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Author Topic: F for M/GM, Non-con and extreme  (Read 430 times)

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F for M/GM, Non-con and extreme
« on: March 17, 2015, 11:49:07 PM »
I am seeking a person willing to roleplay one (or preferably more) males/monsters in a NC or extreme scenario.

I prefer a heavy dose of smut, but am open to anything from nearly pure smut to a good balance of it and plot.  I tend towards heavier/darker content, with my character being badly mistreated, degraded, and so on.

I prefer fantasy (Pathfinder/D&D style), but am open to almost anything.  I am happy with freeform or using a system to add some randomness.  Below are a few ideas, though I am certain open to other concepts. 

The Warrior

A traditional fantasy style idea.  I’d be looking for someone to take the role of the GM. 

When Isabel was thirteen, she killed an orc with a knife.  When she was fifteen, she joined the local militia in destroying a troll.  By the time she left home at seventeen, she had been in more battles than most soldiers twice her age.  She was determined, after being rejected from joining the army due to the presence of her breasts, to become an adventurer and heroine.  She headed east, towards the lands that bordered the mountains.

This idea is a mix of sexual content and story.  I’m thinking that my character is in search of something that she thinks will help her make a name for herself, maybe a legendary sword or suit of armour.  Along the way, she has all manner of misadventure involving well-hung monsters.

Alternative Version - Country Bumpkin

A young woman, good with a bow and a spear, but naïve to the ways of the world sets out in search of fame and fortune.  How far will she get before misfortune befalls her?

World of Darkness (Old)

I'd like an Old World of Darkness Werewolf game focused on a Khan (Bastet) character.  The general character concept is a woman who is originally from Russia but came to the USA (or wherever you want to set the game, it may be fun to do something elsewhere) for reasons I haven't determined.  She probably has a 'day job' as a model, but is mostly focused on battling a Corporation or similar.  She carries a klaive that she acquired from a Black Spiral Dancer pack, a pack who wants the klaive back and is hunting her.   

Superheroine (Freeform)

I am open on the type of character I play, from a non-powered vigilante to someone on par with superman.  I do want them to be relatively successful, but with a habit of being defeated at least once by each villain before they come out on top. 

There are three specific ideas I'd like to explore.  The first is the superheroine, while in her cover identity, getting caught in a hostage situation.  She can't reveal herself for fear of punishment by the authorities, and the mooks are getting frisky.  The second would focus on mind/reality control, with my character fighting against someone who has the power to change pretty much anything.  The third is a character losing her powers in the middle of a fight.  She tosses someone through a wall, then suddenly finds herself with no more power than a regular human, and in the middle of a crowd of men. 

Alternative Version - Unwritten Laws

I am thinking of a world where Heroes and Villains both abide by a certain code to avoid escalating things.  Villains, if defeated, go to jail (where they can eventually break out), while Heroes are held hostage, for ransom, used to power some infernal device, or otherwise used, but not abused or killed.  Those few stupid enough to violate the code are quickly killed, for everyone's safety. 

Unfortunately, a group of men (thugs or villains) recently came up with a new drug that can completely wipe a heroines memory, and perhaps heal any bruises or other injuries she receives.  What better way to use it than to live out a few fantasies they have long held on to?  I am thinking the drug is something Viagra like, but that also screws with the woman after it finds its way into her system. 

I could see this idea going a number of ways.  A regular heroine story where she is battling evil, but occasionally has an episode she can't remember when captured.  An exploration of the side effects of the drug (I'm open to ideas on that).  A pregnancy, that the heroine can't remember having sex to conceive.  Etc

Modern (Freeform)

Most of my modern ideas would be fairly smut focused.  I wouldn't mind a secret agent roleplay, with a character performing missions around the world.  Other than that, the ideas would be things like a home invasion, a vacation gone wrong, and similar.

Mass Effect

I played the first two Mass Effect games, but never got around to the third.  However, I am kind of craving a roleplay taking place in that setting.  I’m not sure I want it to be focused on the whole Reaper aspect, rather I think a human agent involved in various activities (visiting Omega, hunting Slavers, etc) before the war would be more interesting.  I would like a strong plot, but also a great deal of action, and a decent amount of smut, preferably non-consensual or extreme. 

The bar tender on Omega poisoning Shepard.  What if it wasn’t poison, but a sedative?  He still hates humans, what would he do with one?

Edge of the Empire (Star Wars)

I have a few character ideas for this one, but it depends on what sort of game we want to run.  I think a Colonist (Scholar) who has gone into debt to a Hutt trying to fund an expedition would be interesting.  However, so could a Bounty Hunter or Explorer. 


Victoria Lavern, the fastest gun in the west.  At least, that was what she told herself.  So when a gang jumped the border and destroyed her family's ranch, she swore vengeance.  She would not return home until every member of the gang was dead and buried. 


Her car had broken down, the buses didn't run that time of night, and she couldn't afford a plane ticket.  Still, she needed to get home to see her brother in the hospital.  It was only two hundred miles, surely it would be safe to hitchhike?


In a cyberpunk setting, preferably Shadowrun, a woman goes in for a bit of cosmetic surgery and wakes up in a stunning body that no longer resembles her own.  Her identity has been changed, and she is now stuffed full of strange cybernetics. 

I have a few ideas where this could go, but am also interested to hear your ideas.

Historical (Freeform)

I'd like a roleplay set in World War II.  My general thought is an OSS or SOE agent being dropped in occupied Europe or the Far East.  The exact mission(s) are open to discussion, and it being over the top, supernatural, or realistic is fine.

I'd also be interested in (in no particular order) a Numenera, CthulhuTech, Pathfinder, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Only War, Deadlands (Savage Lands), Shadowrun (4th or 5th), Mutants and Masterminds (3rd I think, maybe 2nd), Scion, Dragon Age, Star Wars Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion, or World of Darkness (Old or New) game.  Also maybe a few others that aren't coming to mind right now.