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Author Topic: The Call of the Warrior [M lf F, Light-to-Bon, Story-Heavy, DC Comics]  (Read 515 times)

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Online TheVillainTopic starter

I grew up on an island, hidden away from the rest of the world by ancient gods and sorcery. My people call themselves the Amazons, but they don't accept me among their number.

Young Amazons are told that they are born miracles from Goddess to Amazon, no male is ever involved. This is a lie, but a lie that I was never told - they saw no point in bothering. The truth is that when Amazons feel they need to bring up their numbers they form a party and go to sea, board a nearby ship with a male crew, give them a night to remember, then end them so they remember but can only tell their fellow Dead.

Then 9 months later the resulting children are sorted. The female children embraced as new Amazons. Tradition says that the male children are cast out to sea, though some traded to Hephaestus as slaves for weapons. That is the tradition anyway. I was born deep in the island, my mother looked into my eyes - and forgave me for being male. She forgave me for being Male, but I was still born an Amazon. I was trained in the arts of War as tradition of my people. The secret lasted years, but it could not last forever.

My mother and I were exiled to man's world as Nomads, denied even our Amazon legacy and heritage. We were the heretics, the ones with no names or lands or homes. My mother disappeared not long afterwords, my quest made all the more clear. But I can see now that it's not going to be my only quest. My Family needs Me, but the World needs a Warrior.

Quote from: OOC
Something that I concede fits better among DC canon. Essentially think "Wonder Boy" having his own adventures, though he prefers the callsign "Warrior" for obvious reasons. Adventure, Hijinks, and maybe a bit of Smut Ensues.
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