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June 24, 2022, 05:40:25 pm

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Author Topic: Current Cravings - Male seeking creative female  (Read 493 times)

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Current Cravings - Male seeking creative female
« on: March 07, 2015, 02:53:57 pm »
RP ideas

TAKENRecovering Rock Star and the Personal Assistant
Rock star is trying to make a comeback tour after having to go into rehab for drug addiction.  After years of struggle he has gotten a couple of years of sobriety under his belt and is under pressure to go back on tour.  Knowing he will be triggered he tries to isolate himself on tour and is assigned a personal assistant to run errands for him and keep him out of trouble.  She is not is normal type and not really a fan of his music, but the money is good and she likes the challenge.  As they get to know each other there is something about that does intrigue her and she can’t help develop feelings for him.  I open to how this goes and really want to collaborate regarding what develops between them.

Demon spell
Female Grad student finds an ancient text that supposedly summons a demon.  In a late night boredom she tries the spell out and the demon is summoned who tells her he can grant her power, but she must corrupt men’s souls with her sexuality.  The demon will guide her and every task she accomplishes gives her more of what she whatever she wants.  At first she is intrigued and goes along to get something she has been longing for, success in her career.  Overtime though she also begins to enjoys what the demon commands her to do and slowly her own soul comes into jeopardy.

Abduction Addiction
A woman is bored in her life and craves some excitement.  A friend of her tells her about this service that offers a unique sexual experience that she can’t give away the details, but assures her she will enjoy it.  e agrees and then is abducted and goes through a wild sexual adventure that leaves her satiated.  It also leaves her wanting and she decides to try and find out who runs the service… I am open to ideas about how this goes...

An Escort in Trouble
A married and very wealthy business man who has a private apartment in the city, but has a home on the coast where his family lives, sometimes calls an escort when he is feeling lonely.  He feels this is better than having an affair.   He has one in particular who he likes and is usually easy to get a hold of, but he has not heard from her in a while.  One night she calls him in trouble and asks if she can hide out at his place.  Reluctantly he agrees...

Alien Invasion
Aliens have taken over the earth and killed a large majority of humans.  They enslaved  the rest of the humans to do their labor, which mainly means mining for natural resources.  The aliens left to watch over the operation have taken on a replicated human form, built their own cities and in a way begin to assimilate human culture, but still keeping the slave humans out.  A certain group of aliens have developed a curiosity into human sexuality and allow some female humans to enter their new society, but keep them as sex slaves.  They begin trading female human slaves.  Meanwhile back in the alien home-world there is a faction of aliens who do not agree with enslavement of humans, but for the most part they are shut out, but one infiltrates and poses as an alien-human hybrid to try and find a way to to free humans.  He decides to try and help one specific female human slave, but first must engage as the others do and treat her as a sex toy.  Eventually he gets her alone and tries to convince her he wants to help humans escape their enslavement.  In the process he begins to develop feelings for her.  I am open to how this goes

PM me if interested in any of these.

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