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Author Topic: [Big Group Game: Alt Earth] [Characters of Color] Seeking A Big Brother  (Read 329 times)

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Offline DotleyTopic starter

The gist of my request and some pertinent background information:

Iím seeking someone to join Broken Bonds and write a brotherly relationship with me. This big group game has been around since November 2013. It has an active and devoted player base. This story takes place in an alternate earth where humanity can be divided into three presentations Guide (humans capable of empathy), Sentinel (humans possessing heightened senses), and Normals (humans that are neither Guide or Sentinel). One could label it soft scifi or modern fantasy, but speculative is probably the better label Ė the only ďmagicĒ that exists is the empathic capabilities of Guides and the advanced hearing, sight, smell, touch of the Sentinel.

I know big group games can be intimidating to join, but Iím more than willing to help my potential writing partner to get all cozy and comfortably settled in the game.

What Iím looking for is someone that would be interested in playing the big brother to a character that is already active in the story. My character Hart is the manager (but not the owner) of a debauched night club and underground fight ring. His gregarious, outrageous, and flirtatious stage persona as the ďringmasterĒ of the club masks a sensitive core. Hart is a Normal. While Iíve written Hart as having an older brother no details about him have been established. This brother character is pretty much a blank slate!

I really only have one requirement of my writing partner concerning the brother character and itís that his ethnicity and race match Hartís own Ė Hart himself is biracial (black and white) and heís English seeing as he was born and raised in London. This means that his older brother should be black, biracial, or multiracial and should also have been born in London. Other then that details about the character are wide open. His name, personality, sexual orientation, career, etc are all up to my writing partner to decide. He could be a Sentinel, Normal, or a Guide.

When it comes to Hartís relationship with his brother Iím looking for something long term and full of delicious plot. Iíd like if these siblings have a strained or even outright shattered relationship thatís in need of repair. Iím even open to mucking around with some dark themes - things like abuse, alcohol/drug addiction, or incest are all issues that could be explored but by no means required. I imagine these guys didn't have a happy childhood, but I'd like to hash out the particular details with my writing partner.

Basically I just want to explore a fractured brotherly bond and see if we can mend it. Or damage it further.

If this idea catches your interest donít post here. Please PM me!
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Offline DotleyTopic starter

5/9 || Since it's been a month now and I'm still searching I'll give this a lil bump  :-)