Looking for M/M rp - M or F players

Started by djin, October 18, 2008, 03:23:32 AM

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Call me a strange gal, but I find M/M scenarios so erotic.  And, darnit, there just aren't enough of them on E (that I've been able to find anyway).  Since I got really bored poking through the Lords and Ladies ons/offs to find someone who is up for M/M, I figured I'd post a wanted ad.

I don't have any set storylines in mind but, as any interested party can read in my ons/offs (hint-hint), I love brainstorming. 

If you'd like to play out a sexy boy-kissy-boy scenario and think our tastes might be compatible, feel free to PM me. 



Good luck with it.):) I am really simply straight ...so I cannot even fake it.)

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If you don't get anyone to do this with you, I'd be happy to do it.  I love male/male plots..I have three of them going right now ;)
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I have a few ideas on such pairings myself, and hope you can find what you are looking for....
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Feel free to hit me up on Skype, I will send info when asked.


Thanks for all the responses, everyone.  Apparently I'm not such a strange girl; lots of other ladies have jumped at the idea of M/M plots.  I've gotten a lot of storylines going from this posting.  But I can always use more! ;)  I'm a bit braindead on coming up with new storyline plots just now, but if you have a plot in mind that I might fit in to, or want to nudge me in to some brainstorming, please send a PM.  I'm a ravenous rp'er. 

I also wanted to answer a couple responses individually:

Quote from: LonewolfAlpha on October 20, 2008, 07:08:56 PM
I have a few ideas on such pairings myself, and hope you can find what you are looking for....

I'd love to hear some ideas, if you've still got storylines waiting to be given life.  Feel free to PM :)

Quote from: Andy on October 19, 2008, 07:51:02 AM
I may try it out when im Approved

Good luck on approval!  E is such a great place.  Get in touch with me when it goes through and we can come up with something.  Being your first on E, I promise to be gentle. Well.. maybe. ;)


If you are still looking for more rp partners i would be very glad to! I only plan on doing mainly m/m rps here...

And if you are still looking i could come up with a plot idea!


I'm interested in doing a m/m rp.

I havent tried on yet. and yes I am Bi.
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