Hentai murder mystery game

Started by Cosmo_ac, October 20, 2008, 05:48:59 PM

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Now, this is just a rough idea for a game.  What i'm looking for is a GM for a one-on-one game.  It would be both erotic, but also a bit of a thriller game.

Basically, my charactor, a male docture right out of med school, would have just gotten a job at a small private clinic where the lead only male docture their had just died under mysterious circumstances.  When my charactor gets there, he finds the staff is made up of all young to middle aged attractive female members, who are not only flirtatiouus, but several seem to have their eyes, and lust, set on the new docture. 

However, things are not as idealistic as they seem to be.  My charactor begins to sense a strange vibe in his new workplace, and begins to suspect that his predessor's death might not have been an accident/concidence.

Now, as to what mystery surounds the clinic, i'm pretty much open.  The most obvious would probably be patients being killed/allowed to die, and their organs being sold on the black market.  However, as i like fantasy as well as non-fantasy, it could be anything from a coven of witches in the Clinic in need of humans for ritual sacrifices, to an alien experiment.

As for the naughty content in the game, personally i would like reguler sex, and all things that would encompass, plus possible forms of group sex.  f/f scenes would be cool too, and probably fitting between some females, given the male/female ratio.  Some S/M could be done as well, if we both agreed on it, and i also admit i like my charactor to be on the more well endowed side of things, and while i like large breasted females, variety is also good.  I would also like a decent amount of fanservice, if thats possible.  Anime fans would probably have a better idea of what that is.

The main thing, asside from the adult content, would be that their was a decent amount of suspence and plot involved.  My charactor would stumble upon a mystery that he wants to figure out, and perhaps feels he needs to as he might think his own life becomes endangered at some point.