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Author Topic: Looking for a dominant partner for some transformation fun![Gender variable]  (Read 1597 times)

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Welcome to the Ideas/Request thread of Fiona!

About me

Posting length: I average about two to four paragraphs per post, and I expect the same in return. The usual caveats about dialogue and action apply.

Dom/Sub: I never dominate, and I like subbing and non D/s RPs in equal measure.

Gender/Sex pairings: I prefer for my couples to end up as FxF or MxM pairs. MxF is kind of boring to me. Straight(no pun intented :P) MxF with no one changing sex is right out.

Plot/Smut balance: I like at least some smut in my stories. What good is a sexy new body if you don't get to have fun with it?

Methods: I prefer to RP on the forum, but I can use IMs if I must. The posts will be much shorter though, as I don't do well with the pressure to reply quickly.

Response time: I have plenty of free time at the moment, so responses should be quick.

O/Os: There is a link to them in my signature.


The Magic Strap-on
My Character: Boyfriend
Your Character: Girlfriend

Description: Spurred by a desire to spice up our relationship, your character goes out to buy some sex toys. You are drawn to a store that you never seemed to have noticed before, and quite possibly appeared out of nowhere the day before yesterday. You come out with a strap-on, and the promise that your relationship will never be the same!

Notes: The transformation could be more than just a simple genderswap, and your character could transform as well.

Pisces ( The Fishes )
My Character: Any
Your Character: Any

Description: Two people find a pair of necklaces of aquatic design. They put them on, and find that they have disappeared, leaving a pair of tattoos on their chest. They discover that they have various mermaid related magical powers(control over water, hypnotic singing voice, etc.) but the more they use them, the more they transform into mermaids.

Notes: Both characters would end up female.

Succubi Make Terrible Familiars
My Character: Boyfriend
Your Character: Witch Girlfriend

Description: A witch decides to summon a succubus in order to make her into a familiar. Unfortunately, she botches the binding spell, and the succubus decides to have some fun by transforming the witch’s boyfriend into a succubus, and binds him to the witch as her new familiar. Sexy hijinks ensue.

The Morning Suprise
My Character: Male->Female
Your Character: Variable

Description: A man wakes up one morning and finds that his penis has been replaced by a vagina, and the more it’s stimulated, the more feminine he becomes. This can go a lot of directions, with lots of smut, lots of soul-searching, lots of tracking down what exactly happened to him, or simply discovering what it means to be female. Your character could be just about anyone, from a supportive girlfriend, to a fellow male who catches the curse from screwing me.

The Government Experiment
My Character: Male college student
Your Character: GM

My character is a college student who loses his family in some way. Thanks to a large amount of debt that they had, he is left absolutely destitute. The government comes to him with an offer; they will pay for the rest of his college, plus a significant amount of money, if he submits himself to an experiment that will change him mentally and physically into a woman.


In no particular order:

Sci Fi
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