forging a new identity for their new self.

That's just a thought :) I can see a company with dual intentions :)

Offline Angie

Well, EVO's into it to make money. The value of the raw research data they're acquiring is more then enough that creating new identities is a cakewalk, these guys can get 12 Senators on the line at 3 in the morning to pass a bill for them. Welcome to politics :P

Offline EvalonTopic starter

Now that's productivity!

Well, the 'working for them' could be a nice way of saying they agree to undergo more research in exchange for the new identity ;D Something like,

"Well, the agreement you signed before only stipulated that we offer you the change you desired in return for your generous volunteer work with our company. If you want another identity to go along with it, that wasn't covered in our last agreement. We'll need to work out the details. Hold on for a moment. Yes, could you please page the research department, see what openings we have for our friend."

Offline Yugishogun

I might want to hop aboard. Maybe playing an intern (aka possible test subject) bound by contract. :)

Offline zenpai

i glanced at other post this may or my not be what your looking for but...

A guy and a girl get into an accident. there both on the verge of death. some higher life form gives them the chanced to live. the life form not knowing the differences of sexuality. bring the guy back as a girl and the girl as a guy.

I also have a love story in mind about a guy that looks like girl and girl that looks like a guy.     

Offline EvalonTopic starter

     That is most certainly what I'm looking for, or something like it :)

Offline zenpai

Offline Major Major

Would you be interested in a game I created that involves this subject matter, amongst many other things?

Offline EvalonTopic starter

     I can't speak for everyone here but I know I would absolutely be interested if you'd like to share :)

Offline Major Major

All right then. The general concept/setting is a sort of "Urban Fantasy/Sci-fi"

Long ago, a meteorite fell into a remote lake, and all sorts of exotic elements and radiation have slowly leeched out of it and into the water table- for simplicity's sake, the lake is somewhere fairly remote in the USA.

Then, a couple of hundred years ago, the area around the lake was settled, and a town was built. For a long time, everything seemed normal, until it began to dawn on folk that something strange was afoot; the local residents of the town were, every one of them, uncommonly long-lived and extraordinarily attractive, and the gender demographics were skewed heavily towards females.

And it was then discovered that effects of the meteorite had another quirk for them; that through an effort of willpower, the residents of the town were able to change genders as easily as changing clothes- So that, for instance, a high school girl might wake up one morning and decide, "I think I'll be a man today", duely become a he, and then change back to female later.

It's an idea that needs some work to fully mature, I admit. Still I thought I'd put it out there for opinions.

Offline EvalonTopic starter

     I do like the premise but for my taste there is a little too much control. What if the idea focused around the early occurrences? Maybe in a way that they don't have as much control as they figure out what is happening? Or it could be it has different levels of effect on each individual?

     Just a couple of my thoughts :)

Offline Major Major

Hmm.... could be interesting. Maybe we should discuss it more?

Offline EvalonTopic starter

     I'd love to discuss it more :)

Offline Major Major

Well, do you have an IM programme?

Offline EvalonTopic starter

     I do not, sadly >.<. I mostly only use PM to discuss ideas, though email works too.

Offline Major Major

Fair enough then.

Offline FionaM

I'm interested in this too!

Offline Al Terego

As a big transformation fan, I find this thread is very interesting and would be interested to know which of the ideas and suggestions above are still on the table.

Personally, I like temporary/reversible transformations of the consensual or semi-con variety, and Angiejuusan's idea seems to fit the bill

Offline Haztur

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the company sounds intriguing and interesting... of course I am more inclined to the non-con aspect or idea of the company changing some test subjects or junior scientists.

mmm maybe a reporter who enters to work into the company to discover the extent of their programs, just o have in his/her cont added that they might need her for a test in case there are few testers and they change her into something different and more submissive to their own placs, maybe?