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Author Topic: Dingo's Dark Desires  (Read 887 times)

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Dingo's Dark Desires
« on: March 21, 2015, 06:23:50 AM »
If you find the ideas I write down here interesting, please feel free to use them as you see fit, but at least let me know that you're borrowing the idea. If you actually want to write out the idea with myself, then contact me through PMs.

If you end up wanting to play with me, do keep in mind that I strongly prefer writers who play the gender they feel are (or feel like).


A Strange Gift

A strange gift arrived to his door, a large, but well made chest, signs of transport over it, but no indication where it came from. All postage was paid for and there was no need to sign. And it definitely was send to his address. His curiosity winning, he opens the box and looks shocked at it's contents. It's something he never expected. Never asked for. Never wanted.


Inside the box he finds you. And as he looks at you, you found your Master. Your goal is to make him happy. Please him. Make him reach his potential. And you know he needs you, whatever he may say or do. What and who you are, is for my character (and maybe myself) to discover as we play. Of course we should first have a talk about the rest of the setting. After all, you could be an alien, an android, an anidroid, an ensorcelled being, a demon, or anything else. The society can be totally accepting of the situation, or even completely rejecting it, or anything in between. It can be set in the future, the past, in current or alternate timelines, or anywhere we both fancy.

I would like to play to play this, but I am aware that the main difficulty is that this is something that is run for me, or at best, run cooperatively.

Potential Tags: Reluctant Master, Story, Smut.


The genie is out of the bottle

An ancient oil lamp appears miraculously in your path. Upon rubbing it, almost as if on a lark, a genie appears and asks you for your wishes. Anything you want could be yours. But you're clever and know that things such as these can be as beautiful as they appear on the can, but just as often are tricky and outright dangerously treacherous. Of course, nobody told you all the rules. But suffice it to say that life gets a lot more interesting.


Until the traditional three wishes are made, the genie cannot be locked away in the bottle again. But this one has a particular agenda, and unfortunately you are the focus of this one. He doesn't want to be free of the lamp. He also doesn't want to be human either.  He is not even interested in causing chaos by granting wishes to just about everything. He wants to have a genie of his own, and he happens to know how to create one. And you have the stuff it takes. Of course, there are a few rules. He knows them. You don't.


The djinn is looking to turn his 'master' into his slave, but he doesn't want to give up the perks of being a genie. Near-cosmic power, eternal life and youth. The itty-bitty living space is merely a matter of perception that can easily be fixed. The big downside is that after the wishes are granted, he goes back in the bottle. Alone. That's the part he intends to change. And that he can get his own wishes, is merely icing on the cake.

His goal is to create a plaything that lasts a bit longer than however long he is in this world. Usually after a few masters, the lamp is carefully hidden and not used for a long time.

Since this involves wishes, this can have all kinds of themes involved. One I'm interested in to add in is gender-transformation and relatively classic master / slave play, but ending with maybe a romantic connection too.

Potential Tags: Master/Slave, Story, Smut, Gender-Transformation.

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Re: Dingo's Dark Desires
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2016, 07:37:22 AM »
- Added two ideas.

Also, I have returned. Hopefully for longer now.

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Re: Dingo's Dark Desires
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2016, 01:27:07 PM »
I am interested in local superstition and deal with the devil

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Re: Dingo's Dark Desires
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2018, 05:30:57 PM »
Older ideas that I'm not particularly looking at playing, but want to keep here for reference.


Into slavery

Dragged off in chains and sold on the block. She had a life before, but now she was a piece of meat to be sold to one of these many leering men. The sun burning down on the block as she waited to be the next piece of female cattle sold off. And then it was her turn. She was dragged up on the platform, disrobed for all their eyes and paraded on the platform, as bids came slowly.


This is a slavery game, pure and simple. The era in which it happens can be discussed. A lot of details can be discussed. Although I do like my games to slide of to the darker side in general.


Devil's Child

She started to feel as vile as the villagers shouting at her made her out to be as she was being pushed to the pyre. At a safe distance, as they were afraid of her. Afraid of the witch. At the pyre, the priest that condemned her as such awaited her, ready to burn her at the stake. The sun was out, but the chill of early winter was already in the air. They blamed her for that too. That and the death of seventeen human souls, and many more that in lifestock. They blamed her for the death of the people that took her in when her own parents had died long ago, so long she barely remembered them. But they did have a point. She and her small herd of goats were the only ones spared from the strange malady that took everything else.

The bravest pushed her up the pyre and tied her to the post, as the priest took a lit torch and began his prayers for her soul. And as he finished he lowered the torch to set fire to her pyre. As the smoke from the wood started to form and tear up her eyes, she heard a voice. "Stop that at once!" the man ordered. "Take her down!" he commanded. His words were clear, but his accent was strange. She was freed from her ropes, but treated no less gentle as she was dragged down the still burning pyre. "I asked around and she was seen by a goatherd from the north." he said from high on his horse, down to the priest. "But .. your Excellency..." the village protested.

Her rescuer was the bishop that had taken up residence in the old villa overlooking the ocean. Everybody in the area had heard about that. After all, he was their lord now. Came straight from Rome. Stranger was that he was overseeing the domain instead of the abbey, but the politics of the church were never something that village folk cared about. It was his soldiers that escorted the tax collectors. It was he who spoke law. And it was him who now saved her life.


This is a medieval setting (mostly realistic). The girl is not a witch and innocent of the charges, and in more than one way. As a poor orphan her future in these times was quite clear. She'd either become a nun, a whore, or herded the goats for the rest of her life. And while she knows all three of the options, she has barely any idea of what they mean. The bishop is a young man whose ambitions have caused him to end up being exiled to the rural area the story takes place in, far away from the power and wealth of Rome.

She will end up living with him, but considering everybody considers her a witch, or cursed at best, she ends up being the only person doing so.

Potential Tags: Innocence Lost, Perversion, Religion, Abuse of Authority, Smut, Story.


Local Superstition

Close the civilized lands, there is a very large forest, which the locals avoid. Only the bravest dare enter it, but only during the bright of day. All who entered at night are never seen again. It could be wild wolves, as those have taken shelter in the forest. Or ferocious boar, as they have been seen as well. Or even monsters that have been forgotten in the rest of the world. Whatever it is, the locals will not go in, and will warn anyone from entering the forest.


The inhabitant of the forest is a vampire and it has been around for an eternity. My vampires are living beings, who as a result of some pseudo-science parasite, have evolved as a into a symbiotic species that was originally human. They do feed on blood. They are sensitive to sun-light, and they are stronger, faster and healthier than humans, but at the basics, only to become a better predator to them.

When levels of magic are added to the mix, these creatures can be increased to become truly magnificent predators of mankind, and it is such a being I would like to play. And your character will be prey. Food. Or will you be capable of distracting the predator in such ways, he will play with you. And let you live.

Possible tags: Vampire, Extreme, Non-Con, Exotic, Blood Play, Smut


Deal with the Devil

She had suffered a terrible accident and on the brink of death, after the voices from outside had died down that told her to keep fighting, there came another voice. Deep and warm. And it had asked her what she would give to not die, to be whole and healthy again. And she had promised the voice everything.

The doctors had called it a miracle. Her parents, modern Christians had completely rediscovered religion after the miracle. But she had made a full recovery, from a point where nobody had given her a chance to live or prosper. There was no lasting effect, and after recovery her life went on. She finished high school and had just gotten into a good college, when in the corridors toward class, she heard the same warm, deep voice; that voice she had never forgotten; speak.

"It's time to pay your dues." the voice said, but as she turned there was nobody there.


Madness or devilry ? Is it just her imagination or is there really a devil after her ? Why doesn't anyone see him, or seems to notice the things happening to her ? And what will happen if she stops fighting ?

For this game I intend to mess with your character's head. Bad.

Possible Tags: Headgame, chapters, story, smut, non-con, religion.


Black Van

One day after classes, she was walking down the road to her apartment, when next up to her a black van pulled up. She couldn't see the driver through the tinted side windows, but when the side door came up with her, it opened. Ready as she was to yell at the perverts going to make some lewd comments, she wasn't ready for the barrel of the gun pointed at her, held by a masked man.

"Scream and you die." he said, his voice dark, and threatening, "Get in ..."


This is based of an erotic comic I once read. And the concept is very simple in nature, and very dark in execution. The girl is not taken for money. The two guys take her for their own sadistic pleasures. Whether these sadistic pleasures have a purpose or not, is something open for discussion.

Possible Tags: Smut, Short, Extreme, Non-Con


Payment Due

Power. Wealth. Beauty. She had it it all. She used to be a nobody, but one encounter, one day, changed everything. Her life had become blessed. And she almost forgot why. That is until she saw a face in the crowd. And she remembered him. And the deal they had made.


Unlike Deal with the Devil (see blow in different post), in this story, there was a physical encounter, a contract signed. The price still everything. This can be set in any time, however the element of the supernatural is there. Aside from those things granted as part of the deal, it would be interesting for the victim to have other things she considers hers. And it might be interesting if she tried to get out of the deal.

Possible Tags: chapters, story, smut, non-con, Exotic


Change Your Mind

Your character catches the eye of a weak telepath, who will use his ability to read and influence thoughts to gently nudge you into his thrall, and make you believe it was all your own idea. And you couldn't be happier with the new situation.


This is about the subtle and slow change of someone's thought processes through careful manipulation. At any one moment, there are a hundred thoughts in our heads that determine our eventual choice. Squash some loud ones, not to your liking, even though you can't get them away completely. And make some others that are to your liking much more prominent. As my character is merely a weak telepath, this is somewhat akin to steering a ship across an ocean. He's got an idea where he's headed, but the ocean got it's own currents, weather and other dangers. As for exact details of the setting or the story, we can talk about those.

Potential Tags: Mind Control, Story.


The Rules

Obeying the rules is a good thing. But what if the rules can change? What if someone changes them? And what if disobedience is not an option? And what if you have to obey the spirit and not the letter of the rules?


This is a story with a heavy theme of mind control. The core of this concept is that there are rules and you must follow them. Everything else can be discussed. Is the control based in science, magic, something else ? Perhaps you are a machine that only thinks she is human, perhaps it's the goverment mind-control laser that ended up in in control of a hacker who erased everybody's knowledge of the project. A summoned demon, bound to obey every her caster's every whim. Or something entirely different.

At the very least I would love to see what is going through the character's mind as she follows the rules. Watch that change with time.

Potential Tags: Mind Control, Non-Con, Humiliation, Smut, (anything we can come up with)

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Re: Dingo's Dark Desires
« Reply #4 on: March 30, 2018, 03:24:44 PM »
Bump. Just a single new idea, but cleaned up the ideas that are currently not high on my wishlist.

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Re: Dingo's Dark Desires
« Reply #5 on: April 16, 2018, 06:35:16 AM »
Added a single idea.