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Author Topic: Wishes and Wants: All welcome :)  (Read 1232 times)

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Wishes and Wants: All welcome :)
« on: April 09, 2015, 10:41:13 AM »

If you have read the dictionary? Then just consider this a remix.

   Hello and thank you for reading this. I have been RPing for far longer then I care to admit. I have played online via irc, messenger, and in email. It all started many moons ago with table top off line and yes, even Larp'd for a while. (I know, who admits that! Ok, I do). My tastes tend to run the gambit and while I tend to play dominant  females, I have to admit I dislike being crammed into that niche with every story! Writing is about creativity for me or telling a story, and part of telling stories is writing from other perspectives.

You like to play off of dark and twisted psycho's? I like to play dark and twisted psychos!
You enjoy playing sweet vanilla stories, or not so sweet ones? I like to play those as well.  Insane, right!
 Am I willing to play male? Absolutely.
Do I enjoy playing m/m or f/f? Yes.
Is sex all there is to the stories I write? No. I prefer that it isn't.
Am I willing to play multiple characters? Absolutely.
Am I willing to play original characters in a set world? Yes. My tastes for the setting run as far as my imagination or yours can.
The only way I will know if I am willing to play out a story-line or a concept with you is if you PM and ask me.

         Seriously feel free to message me.  I welcome anyone who thinks we may mesh, or who has perhaps read a few of my posts and thinks they might like to write with me, or write me off (dun, dun, dun.)  I know my style can be different and it's normally something a partner either loves or doesn't.

I have to admit I have a dirty filthy megaton of love for the stories created and writing with a partner who enjoys the same. For me creating a joint story that has its  own life outside of the authors that create  it, is the actual rush of writing with a partner or four.  It's why I chose to play in the medium I do.

 ;D Nothing makes me grin, quite like a story not going the way I or my partner (s) 'planned' because the characters find their own footing in the world and change as the situations and worlds do. In a good way of course. not in the “I leave, you leave, someone throws a keyboard" way.  XD ;D

Questions you might ponder about this masked writing partner, with some answers, maybe.

How often do I post?

-II am just returning to role playing after a hiatus, so I will be getting back into the swing of it all. Sometimes it might be 48 hours before I get to return a post. Rarely it might take me a bit longer.  When it is going to be longer then that? I will send out a PM and or update my A/a thread. While I do not expect the same from my partners (I don't mind waiting! ), if there is going to be a long absence, or if you are no longer interested, I would appreciate you letting me know.

What kind of story do I enjoy?

-I am more of idea and plot centered player. I don't mind lining out genre, setting and that before an idea, but honestly? Having an idea first makes it easier to flush the rest of it out for me. For me, story-line that can exist without the smut and still have the emotional impact of a story with it, is a grand thing. Adding 'adult content' to that mixture? Awesome. (Love when the adult content is the icing on the cake, not the cake itself). That isn't to say that there won't be a few of my 'starters' below that don't start with the sex merely to spin the story off of it, but if the sex itself is all you are interested in, I am likely not the RP partner for you. And that's cool for both of us!

What is important to me in a RP partner?

- I appreciate and enjoy communication with my RP partner. It doesn't have to be an over the top display of communication, but the ability for us both to go "Hey what if this happened? Do you mind if I take it in this direction?"

- I  enjoy playing with partners who are capable of being creative, who can communicate their wants for the story, who enjoy planning/brainstorming, and who savor writing to see the story come alive. That being said, a few lines posted in return to one of my posts? Makes me not as inspired to really invest the time and energy. So nothing against it, but if that is your style? We likely aren't going to mesh as role play partners.

-Partners who are not afraid to pm and go "Can we change this from that last post?"  or "I am not comfortable with *insert a gesture*." To me, it's easier to change a few words in a post, then it is to lose a story all together. And I write to write off of someone who is enjoying my writing and is inspired by me as I am by theirs and them.

- No first person, please. It's really odd for me to try to formulate my own posts back when my partner writes in first person.

- I do not expect perfect grammar, spelling or writing style. Frankly, I know I am in the top ten of any Grammar Gods top offender list.  I do enjoy getting posts that are more then a few sentences, that have been ran through spellcheck. It's just so I have something to work off of, otherwise this hobby will start to feel like work.

What type of characters do I play?

-As far as gender, orientation, species and the what not go, I am pretty easy going. I enjoy writing as male, I don't have qualms about writing m/m, f/f, or a mixture in between. Monster wise, I tend to only enjoy playing off or as one which has a humanoid form. Vampires, demons, angels, elves, aliens, those specific things really depend on the story line and the concept we as writers are wanting to loosely go towards.

- I have no issue playing multiple characters if needed/wanted, however, I do tend to not enjoy it as much if I am the only writer doing such. It's a dependent variable type  as it relates to writing.

- Yes, I have been known to play a domme and the range on that play while dependent on the character being played and the story, can  range from a "mommy' style to an extremely vile type of uncaring top. Even with the uncaring, I do enjoy writing within the shades between. (Oh ho, I said shades, someone just groaned)  What we as players are comfortable with and want will always discussed before hand in pm and matched to on/offs, and expectations.

The above being said: Please understand that I don't enjoy being writing every story with one style of character.  Sometimes I crave some sappy romance, sometimes I want to write something else. So no, all of my stories won't be one set way or another. It's very hard for me to define what the character is going to do until I get in there and start playing them.

- Not all my stories involve D/s. And sometimes the story calls for those roles to be challenged and changed. I adore seeing my characters grow outside of what is planned for them.

Characters I will play off of?

-  This should be pretty clear at this point. It is preferred that said characters have a humanoid appearance or form(Not that into tentacles, sorry :( Unless they are made of shadow then well.. we could talk..a lot.)  But other then that? Cyborg, sub, not sub, elf, demon, vampire, human, god, demi god, monstrous, I could keep going. But I do not enjoy one note characters, nor all powerful ones.

- If you have a character you are really wanting to play that isn't above, just ask. If the concept is inspiring enough? I will likely jump in with both feet, or both hands really since those are what I use to write. 

What style is my writing?

-My writing style tends to be something that either people enjoy, or they don't. At times I can be far to wordy while in other situations I will give a paragraph or two so that my partner can respond with information I need or want for my own post to be accurate.
-If you have a piece or story you want to try to play? PM me.  I don't bite in pm.
-I enjoy writing so there are very few settings/time frames/set ups that I won't/don't find interesting. That being said, I don't do well with ones where absolute cannon has to be followed in a set world. IE If we are going to do a Walking Dead setting, let's have some lee way with the story, just a bit. Star wars? Same thing. WoW? Of course! But again, lets keep to the basic lore but enjoy a lil creativity with it.
-Normally I tend to match my partner's style and post length for the most part. Which means not every story will be written in the same manner as far the technical aspects of writing goes.

What turns me on? What turns me off?

Click me right here!It's really not naughty if I say you can!

A bit of this and that!

The concept prompts below are purposefully left a bit broad in their scope so that they may be just guidelines. I prefer hammer out finer details with my writing partner, so that the story is not scripted or set one way. In my experience, writing is far more delightful if both writers are creatively inspired and invested in the story. 

A song best heard at night

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

   It's hard to know how the story really started. The girl had been born a slave, the grand daughter of one of the last who had been born free. Her grandmother, as her mother before her, as her mother before her, had held the past within their hearts to be recited and recanted for the next generation. Their people  had not always known collar and whip, and it was the old stories that reminded them of that. It was those stories that spoke of a land not so far from here, where they might be free once more. But the way was long and treacherous. It was these stories now whispered around firelight that inspired them to hope. The hope that one day, the Song would come to guide them through many nights to freedom has he had for so many, or so the story said.

   Since she was a girl, she told his story, reinforcing it with gossip from other Houses, from near and far. Of course, she embellished it, adding here and taking from there only to make the man less man and more like a god. After all, there was power in belief. How many nights had she told his story, sang the tune so that the ones who had not heard it would know it by heart? Would listen for it with strained ears as if to hear it would heal their wounds and bless their bones?

   And when she heard it herself, clear and clean from beyond the forest break? It seemed impossible to believe. Was he man or myth? Were his intentions the ones her lips sold as truth for so many nights? 

Thoughts: This does not have to be set in historical 'slave' days, but can take place at a different point in history, in an alt history, or in another world setting all together. The concept for it can be worked with. I am even game for the girl creating the story of the “Song' based on something totally unlike the story she was telling. Or that the man who has come, is not the Song at all, but someone who has taken up that mantle for his own reasons, good or bad.

I would love to see the story play with the notions that legends often times have bits and pieces of truth and lies within them, but that the intention behind their creation is often meant to make the world a better place by inspiring emotion within those who hear them. I could see the story progressing through more then a few dangerous adventures and more then a few places where the tide could shift so to speak.

Man in Black (Taken)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"With faith unyielding, scripture wielding, here he comes, the man in black.
His eyes are wandering, sin he's pondering, there he goes, the man in black.
Behind the chapel, tastes the apple, there he went, the man in black."

~Poxy Boggards " The Man in Black "

Prompt:A priest has returned to the village he grew up in, a village where he left the girl he'd loved behind in order to serve his god (or gods, or goddess.). To his sad discovery, he finds that she has passed on. Compelled to visit her grave and then wander towards places where he has fond memories of her, the strangest things begin to happen. At first they are so small, then larger until finally she appears to him.  Love is rekindled, be it in death or in his head. But where are the lines drawn? Does she coax him toward joining her? Or is she horrified at the idea that he might take his own life to be with her? To truly twist the mind and break the heart, perhaps he is suffering from both delusion and haunting, one trying to kill him and the other trying to save him. But which is which? Is the vision of her created in his own head riding him with guilt for leaving her or is she the memory of the sweet lass who cherished him? Is the ghost a guardian spirit to watch over him in her love, or a vengeful, jealous spirit who wants him back at any cost, even his life?

Thoughts Again, this story is one I would be happy to play whatever setting inspires. And it is one that I would rather flush out finer details with the interested writing partner. Something about the spread of emotion, the detail that could be placed within the story and the evolving genre that it could occupy depending on the writers make me eager to write this story.

Clockwork Prometheus

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Generalized prompt:This story I would like to see in a steam-punk setting, however it could absolutely be taken in a sci-fi futuristic route. I see it as a story that has elements of horror in it, but also a twisted kind love in creation. While I want to stay away from the 'dead' aspects (no patch-working corpses together) I do want a retelling of Frankenstein and his/her monster of a sort with gears and cogs or biomech as the materials used.

An inventor manages to insert the spark of life into her creation, but with it awakens more then just the creature. Obsession and fascination become her own torture, a mirroring of the Prometheus's legend in some ways, as undying and eternal as her creation. From the first moments of fragile life and during the evolution of their relationship, will see her ever increasing demands to control what she feels she has created. Is it for science, for research, or for something more that she is compelled to break and remold the bits and pieces til her creation is her ideal of perfection.

The Wound Dresser
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Generalized prompt:This story could take place during any major war. I am totally cool with playing it in an actual historical setting, or moving it to an alt history, or a personally crafted world as well. In my mind, I do see it working well with either the Civil War or WW2.

The general premise is that a husband returns from war maimed and scarred. The man that he was before he left is no more and in his place has returned someone bitter and caught within their own nightmare. I would adore playing the couple before the war to start the story so that their history is more vivid and at some point cutting to where he goes to war, perhaps even writing their correspondence back and forth for one or two posts.

Eventually he is wounded, the letters stop coming , she receives the news and after a long period he is brought home. In my mind, the plot would move through her trying to reach him through several methods, trying to soothe him as she can. Eventually, I would like to see the story reflect a take on D/s, with the outward appearance of the two being his recovery and her steeling him as a dominate in private, providing the comfort, trust and release of control needed for him to find himself once more.

 In my mind, there is some level of deliciousness in this story, because of the care and the subtle weaving of D/s without a name within the relationship. Between that and layering their interactions so that they can take place, exist and live within society without the truth being discovered, to me will only make the writing more vibrant.

Other various possibilities
Putting these here as random interests I wouldn't mind getting the chance to build a story around.

Lady/ Knight
Two assassins same target
Vampire/thrall or human
Steam-punk setting
Goddess set in modern times or even in 'their' time and a follower or champion. [/b]
Bio-shock: Infinite or Rapture
Fable the Comic (Or A Wolf among us)
Time travel
Concubine/captive to a King/Warlord
Morgan to Merlin ( a different take, perhaps playing several shorts through out history)
Arranged political marriage
Kept woman to a Mobster
Wicked Queen/Witch and her Bodyguard
Almost any historical play makes me smile: Wild West, Civil War,  1920's -1960's, Regency Period, the  Ptolemaic Dynasty,  the Regency Era, and yes the Victorian Era just to name a few!
A haunting
And a great many more things. :)

And if you got this far into it? Please, send a pm if you would like to!  :) Happy Writing! 
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Re: Wishes and Wants: (F/m F/f F/M M/F) All welcome :)
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Bump due to reformatting and adding a few ideas!

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Re: Wishes and Wants: All welcome :)
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Re: Wishes and Wants: All welcome :)
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Reformatted, cleaned up, and added new stories.