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Author Topic: Royal Game - looking for M & Fcharacter;coercion, NC, impregnation, cuckold etc.  (Read 673 times)

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Hello, wanderer. :-) I see that the title or something else around the forums peaked your interest enough to look at my idea.

Well... sit comfortably and let me tell you the story.

Royal Game... ~*
It's secret, forbidden, volatile, and thoroughly dangerous, with the highest stakes.

She's the Queen of a rather unstable Kingdom; the nobility have been hungry to depose the Royal family for decades - there have even been skirmishes and rebellions (one of which killed the former King) - but haven't succeeded yet. Still, she is in a great need to provide an heir and she's being pressured to do so. Unfortunately, the King appears to be largely disinterested in the task (as with all his duties).

Desperate to hold on to power, the King's uncle and his daughter, the Queen's handmaiden and best friend, plot to manipulate the Queen into consorting with the uncle, quietly providing the land with heirs of true parentage, not risking that the children would look vastly different from the King's family. It's no easy task in a society as fiercely possessive of their wives as theirs. Purity of their lineage are protected by tattooing the family crest on the backs of wives to make sure the claim on the woman cannot be conveniently removed. There isn't greater shame for a woman than to be banished from marriage, especially with the tattoo on her body. A woman convicted of adultery is beheaded without exception - or mercy - but even mere rumors of it are obviously extremely dangerous.

Besides being mortally afraid to take on any male lover, the King's uncle is some 25 - 35 years her senior, the commanding force in the military, and an advisor to the King. He practically rules as the King is very aloof. That he is the epitome of virility with a great number of children, mistresses and countless bastards and an obvious easy charm with women fails to sway the Queen - who fears for her life from the very moment the subject is broached to her - in his favor.

Truth of the matter is, though, that she has little choice. Because if she fails to provide a child, she will most likely be somehow disposed of to be replaced by a different wife, just like a number of wives of the King's father before one finally conceived...

Queen Consort, Ione Davina Windfell (née Arrington)

On his deathbed King Josef, first of his name, appointed his most trusted man with a task – to make his two sons, Josef, who just came of age, and Olin, rule together. Josef, the firstborn, was to rule as the King, Olin, the second son, as his right hand.
“But, Your Grace…” the man objected, “when I replace myself, what should I do?”
“You should get back to chasing women, Renyn,” the King smacked Renyn on his thigh.
The man thought it a delusion of a dying man, but said nothing of it.
“Do not give me that look!” the King said, in a surprisingly angry and strong voice, breathing heavily. “Ya’ll think I’m done for, but I got a hole through my belly; the thing attached to my neck is still working!”

After a coughing fit, the King continued.
“Use yours, Renyn. Josef has taken a new wife and she will be with child soon, if she isn’t already, I hope. I cling to that hope that soon the Kingdom will need a new Queen and I have NOT dedicated my life to the Crown nor sacrificed my life to see that Lackiss bitch on the throne. And she will try, be certain of it… Give Joseph’s son a wife, that is the final thing I ask of you, my dear friend…”
Having always been the shier of the two, Renyn never thought in his old age of 50 he would have to search for another woman, especially since he buried his wife years past and his sons and heirs were thriving.

Nevertheless, the King has spoken his will…

Myrrine Delia Reed was a woman of unearthly beauty. She was a daughter of a noble, if impoverished, house, but as an acknowledged bastard her life was anything but sweet. The Chronicles said her mother was raped during a raid on the village when the war front went through the country. Rumors, of course, ran rampant, and Lord Reed, when faced with the decision to acknowledge the child or hand his beloved wife to the executioner for adultery, chose to keep his wife, the child, and surrender his property. And so Delia has always been there, among the peerage, but invisible at best, never belonging neither among the poor baseborn, nor among the peers.

When the former King’s right hand, Renyn Terry Arrington called upon her parents to ask her hand in marriage, the family held a week-long celebration in the name of the Mother-Goddess.

Even with a man more than twice her age, Delia blossomed into a regal Lady amongst the noble at the court, who now had one more reason to despise her, all the more secretly. She was proud to be a wife to Renyn. A very smart woman, on top of her beauty, she quickly caught up on education and was to Renyn more than a wife – she was an intellectual partner and he worshiped her in return.

She had born Renyn three sons over the course of the years they were together and died in childbed with their fourth child – a daughter. Renyn had finally fulfilled a word given to a dying friend, if at great cost.

She was, thus, raised, taught and educated as any Royal child would be. Inheriting not only her mother’s beauty, but also her wit and her father’s diplomatic skills, she was prepared to be a partner in ruling the country to King Halder, when the need arose. Besides all “womanly” studies, she was taught lessons in politics, political history and even military tactics. Her father did not shy from teaching her basics of combat either, but that is a secret he bade her not to share with anybody. She excelled in most studies as any dutiful student would, although arithmetic, astronomy and physics were, for a time, the bane of her existence. Although she’s an accomplished dancer and moves with an easy natural grace, she’s a hopeless musician and even worse singer. Her long slender fingers are more likely to pick up an artist’s brush than a lute. Ione had inherited her mother’s beauty in all aspects - with dark curly hair, almost black eyes, full lips of the color as if she just ate berries and dark complexion she is definitely an exotic sight among the Nobility. Not the tallest of women, she definitely possesses a toned, if curvaceous body with slender waist, round hips and full, if not particularly large, bosom, her intense presence commanding attention and respect. Her eyes have a lively spark and she likes to laugh, she loves friendly banter and she likes to gamble. But what ever she does, she does it with passion and captivation of an enthusiastic child.

For as long as she can remember Ione has been raised to be a Queen. Her father and both the the King and his brother Olin had sworn a blood oath on it when she was born.

When she was fourteen her father had a skilled ink artist start to work on her pledging tattoo that would be revealed upon her wedding.
The piece features the Windfell family symbol. A red, blue and black rose, pierced through with a sword, woven by a ribbon, bearing the family’s words: Loyalty, Fidelity, Strength, Wisdom. The three roses symbolizing the Faith in the Holy Trinity of Mother, Father and Son and the sword piercing all of it in a pledge of determination to defend the purposes, with the Arrington crest on the sword’s pommel. It took nearly four years to complete and heal and Ione is immensely proud to be the bearer of it.

She still often recalls her wedding day when Halder grabbed all her hair into a fist and in one fluid movement cut her waisth-long maiden hair, revealing the entire tattoo that spans from her nape to the small of her back, which was then openly displayed in a wedding dress that only barely fulfilled the requirement for chaste modesty. The look on his face, the smell of burning hair that burned in an ancient ritual when he had accepted her for his wife.
Then… he was proud.

Now, three years later, her hair has grown considerably, although she keeps it short, as is the custom.  And the King seems to favor many an other company than that of his wife. He has never been anything but polite to her, but their relationship lacks any warmth or common fondness. It’s as if the King and the Queen are living beside one another as opposed to living together.

Worse yet, her frequent visits to his chamber have yet to bear any fruit and Ione can feel pressure from everyone and everywhere. Her failures to deliver a child – any child – have even earned accusations of being barren. Hushed as they may be, they are there. And she knows that they will only grow stronger if she doesn’t silence them with a growing belly.

But strong as her faith may be, her frequent visits to the shrines have not yet softened the Gods’ heart to bless her with a babe.

  • Full disclosure: This has already been put to a game. It's A Queen, a Rose and a Thorny Proposition, which died before it could run its course and I yearn to see the story told. I am open to modifying the setting to suit what you are looking for. I am not looking to pick up where Wyatt and I left off, rather reboot the story, but I am including the link to give you a good idea how I envision the world and the character of Ione.
  • Full disclosure II: I have obtained Wyatt's blessing before presenting this idea. Wyatt and I built this from scratch, so I would never steal it without his permission.
  • My character is Ione, the Queen, which means I am looking for someone to play the King's uncle. I can play the handmaiden myself - or you can play the handmaiden and I can play the King. Or you can play all three. I will roll however you want to - or possibly how the story needs it.
  • A very rough sketch of the way I envision the story - the Queen reluctantly agrees to go forth with the plan, engineering secret trysts with the uncle (she would first bring a scandal on his head that involves frequenting a sordid brothel in the town, allowing her to graciously recruit maids from around the castle to offer themselves instead to 'keep him from that indecent den of depravity' just to establish a traffic to and from his house/chambers of women in disguise, so that she can insert herself in the stream every other day without anyone batting an eyelash). Their initial affair can be awkward, reluctant, brief, cold and utterly unsatisfying for both mainly because she doesn't know it could get any better and because she isn't particularly enthusiastic. When she warms to the uncle and their intimacy, she goes on persuading herself that she hates her visits to his chambers, perhaps as a way to make herself believe it's not actually treason or adultery if she doesn't like it. She might even go as far as telling him she doesn't know where he'd gotten his reputation from as she doesn't find him an exceptional or charming lover at all. ;D At which point he might bend her over the nearest object or push her against the wall - anything sudden and unexpected that would prevent her from preparing herself and giving herself the "right" hateful mindset - resulting in an explosion of passion that will expose her true feelings she would be scared of and want to run away from. Then there might be a phase where they won't be able to keep hands off of each other, with discovery looming over their heads, an actual pregnancy, plans of whether to kill the King to prevent discovery... I'm rambling. I'm fine incorporating any ideas or hooks you'll have.
  • List of kinks involves Coercion (possibly blackmail, some mild force and/or mind games), Reluctant Con gradually turned Con over time, Age Gap, Experience vs Inexperience, Descend into Corruption, Impregnation/Cuckolding and possibly more.

I see that I have managed to keep your interest to reach the bottom of the page. YAY! :-) Please have a look at my O&Os and if you still like what you are reading, shoot me a PM - please don't reply to this thread - and we can discuss this idea further. :-)

Have a lovely day
~ jouzi
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