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December 08, 2016, 10:22:41 AM

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Author Topic: Dingo's Dark Desires  (Read 144 times)

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Dingo's Dark Desires
« on: March 21, 2015, 06:23:50 AM »
If you find the ideas I write down here interesting, please feel free to use them as you see fit, but at least let me know that you're borrowing the idea. If you actually want to write out the idea with myself, then contact me through PMs.

If you end up wanting to play with me, do keep in mind that I strongly prefer writers who play the gender they feel are (or feel like).


Local Superstition

Close the civilized lands, there is a very large forest, which the locals avoid. Only the bravest dare enter it, but only during the bright of day. All who entered at night are never seen again. It could be wild wolves, as those have taken shelter in the forest. Or ferocious boar, as they have been seen as well. Or even monsters that have been forgotten in the rest of the world. Whatever it is, the locals will not go in, and will warn anyone from entering the forest.


The inhabitant of the forest is a vampire and it has been around for an eternity. My vampires are living beings, who as a result of some pseudo-science parasite, have evolved as a into a symbiotic species that was originally human. They do feed on blood. They are sensitive to sun-light, and they are stronger, faster and healthier than humans, but at the basics, only to become a better predator to them.

When levels of magic are added to the mix, these creatures can be increased to become truly magnificent predators of mankind, and it is such a being I would like to play. And your character will be prey. Food. Or will you be capable of distracting the predator in such ways, he will play with you. And let you live.

Possible tags: Vampire, Extreme, Non-Con, Exotic, Blood Play, Smut


Black Van

One day after classes, she was walking down the road to her apartment, when next up to her a black van pulled up. She couldn't see the driver through the tinted side windows, but when the side door came up with her, it opened. Ready as she was to yell at the perverts going to make some lewd comments, she wasn't ready for the barrel of the gun pointed at her, held by a masked man.

"Scream and you die." he said, his voice dark, and threatening, "Get in ..."


This is based of an erotic comic I once read. And the concept is very simple in nature, and very dark in execution. The girl is not taken for money. The two guys take her for their own sadistic pleasures. Whether these sadistic pleasures have a purpose or not, is something open for discussion.

Possible Tags: Smut, Short, Extreme, Non-Con


Deal with the Devil

She had suffered a terrible accident and on the brink of death, after the voices from outside had died down that told her to keep fighting, there came another voice. Deep and warm. And it had asked her what she would give to not die, to be whole and healthy again. And she had promised the voice everything.

The doctors had called it a miracle. Her parents, modern Christians had completely rediscovered religion after the miracle. But she had made a full recovery, from a point where nobody had given her a chance to live or prosper. There was no lasting effect, and after recovery her life went on. She finished high school and had just gotten into a good college, when in the corridors toward class, she heard the same warm, deep voice; that voice she had never forgotten; speak.

"It's time to pay your dues." the voice said, but as she turned there was nobody there.


Madness or devilry ? Is it just her imagination or is there really a devil after her ? Why doesn't anyone see him, or seems to notice the things happening to her ? And what will happen if she stops fighting ?

For this game I intend to mess with your character's head. Bad.

Possible Tags: Headgame, chapters, story, smut, non-con, religion.

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