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October 28, 2016, 02:56:54 PM

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Author Topic: I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite thread on the site! MF MFM MMF  (Read 441 times)

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Please read my o/o thread before contacting me, itís linked in my sig :) Thanks. Iím looking for someone who can manage two to three paragraphs on average and at least a post a week, though more would be awesome.

Canon Pairings
Original Ideas (mostly)

I almost always play a female character as my main against a male character, but I enjoy playing side characters of either gender and everything in between, and would love a partner who is up for the same. But if just good ole MF is your thing then that's fine too. I don't care what your gender is in real life.

I can and will play bisexual or heterofluid (basically straight but fine with doing stuff with people of the same gender) male and female characters, my only rule is that if my partner wants ff play, then I get mm play since I'm really more into mm stuff, and just don't have a problem with ff interactions.

I also enjoy monogamous relationships, this isn't a requirement at all as I'm still fine with classic one on one romantic and exclusive couples, but I love being able to mix and match too so polyamory, swingers, open relationships, group sex, etc, are all very welcome.

I love love love turians, but will also play against humans, drell, krogan, salarian, geth (and other inorganic based characters) and quarian. I am generally only going to be into my partner playing a human as their main character if they play one of the canon human male characters I'm into, see below.

I will play as human, drell, quarian, asari, salarian, turian, and krogan. And I will also play geth and other mechanical/inorganic characters.

I like a good mix of smut and story!!!
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Offline AtroxaTopic starter

  • Beastmistress, Countess of Cute Socks, Artiste de Patisserie
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Canon characters - I will play as and against certain canon characters. If I play a canon character, I like to have my partner play a canon character of my choosing (and your agreement) either in the same game, or a second one. I think thatís only fair.

Play Against (as in for my partner):
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
M!Shep (maybe, Iíve never been that crazy over male Shepard)
***Garrus <3
Legion (what? This is fantasy... we can make it work lol)
Primarch Victus
**Lorik Quiíin
*Septimus Oraka

Play As (I will also play as most of the above males as side characters) - Notice I donít have Miranda here, thatís because I wonít play her. Any other that isnít mentioned here, just ask and Iíll consider it.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Liara (I basically will only play her if the game is set during or after ME2 though)
Ashley (maaaaybe, it would have to be a really interesting pairing, probably her with an alien)
Aria TíLoak

Random Pairings - These are pairings Iím particularly interested in

CanonxCanon or CanonxOC Pairings - Willing to mix and match and team up with most of these when possible
**F!Shep x Sarren (oh yeah, rivalmance!)
***F!Shep x Garrus or Wrex (or both, giggity)
Ashley x Garrus or Wrex or maybe Thane (would like to see what happens with someone who's a bit of a xenophobe becoming attracted to an alien)
Garrus x Tali (technically not a ship, since it can happen in game)
KalíReegar x OC (No ideas for this really, I just always like Kal)
**Sarren x OC (I have an idea for this involving Sarren and a member of an anti slaving "terrorist" group before the events of ME1)
*F!Shep x Primarch Victus
*F!Shep x Lorik Quiíin
**F!Shep x Zaeed
***Jack x Zaeed (I feel like this could be possibly toxic and explosive, but really awesome)
***Jack x Garrus (Yes please!)
*Garrus x Aria (when heís Archangel maybe?)
*EDI x Legion (match made in machine heaven lol)
Thane x Samara (They're kind of a bad ass zen match made in heaven, she's a samurai and he's a ninja lol)
Kasumi x Garrus
Garrus x OC (either merc on his team when he was Archangel or maybe a fellow officer when he was with C-Sec, or maybe a criminal or a dancer he was sweet on)
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Offline AtroxaTopic starter

  • Beastmistress, Countess of Cute Socks, Artiste de Patisserie
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  • Join Date: Mar 2013
  • Location: Southeastern US
  • Gender: Female
  • Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight
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OC Pairings
C-Sec Officer x Criminal
C-Sec Officer partners
C-Sec Officer x Stripper/Dancer
Stripper/Dancer x Merc
Stowaway x Merc/Pirate
Spectre x Criminal (Merc, Pirate, Assassin, etc)
Spectre x Spectre
Assassin x Target

OC ideas:

These are all human X turian pairings, since like I said that's what I'm mostly interested in, but I'm open to other ideas. If you have any don't hesitate to message me and tell me about them.

And I'm always up for playing side characters of different races and genders

First Contact - OC Male Turian x OC Female Human
Set during the First Contact War between the turians and humanity when humans were first discovered (the first meeting resulting in a skirmish that lead to a brief 'war' between the two before the Council stepped in), this would revolve around two individuals from either side of the conflict. Most likely two soldiers but the human could also be a civilian captive being held by a turian or turians. If the two are military, it could be a turian captive or a human captive for whichever side. Or perhaps both are stranded after a fight and have to work together to survive (a la Enemy Mine), or a blend of the two. I have a lot of ideas for after the war too revolving around their relationship.

The Merc and the Cut Purse -  OC Male Turian x OC Female Human
A merc on Omega gets his pockets picked but instead of killing or beating the unfortunate kid that stole from him, he takes her in. Could be very basic, or could come up with a larger plot to work this into. It is Omega after all. I'm seeing two pretty damaged but strong individuals for the main pair. Lots of potential for side characters.

Batman/Mass Effect Cross Over - OC Male Turian x OC Female Human
So this idea isn't so much of a cross over as it is heavily inspired by Batman and Catwoman. I would love to do something on the Citadel with a C-Sec officer who is a vigilante at night, doing all the stuff he can't during the day because of all that red tape. I don't envision him being a millionaire like Bruce Wayne though, probably more of an average Joe, or even someone a lot of issues and vices (always fun). In a bit of a role switch I actually see the Catwoman-like thief as being the rich individual, I'm leaning towards her being some sort of celebrity in her every day life, and then a high profile thief in the dead of night. They'd be meeting and interacting as both their every day selves and their night time personas and mixing a bit between the two. I have an overarching idea going on in the back of my mind that will make them eventually have to work together and discover one another's identities.

Lost but not Alone - Sort of OC sort of canonÖ Turian x Human
You remember in ME3 when youíre in the docks, how you can overhear a conversation between a turian C-Sec officer and a human teenager who was separated from her parents when they were evacuated from their planet during a Reaper attack? I would love to do something with them. The first part would basically be what we see in game, then after that heíd probably get her off the docks and weíd go from there.

Citadel Politics - OC Male Turian x OC Female Human
This would involve two politicians on the Citadel, rivals who maybe get a little too involved and start taking their work home with them. I donít have very much thatís concrete here but a lot could be done, assassination plots, backstabbing, double dealing, lots of drama and intrigue and all that fun stuff. Think House of Cards but on the Citadel lol I just think it'd be a lot of fun to explore the politics of this world rather than focusing on the more action-oriented stuff for once.

Partners in Crime - OC Male Turian x OC Female Human
Something of a Bonnie & Clyde story, space pirate captain kidnaps the daughter of a wealthy businessman during a raid to use as a hostage and for ransom. Said captive has a wild streak though and ends up more joining the crew as a fellow criminal than being an actual captive, and also ends up as the captain's lover. There's potential for a lot of different characters, mostly the pirate crew, and I have a lot of ideas, daring raids, betrayal, jealousy, danger, etc, but I'll go into them with my potential partner!

Fleet & Navy - Kind of a canon x OC pairing here but with a pretty minor character
This would involve my partner playing Septimus Oraka, the bitter, drunken turian general you meet briefly in ME1 and possibly ME3. There's not a whole lot known about him so there's plenty of room for you to make him your own character. I want to do something with him having to temporarily come out of retirement just after Saren's attack on the Citadel to help with cleaning up the last of the Geth outside the Veil thanks to so many turian ships being destroyed trying to defend the Citadel. So the turian fleet and the human navy work together (also probably with the asari and salarians helping out too of course) by assigning human marines to turian ships (and there are probably some turians on human ships too). MC would be the commander of one of the human marine squads assigned to a turian ship, this one being Septimus's ship. I see them definitely not getting along at first then coming to respect one another and then become attracted to one another.

The Reign of Archangel - Garrus Vakarian x OC Human Female
This would take place during Garrus's time as Archangel on Omega, and would revolve around him saving a young woman who he then takes a personal interest in. There will be a bit of duality going on as he interacts with her as both Garrus and Archangel (without her knowing that they're the same person), but I see her eventually finding out and possibly joining his crew. I have a lot of ideas for this, side characters are a definite possibility, even Aria could make an appearance if my partner likes her.
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