ALL NEW IDEAS FROM Elegantly D. (male and female roles wanted)

Started by ElegantlyDisastrous, April 06, 2015, 05:17:09 PM

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Edward Elric
Pairing: EdxWin, EdxOriginal

Damon Salvatore
Pairing: DamonxElena

Daryl Dixon
Pairing: DarylxBeth, DarylxOriginal

Dean Winchester
Pairing: Open to any straight, non-familial pairing

Eric Northman
Pairing: EricxSookie, EricxOriginal

Katrina Roun
Pairing: Any
Katrina is a 1/2 vampire. Original character for 10+ years.
FC: Candice Swanepoel

*I do not like my stories to be only smut; I like there to be some backstory, I like action and violence and fight scenes (physical or verbal), I like something leading up to the sex, and something after. I would prefer a continuous story but I am open to one-shots.

*Simple requirements include:

  • No God-moding
  • Literacy & correct grammer
  • No anal, incest, animals, children
  • I prefer not to WRITE same-sex pairings, but that is entirely different from my RL opinion
  • Please be timely with your responses, and don't just drop the story (it makes me sad)