Versitile looking a chance.

Started by Dabi, April 03, 2015, 10:21:20 AM

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Status: Available for more role plays.
Format of role playing: Forum style please, E-mails persuaded.
Preferred position?: Versatile/Seke.
Preferred Partner: Versatile/Seke.
Gender preference?: Both
Gender looking for: Both
Relationship settings: Male x male, F x M,
Preferred Era: Modern, History (1715, West Indies, the pirates of New Providence Island)
Particular cravings at the moment: M x M, Male pregnancy, 1715, vampires and dragons. Assassins creed.
Fandoms: Yes.

Hello their welcome to my search thread. I have had the pleasure of writing for a few years now and thoroughly enjoying it. Working with different strength and focusing on improving my weaknesses. My writing isn't to everyone's taste with people say I have grammar issues but the creativity level I can offer you much more then appeals to the eye of what people can tolerate.  I have had a learning difficulty which hinders my writing ability but I have been non-stop trying to over come my stumbles. I write how I speak and it's annoying as hell. But my passion makes me more patient and understanding eager to learn what I can't do and turn it into something more of a pleasure then a disappointment.

I have many influences like J.R Ward and Christine Feehan. I love mythical romance most of all angst. I LOVE testing my character and slowly developing my character adding more twists and turns. That is another thing I can offer for you, not just a story that is based on smut but a world that we build initially on our own. A world that our characters can enjoy. I'm not interested in the one time thing, but a way that a chemistry pattern can co-exist.

I do prefer honesty over lack of ignorance. I don't mind being told that our writing doesn't clash well as I know full-heartedly it's for the strong stomach and a heck of a lock of patience. But I hope my creativity and spontaneous ideas and the will to learn makes the joy of plotting all the better. My characters that I aim for have personality and thoughts, that generally leap of the page.

I will not disappoint you unless my characters and my muse disappear like that had happened which pushed me into hiatus because I was fed up of wasiting people's time.