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Author Topic: The Last Hunter - Dark Romance (M x F)  (Read 664 times)

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Offline KamakaziTopic starter

The Last Hunter - Dark Romance (M x F)
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:55:08 pm »

Inspired by gothic fantasy, Bloodborne, The Witcher and Van Helsing. This is my advertisement for a long-term Dark Romantic RPG, based around the idea of  book I'm about to write, and I hope it whets your appetite!

The Last Hunter

Noldrakhov has grown dark. Once it was a realm of light and joy, where nobility and peasantry alike lived in peace, worshiping the God of the Sun. However, as a result of some long-forgotten, cataclysmic event, the land was plunged into an era of eternal darkness and misery. Foul beasts stalked the foggy nights, madness claimed thousands, livestock died, and every generation or so, the cursed Bloodmoon would be seen in the sky, a warning to the people, that life was only going to get harder.

It is an age of Darkness, where friendship and trust have given way to dogmatic superstition and backwardness. Disease stalks the land, even whilst the nobility hang onto the symbols of power which mark them out as different from their downtrodden people. Everywhere, con-artists and merchants claiming to sell trinkets and blessed relics to protect against the evil in the dark ply a trade, taking advantage of the fears of the common folk, whilst the aristocratic houses of the land oppress and cement their hold upon the people.

Worse still, any beliefs regarding chivalric knights and romantic lords have long since been proven false. Instead, those men who go by the title of 'knight' are little more than barbaric overlords, making a living stalking and killing the fel beasts of the land which plague the people, alongside other warriors, brigands, rogues, and anyone wealthy or foolish enough to afford a blade, and bold enough to use it against the eternal night.

And then of course, there are the Hunters....Those born under the cursed Bloodmoon...Ostracized, vilified, feared, and yet simultaneously seen as almost necessary, these dark wanderers stalk the abandoned streets of Noldrakhov's abandoned frontier towns, and creep through the misty woods where the darkness lurks, seeking out and dealing death to the most vicious, cruel and supernatural of the creatures which roam the eternal night.

This is the realm in which your character has been born and raised; second child, and Princess of the ruling House Valkengahst. However, even though she is of noble blood, and second in line to rule Noldrakhov after her brother, she is viewed with concern by her family for two main reasons. Firstly, she was born blind, a factor which in Noldrakhov had always been considered a bad omen, but in the time of eternal darkness, had become practically damning evidence of divine disfavor. After all, if a child cannot look upon the Sun God, when what little light there is shines down, how can that child be considered blessed? Also, and perhaps worse, the Princess was born upon a Bloodmoon, something known only to those closest to the House of Valkengahst. As a result, the family has kept her closeted within the confines of the towers of Noldrak, the realm's capital city, and therefore, she has remained innocent, even at the point of adulthood, 18. She believes in the tales of knights and honourable, romantic Lords, knowing only a little of the perils that lie beyond the walls of her gilded cage.

She is beautiful, young, naive, and in Noldrak, those traits only equal vulnerability, and to that end, the House of Valkengahst have decided to find her a Guardian, a dark shadow to watch over their hidden jewel, in case her brother succumbs to the rising tide of the night beyond Noldrak's walls.

Their choice is a Hunter. A mysterious figure known only by the tales of his legends, and the monsters he has slain over the years. Why a Hunter? Perhaps they believe that to bring an unknown figure so close will keep his role anonymous, or perhaps they simply believe what many others believe; that the Hunters possess powers beyond the comprehension of mortal men and women, and that there can be no better guardian for their Princess.

The Hunter is one of the greatest of his kind, though in Noldrakhov this only means that he is nearly as bad as the monsters they fear. Some even speculate that his success has come as a result of parlaying with the very powers which spawned, and perhaps control the creatures in the darkness. Furthermore, the Hunter has done little to dispel these rumors, his mysterious, habitual silence only adding weight to the jealous voices of the knights, peasants and lords who speak evil against him.

However, one thing that is known about this Hunter, is that in one particularly grim encounter with a beast, he was badly scarred upon his face, leaving him recognisable as a result. Where once he had been handsome, now, no woman could truly say that she could look upon him without noticing his disfigurement...Though no woman ever got so close to him, or held such a place in his hardened heart, for him to ask for such words.

As a result of this noticable mark of identity, and to protect the identity and integrity of Valkengahst, the royal family have made the condition that the hunter must wear a mask at all times, hiding his face from their daughter, and the world, despite the fact  that she cannot see...He is to watch her, safeguard her, or so they have decreed in secret.

But what will happen when he encounters the one woman who can truly see beyond his marred face and grim appearance? When naivety and innocence meet brutalized experience and maturity?

Well...That remains to be seen.


So now I've explained the concept in some detail, and I hope it's gotten you interested! If you need anymore information regarding the basic back-story and the plot I have in mind, please feel free to ask! Below I'll lay out some of my personal desires for this rp, so you can analyse whether you think we'll work well together!

This is intended to be a long-term rpg. I want to give a lot of time over to developing these characters and letting them expand and interact with each other!

This is obviously a MxF pairing, with a focus upon age play, innocence and traditional gothic romance and horror

Age play: I am thinking that the Princess will be aged around 18-19, whereas the Hunter will be in his mid-40's

Innocence: She's spent her entire life believing that men are good and that the world is an inherently good place. That purity will come as a shock to my character...But later it will doubtless become a turn on, when their relationship becomes more sexual. (Perhaps she's eager, yet inexperienced. For an example, in one encounter, he might enter her private chambers, only to discover her dressed in the sexiest, most enticing lingerie, stockings and heels for him, even though she doesn't fully understand the significance of it. She does it innocently, to please...But his reaction is just what she craves, she finds...

In truth though, I want this to be a Romance, and I'm looking for a partner who wants that too, who wants to help play in this dark setting, and enjoy these two mysterious characters and how they may grow together!

Please feel free to Pm me if you're interested, and would like to progress the idea further. However, do bare in mind that I am quite picky when it comes to this concept, as it does mean a hell of a lot to me, and I won't take just anyone. I'm looking for a partner who's interested, eager, and willing to compromise!

***Use the subject title "Bloodmoon" when you message me to indicate that you properly read the ad!***

Offline KamakaziTopic starter

Re: The Last Hunter - Dark Romance (M x F)
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2015, 03:13:43 pm »
Bumping this! I've had some great responses so far and am interested in who else is out there and might be interested in discussing this further! :)