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Author Topic: Wishes and Wants: All welcome :)  (Read 1942 times)

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Wishes and Wants: All welcome :)
« on: April 09, 2015, 10:41:13 am »

Some story ideas: 

The concept prompts below are purposefully left a bit broad in their scope so that they can be loose guidelines or inspiration waiting for the right partner. I prefer hammer out finer details with my writing partner, so that the story is not scripted or set one way. In my experience, writing is far more delightful if both writers are creatively inspired and invested in the story. 

A Song Best Heard at Night

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

   It's hard to know how the story really started. The girl had been born a slave, the grand daughter of one of the last who had been born free. Her grandmother, as her mother before her, as her mother before her, had held the past within their hearts to be recited and recanted for the next generation. Their people  had not always known collar and whip, and it was the old stories that reminded them of that. It was those stories that spoke of a land not so far from here, where they might be free once more. But the way was long and treacherous. It was these stories now whispered around firelight that inspired them to hope. The hope that one day, the Song would come to guide them through many nights to freedom has he had for so many, or so the story said.

   Since she was a girl, she told his story, reinforcing it with gossip from other Houses, from near and far. Of course, she embellished it, adding here and taking from there only to make the man less man and more like a god. After all, there was power in belief. How many nights had she told his story, sang the tune so that the ones who had not heard it would know it by heart? Would listen for it with strained ears as if to hear it would heal their wounds and bless their bones?

   And when she heard it herself, clear and clean from beyond the forest break? It seemed impossible to believe. Was he man or myth? Were his intentions the ones her lips sold as truth for so many nights? 

Thoughts: This does not have to be set in historical 'slave' days, but can take place at a different point in history, in an alt history, or in another world setting all together. The concept for it can be worked with. I am even game for the girl creating the story of the “Song' based on something totally unlike the story she was telling. Or that the man who has come, is not the Song at all, but someone who has taken up that mantle for his own reasons, good or bad.

I would love to see the story play with the notions that legends often times have bits and pieces of truth and lies within them, but that the intention behind their creation is often meant to make the world a better place by inspiring emotion within those who hear them. I could see the story progressing through more then a few dangerous adventures and more then a few places where the tide could shift so to speak.

Clockwork Prometheus

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Generalized prompt:This story I would like to see in a steam-punk setting, however it could absolutely be taken in a sci-fi futuristic route. I see it as a story that has elements of horror in it, but also a twisted kind love in creation. While I want to stay away from the 'dead' aspects (no patch-working corpses together) I do want a retelling of Frankenstein and his/her monster of a sort with gears and cogs or biomech as the materials used.

An inventor manages to insert the spark of life into her creation, but with it awakens more then just the creature. Obsession and fascination become her own torture, a mirroring of the Prometheus's legend in some ways, as undying and eternal as her creation. From the first moments of fragile life and during the evolution of their relationship, will see her ever increasing demands to control what she feels she has created. Is it for science, for research, or for something more that she is compelled to break and remold the bits and pieces til her creation is her ideal of perfection.

Pairings and Settings
Putting these here as random interests I wouldn't mind getting the chance to build a story around.

A good dystopian story
Steam-punk setting
Stranger in a new world- Could take place in a historical setting or in a sci fi world. What I would like to see here is one character introduced to a new world/culture without the ability to speak the language.

Lady/ Knight or vice verse, a female knight to a male lord.
Two assassins- rivals or one learning from the other
Vampire/thrall or human
Goddess set in modern times or even in 'their' time and a follower or champion.

Westworld (Either the older movie(s) or the new series) This one I could even see moving from the premise with the right partner to be a new story of creation. 
Bio-shock: Infinite or Rapture
Fable the Comic (Or A Wolf among us)

Time travel
Concubine/captive to a King/Warlord
Morgan to Merlin ( a different take, perhaps playing several shorts through out history)
Arranged political marriage
Kept woman to a Mobster
Wicked Queen/Witch and her Bodyguard

Almost any historical play makes me smile: Wild West, Civil War,  1920's -1960's, Regency Period, the  Ptolemaic Dynasty,  the Regency Era, and yes the Victorian Era just to name a few! But that isn't to say, I am not interested in modern or futuristic settings.

And if you got this far into it? Please, send a pm if you would like to!  :) Happy Writing! 
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Re: Wishes and Wants: (F/m F/f F/M M/F) All welcome :)
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2015, 07:31:02 pm »
Bump due to reformatting and adding a few ideas!

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Re: Wishes and Wants: All welcome :)
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Re: Wishes and Wants: All welcome :)
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2017, 12:22:21 am »
Reformatted, cleaned up, and added new stories.