Thousands of Eyes (M seeking F)

Started by eclipse613, April 01, 2015, 05:24:38 PM

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Well hello everyone. As you can see my name is Eclipse, and I have just recently been accepted into the world of Elliquiy. It's great to be here, and now I think it's about time that I try out my first roleplay idea. Keep in mind, that I'm also open to others so if anyone would like to do a specific one, that is find by me! Up till now, I have been doing a few on again off again roleplays on House Eros, so I know of the more adult side of rp, but I would like this one to be an equal measure of the two. So below is my story idea that I would like to do.

Leo Cruces has finally been imprisoned. The reviled figure who gained a strange power through the use of a black ritual. His crimes of murder spread throughout the city streets, and though he was a criminal, his presence attracted much of the populace to his calling. Finally put under arrest, and placed in maximum security prison until his execution, he awaits his death with solemn serenity. That is until the woman that gave him his strange powers reappears to him in his dreams, and tells him that he shall soon be free again to choose his path. A path which will cross with someone that is new to the town, and that knows only a little of his story. When their paths cross, what will happen, and what will change in their world.

So that is my story idea. I suppose anyone could pm me if they would like to do this or do an idea that they have. Catch you on the dark side.