Symphony of the Goddess {Female Looking for Male}

Started by Queenie, March 26, 2015, 07:59:55 PM

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So, the RP idea will be needing a male. I have the idea all written out, just need someone to help me get the RP going and get the story rolling. I'll post the basic plot idea, just PM me and we'll get the ball rolling.

A Goddess has forsaken a small village, killing all their crops, drying their wells, ponds, creeks and lakes, and causing a plague. In order to return their village back to it's prosper living state, the people have to give up one of their own (Male) to marry the Goddess that caused their fate. When returned back to the land of the Gods, the human is brought into a life of complete and total luxury... But that luxury is short lived when the Emperor of the Gods declares war in the Goddess that brings the human back... But the Gods that oppose the Emperor has a plan involving the human.

That's just the basic concept of it, like I said, I want to iron out details and roll from there. I'll be looking forward to your PM. :)