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Author Topic: Eye spies with her little eye...  (Read 928 times)

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Eye spies with her little eye...
« on: April 06, 2015, 08:56:52 pm »
First, as a matter of courtesy, PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. If my games catch your fancy, kindly send me a PM. This is my anal-retentiveness; I like the nice, orderly flow of a thread with just my posts and game ideas, and the bumps I put on when I update and change things.

I'm a fairly garrulous writer. Err, that means loquacious, verbose, effusive. Chatty. You may call me Dictionary Girl, if you like, although Thesaurus Girl would be more appropriate. I like going into detail about what my character thinks and feels, what she does, and it's very seldom that I do just one thing at a time in a post. If numbers are your thing...I usually put out about 4-6 paragraphs at a minimum. That can easily double or even triple when I have a lot to say. I do believe that quality is more important than quantity, but I just tend to find that I can't consider a work of sufficient quality to satisfy my own standards without putting in a bit of length. I don't expect you to match me paragraph for paragraph, word for word; a decent entry of 3 paragraphs is fine as long as it contains sufficient information to advance the story and give me something to respond to.

Before we go onto the stories, let me preface this all with a few caveats:

  • These stories can be modified for the pairing of your interest. I can genderflip a character, so if you see something advertised as FXF, but you think it would be interesting to play MXF or FutaXMale or whatever, suggest it to me.
  • The story synopses that follow will abbreviate MC for my character and YC for your character. I'm usually less interested in reversing roles, but it never hurts to ask.
  • A story very rarely consists of two and only two people. When other characters are introduced into the story, a general rule of thumb is that either writer in the story may have the NPCs behave in any way they like. I believe that we are mature enough that we're able to roll with an evolving story or settle the matter in private messages.

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[b]Story Elements:[/b] 
[b]Characters :[/b]  (MC) X  (YC)
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Re: Eye spies with her little eye...
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2015, 09:21:00 pm »

The Lost Heir
Genre: Fantasy
Story Elements: Revenge, Romance, Manipulation, Captivity, Slavery
Characters : Mercenary Veteran (MC) X Captured Princess (YC)
Status: Taken!

YC is the princess-heir of the kingdom of Arindel. When her cruel uncle allies himself with demon-summoning usurpers, the right of rulership falls to you. There's just one little problem...

On the fateful night that the kingdom falls and your uncle establishes himself as the new monarch, you escape the castle where you have lived all your life in the company of a small company of trusted retainers and men at arms. Unfortunately, your escape is noticed and your group attacked by a mercenary band led by MC, a lieutenant and veteran soldier-for-hire. My soldiers drive away or kill your protectors and, under the rules of war and the contract by which the mercenary company was hired, take you prisoner with the intent of selling you into slavery.

Back in camp, and after removing my armor, you discover that I am that rare breed of woman warrior rising to power and prominence in a man's world through force of will and skill at arms. You are inspired and quick witted enough to appeal to me for help and sympathy for your plight, and, grudgingly, almost unwillingly, I agree to take you as my own personal spoil from the campaign rather than sell you on.

Now you are placed at the right hand of a woman at the right hand of a large and talented mercenary company. If you are going to seize the throne that is rightfully yours, you will need an army, and it just so happens that I am one heartbeat away from commanding a rather sizeable army. But how could I ever trust you to remember who saved you from ignoble slavery, who put you on the throne, given the circumstances of our meeting and the uses to which I put you in the days before I knew the truth of your heritage. And how can you trust me to give up the lovely princess on the other end of my leash, when having her is so sweet...

This is a fairly simple "captured princess" story, but one I hope to put a few twists on. For starters, I have three distinct time periods in mind. The first is during and in the days immediately following your capture and enslavement, as our characters get to know each other and establish how their relationship will work. After that, I would like to move ahead in time five years, to the point in time in which my character is ready to take over leadership of the mercenary army, and we can see how our characters have developed and grown together in the intervening time. And then, a few years after the middle section, we can go to the grand conclusion, in which a mercenary army is set to invade Arindel and put you back on the throne that is rightfully yours...or not, depending on how we've arranged things in the meantime.

If the story seems to get more and more vague as it progresses, that's only because I believe that you, my partner, should have input as to the direction and ultimate resolution of the story. It should also be the result of the interaction between the two unique characters and how they've defined their relationship and how much they trust and support one another.

Something else I want to explore in this game is how two opposites can work together. Your princess can be cunning or straightforward, wicked or kind. But I would like her to be very intelligent, cunning, and, for want of a better word, manipulating. My character will be more straightforward. Not stupid, not by any means, but more simple and direct; a woman of action who thinks in the short term rather than in terms of the big picture. Hopefully, we can bring two people to this story that can achieve more together than either could alone, and they will do gloriously...

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Re: Eye spies with her little eye...
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2015, 10:14:06 am »

Dream Slave
Genre: Fantasy
Story Elements: Guilty Pleasures, Secret Submission
Characters : General (MC) X Spirit of Desire (YC)
Status: Taken!

My character is the King's most trusted bodyguard and military advisor, having served in that post for almost ten years. She has risen through the ranks by her own skill, force of personality, and iron will. She is a knight-commander, respected for her prowess and dedication, feared for her wrath, and utterly devoted to her duties.

She is also lonely. Unmarried, with no family, nothing outside her duties permitting her to even have so much as a close friend.

One day, when performing a spot inspection of a garrison outpost, MC discovers that some of the King's Men are involved in the local black market. She confiscates their illegal goods, including one very special item. On the surface, it appears to be a leather collar of the type worn by the Kingdom's slaves. MC is experienced enough, however, to recognize the spellcraft woven with every stitch into the leather. Unwisely, perhaps, but compelled by forces she didn't entirely understand, MC fastened the collar around her neck when alone in her tent, and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

When she slept, MC was drawn into a pocket reality where YC waits for her. YC is the spirit bound to the collar waiting for its new slave. Part incubus, part dream weaver, YC feeds on sexual desire and delights in breaking and training proud women like MC. But what is the spirit's end goal? Merely to add another conquest to a long line of broken women stretching back to the crafting of the collar? Or something else, something more sinister? Or perhaps less sinister; perhaps YC truly wants nothing more than to give MC what she has always secretly wanted...


The rules are these. While she wears the collar (and taking it off is not as easy as putting it on), every night MC is pulled back into the realm of YC. Every morning at dawn, she is released back into the real world.

This story comes out of my love for reality manipulation and the potential this adds for eroticism and fantasy. Inside its realm, YC is like unto a god, and can do anything it wants to and with MC. This is a chance to let both of our imaginations run wild!

Where the story goes, of course, is something that we should decide beforehand. I hope I've left it open to accommodate different possibilities from the benevolent to the sinister as far as what YC's true motivations and desires are.

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Re: Eye spies with her little eye...
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2015, 10:39:51 pm »

Genre: Super Hero
Story Elements: Sleeping with the Enemy, Older Seduces Younger, Fast, Fun, Furious Comic Book Action, Whedon-esque Banter 
Characters: Original version of Captain Marvel (MC) X Up and Coming Supervillain (YC)
Status: Open

Ever since she was a child, Rose Romano (MC) led a double life. On the one hand, she was an orphan in Gotham City's crowded and overworked foster care system. But when the call goes out, she has but to say a magic word to transform herself into earth's mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel!

Battling Satanus and Black Adam all her life was easier than dealing with the challenges of adulthood. A full time college student, working at the local coffee bar every moment she isn't in seems like adulthood has been nothing but responsibilities and stress and crushing existential angst about the future. Add to that her responsibilities with the Justice League Auxiliary, and it is any wonder that poor Rose is quietly going crazy and wondering if she should just be Captain Marvel full time?

One day, a new customer (YC) comes into her coffee shop. S/he is funny, charming, sweet, and very, very good looking. S/he asks for her number, and while Rose normally has a policy of never letting a customer succeed in picking her up, this time she relents. Our characters go out on a date. It's very nice. They go out on a second, and a third. Things start to get a little serious.

What Rose doesn't know is that YC has an alter ego too. S/he happens to be a new and upcoming supervillain, with a letter of reference from Captain Cold himself, and the proud survivor of a Joker Gang internship in advanced bankrobbing techniques. One night, after walking Rose home to her dorm, s/he goes back to pick up something she forgot, when s/he happens to witness the incredible transformation that follows every time Rose says the magic word SHAZAM!

All of a sudden, YC has one of the hottest pieces of information in the supervillain community; the real name and secret identity of a cape.

What does s/he do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder? Use it to destroy and humiliate Captain Marvel and establish themselves as an A-list supervillain? Or maybe the most dastardly option yet; work to turn the power of the Captain to the forces of crime and evil?


To quote someone else on the forums (Hi Barenmarder!) I love comic books and super heroes. I've read hundreds of comic books and graphic novels since the mid 90s, and I've pretty much seen every cartoon show and animated movie they've put out. Admittedly, I stopped reading all titles from the big two companies in recent years for various reasons, but I still have a love for the melodrama, the larger than life, the good vs. evil, and the fantastic powers and abilities.

I've stopped reading anything published by both of the main comic lines for...reasons. But I am still in love with the universe, which is why I pitched this story as taking place in the main DC universe as opposed to a generic superhero setting. If playing in an established comic universe is not something you're comfortable doing and would prefer to create our own setting, this is something I'm willing to do.

The idea of this story is that Rose is having difficulty balancing the challenges of adulthood with her love life and her "hobby" as a crime fighter. She's also terribly young and impressionable, and will fall very hard in young love, which is a bigger Achilles heel than Kryptonite (I know Captain Marvel is immune to the big K....not the point!). I like the idea of YC being a few years older than her, and more worldly and sophisticated, someone who can sweep her off her feet and really make the conflict of falling in love with the enemy more poignant.

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Re: Eye spies with her little eye...
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2015, 08:58:34 pm »

Taking Down the Galaxy
Genre: SWToR
Story Elements:  Action! Adventure! Romance! Betrayal! Comedy! Space Opera!
Characters :  Sith Warrior (MC) X Slave (YC)
Status: Available!

Ever play the Sith Warrior storyline in SWToR? Well, if you haven't, here's the quick version. In order to complete her trials on Korriban, the Sith Warrior is given a Twi'lek slavegirl named Vette to help her get through some ancient ruins. They bond in the process, and later Vette asks the Warrior to remove the shock collar she was fitted with when she became a slave. If the Warrior does so, Vette is both relieved and a little confused, wondering what happens next. Selecting one of the dialogue options leads the Sith Warrior to say, "You and me, working together, taking down the galaxy."

The SWToR developers have said that Vette is their favorite NPC, and they worked hard to make her the player's favorite too. She gets more dialogue than almost any other companion, and some of the best lines, too, in that Han Solo, devil may cry, sarcastic scoundrel term. Even though I almost exclusively play female characters in RPGs, my head canon has my lightside Sith Warrior in a happy little romance with her Vette.

Anyway, that's the same sort of dynamic I want to create with this game. My character is a Sith, the personal attack dog of a powerful Dark Lord, sent forth across the Galaxy to do her Master's will. Somewhere along the line, she acquires a personal slave. Perhaps YC is a pilot or veteran starship combat ace, trusted with handling the Sith's personal starfighter. Perhaps YC was rescued from a bad situation in exchange for valuable knowledge or skills s/he has. Once they get together, though, MC discovers that she enjoys YC's company and frees him or her from slavery and begins treating them like a partner and an equal.

Through the course of many adventures, they develop genuine friendship and more than mutual attraction. The story of their romance is set against the backdrop of exciting duels with Jedi Knights, dizzying dogfights in space, and sudden but inevitable betrayal from MC's Master when he fears the growing power of his apprentice. Where do the pair of them end up after that?

Taking down the Galaxy, of course.

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Re: Eye spies with her little eye...
« Reply #5 on: April 17, 2015, 04:55:48 pm »

Naga Raja
Genre: Fantasy
Story Elements: Monster Love
Characters: Lady (MC) x Naga (YC)
Status: Open


This one is no plot synopsis, and almost all commentary. For some reason, I'm keen to try a monster/human pairing with myself as the human partner. First preference is for a naga or other serpent kin, but I can be talked around to almost any non-humanoid beastie.

Story elements I'm looking is hard to soft non-con, ovipositioning, mating, and all that good stuff. Very flexible, and willing to make it a darker and more extreme game if that's your fancy. Help me come up with a good and compelling story, and I'll worship you!