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Author Topic: Fallen Angel [M seeking F]  (Read 359 times)

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Fallen Angel [M seeking F]
« on: April 11, 2015, 11:07:25 PM »
I have a little story prompt/starter here involving a male fallen angel.  Basically I'm looking for a female writing partner whom would be interested in discussing the details of the story just a bit before jumping right in.  I'm open to female characters of all ages, sizes and races.  She could be a young college student or even a more mature woman in her 40s.  She could be petite or more filled out and voluptuous - as long as she is all natural woman then I'm not picky.  She can be black, asian, white, etc - it's your character, feel free to make her a unique individual to your own tastes and style.

Feel free to send me a PM with any of your ideas or questions after reading my starter here:

The sky darkened as the balance of light shifted.  A roaring thunder rumbled through the sky as the clouds parted and became illuminated with a warm glow.  A meteor descended upon the earth, the sphere of fire picking up speed and momentum as it cut through the atmosphere.  Slicing through the air, it grew warm and thick.  The very ground beneath it seemed to vanish as the white snow quickly melted and rose up in steam.  On impact tremors shook the area and there was an explosion which would have been quite devastating had it hit a populated area.  There was enough destructive force to level a couple of city blocks.  Luckily this crater was formed in the middle of an empty forest with the only signs of civilization being the lights of a nearby city and a road just a few meters away from the rim of the impact zone.

As the smoke and debris cleared it revealed what had been at the heart of the meteor that fell from the heavens.  Laying on the ground, motionless and in pain, amongst the smoldering rocks and dirt - there he was.  Gasping out for air and breathing life into his body, he grunted and clawed at the earth.  Everything ached, everything felt sore and bruised, he felt so weak and exhausted.  The feathered wings had turned to ash and with just a gust of wind it turned to dust, leaving him only with two scars upon his back.  His halo faded and his once golden hair had turned jet black and clung to the sweat on his forehead.

Slowly he climbed out of the crater.  First he crawled and then he took his first steps within the newly spawned mortal body.  His legs were shaky and unstable as he walked toward the road, his hands grabbing at the barks of the trees for support.  Leaving the warmth of the flaming debris, the cold air nipped at his naked body and quickly chilled all of the glistening sweat.  His bare feet crunched in the freshly fallen snow as he awkwardly adjusted to the weight that his tall and muscular figure provided.  With no wings for balance and with gravity on his back it was like he had to teach himself to walk for the very first time.

Does she randomly drive by and see him or maybe even accidentally hits him with her car?  Is your character a demon that has come to claim and corrupt him?  Did your character track the strange phenomenon of the meteor and come to investigate or was she simply close by and curiosity got the best of her?  Who your character is and how she stumbles across him can be discussed.

Other than that we can also discuss why he has fallen.  Was it for your character, to save and protect her?  Maybe he was being noble and interfered with the timeline of earth to save lives?  Maybe he was even framed and the will of heaven has become corrupt?  Basically I would like there to be a plot mixed into the story to make it very interesting as it develops.  For those of you familiar with Supernatural we could just place it in the setting in which all the angels fall to earth due to Metatron.

The angel, while having knowledge of humans and their lifestyles, will be rather socially awkward.  A mortal body will be strange to him - this means sensations of hunger and fatigue and feelings of lust and desire.  Basically he is an immortal being that has suddenly been tossed into the body of a thirty year old man that hasn't have any form of social life.  For those of you familiar with Supernatural then think of Castiel and how he acts and adapts to various human interactions he doesn't quite understand.
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