M seeking F for Stepmother Story

Started by shovelbum4u, April 10, 2015, 06:46:56 AM

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I have done this story a number of times with varying degrees of success. I get very into the story because it is something I have fantasized about for a very long time. Here is the basic premise. I play two characters Richard and Aaron (father and son). You play Richard's new wife and Aaron's new stepmother. Here are the character bio's:

Richard (your new husband): I am 6'2 and at 52 years old I am in great shape, the best shape of my life to be honest about it.  I have blue eyes and hair that is graying, but instead of making me look old it only makes me look distinguished.  Most of my in shape body can be attributed to my ex Rachel.  At one time I loved her, but dear god was she as prude in the bedroom.  IF I was lucky I would get it once a month, and usually not even that.  About half way through our 20 year marriage she insisted on separate bedrooms which honestly was fine by me.  The best thing about her, is that she gave me my two sons Aaron my oldest and Jacob my youngest.  Aaron decided to live with me so he wouldn't have to change high schools, but Jacob my 6 year old decided to stay with my ex.  As a senior vice president of my company, I make an extremely good living.  I live in a mansion, complete with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, tennis court... the works.  Most days I go to work in a limo.  But the most cherished thing in my house is my new wife (you).  I truly do love her... and the sex... OH MY GOD!!!  We met at a cocktail party hosted by some modeling agency she use to work for.  Sure, she is more than half my age, but with a body like that I really don't care.  I love the way she dresses, the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she makes me feel... just everything.  We have an extreme amount of sex.  I had a sexless marriage of 20 years so I figure I have a lot of catching up to do.  Of course, now that I think about it, I wonder if my son Aaron hears anything.... hmmmm....

Aaron (your stepson):  I am 6'2, skinny with black hair and Hazel eyes.  I am what you would call the stereotypical geek.  I get straight A's without even cracking a book.  Most of my life is spent playing video games and surfing the web for porn for my spank bank.  Recently my father married a girl only a few years my senior.  I love that she makes my dad happy, she does seem to truly love him (I think) but dear god, does she do anything but have sex with my father?  Add THAT to the fact that she dresses.... well I hate to use the word slutty to describe my stepmother... so lets just say provocatively.  The image of her in more than a few outfits have a fixed place in my spank bank... and I'm willing to bet that she holds a special place in my friends spank bank as I well.  I hear the headboard pound against the wall... I hear her moaning... Screaming... and my 18 year old mind wishes above all wishes that it was I making her make those noises.  I have this sinking suspicion that she ENJOYS making me squirm.  She flirts with me all the time and sometimes I think she bends a certain way, or wears a certain outfit just to fuck with my head.  More often than not, I find myself masturbating to thoughts of her.  It's wrong!  She's my stepmother!  On the other hand.......

I am very much in the mindset that you should control your own character. In my head she is young, closer to Aaron's age than Richard's. If you are interested, please let me know. I am always willing to make changes to the story. I enjoy seeing where a story takes us. Like I said I've done this story before, but they are all different in their own ways (which I love!).