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Author Topic: Rune's TG games (looking for M or F)  (Read 2457 times)

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Rune's TG games (looking for M or F)
« on: March 19, 2015, 02:04:48 PM »
Note that these are just a few ideas for discussion. If you have a similar idea along the same themes, please let me know and we can work something out.

West World - It was the ultimate theme park. You could journey to the wild west and be a heroic white hat or a villainous black hat. Hosts existed only to entertain and provide pleasure to the guests. The latest innovation to the park was that a guest could upload his consciousness to a host. I was going to be a gunslinger. Unfortunately due to a glitch, I ended up as the pretty schoolteacher. I was now registered as a 'host'. In a lawless town of rugged men who saw me as 'entertainment' could I escape and find a way to fix this?

The Princess Diaries - (Fantasy/Medieval)  Princess Alana stood on the balcony staring up at the night sky. The Kingdom was in trouble. The Barbarians of the north threatened war, the people threatened revolt and nobles whispered of civil war. Seeing a falling star she whispered, "I wish someone else could be Princess!" Meanwhile a world away, a young man watched a falling star. "I wish I could live in a castle!" Their wishes combined and the falling star exploded into a shower of fireworks. Now they would find that wishes can come true.

Back to School - On the way to a Halloween party at my wife's office, my car broke down. To my embarrassment, I was in costume dressed as a coed cheerleader. Fortunately a young man stopped to help. Ironically, the man was my wife's bosses son. We arrived at the party to discover it wasn't actually a costume party. To avoid embarrassment, my wife introduced me as her daughter. Her boss now wants to make sure his son's new girlfriend stays around.

The Pleasure Clone- (Modern / sci_fi) My wife's company was developing the latest line of pleasure clones, however they were having trouble getting the programming right. Tonight she is supposed to reveal the newest design to her investors. Then she had the idea that I could pretend to be the clone to buy them enough time to perfect their product. Unfortunately I did too good a good and the company refuses to admit that I am not a real sex clone!

The Body Swap - She was a high priced escort and exotic dancer. I was a typical guy on vacation in Vegas. When she dropped the strange coin, I thought I was being helpful by handing it back to her. When our fingers touched, the world spun and we switched lives.

The Maid - My wife was a maid at a fetish hotel. She hated her job but we needed the money. When she couldn't make it to work one day, I volunteered to cover for her. After all, how hard would it be to make a few beds and clean a couple of rooms. I didn't expect that I would have to wear the uniform and be expected to fulfill all her 'duties'!

The New Secretary - My wife and I were going to a costume party at her work. She decided to go as a businessman and I would go as her sexy secretary. Unfortunately she had to leave early, leaving me with her sexist, controlling boss. Now he wants a new personal secretary... Me!

Slave Girl of Tor - Mars needs women. Okay, it's not exactly Mars. However it is another planet and they need new genetic stock to reinvigorate the gene pool. Abducted by aliens, they didn't want to waste my genetic potential. It would be easy to simply 'change' me! I awoke in a distant planet, a prize slave girl to be given to the champion of the Gladiator arena!

The Milk Maid - I got a summer job working at 'The Farm'. It was a place where beautiful woman were held captive and used for breeding and milking. I thought I had gone to heaven. Then a slip of the needle injected me with the cow's hormone treatment. I became their best producer!

Feline, Female and Frustrated - I was doing my thesis on the behavior of animal-human hybrids. Gentech, the foremost creator of hybrids had a research lab and sanctuary. When accidentally exposed to the hybrid mutagen, I became the newest hybrid. .. a female, feline hybrid... Not realizing who I was, the scientists at the lab decided that I was their newest pet.

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Re: Rune's TG games (looking for M or F)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2017, 03:28:59 PM »

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Re: Rune's TG games (looking for M or F)
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2017, 09:24:36 AM »
Completely updated

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Re: Rune's TG games (looking for M or F)
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2017, 12:00:46 PM »