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November 25, 2020, 04:09:42 AM

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Author Topic: It's complicated. (F for M; experimenting couple or adulterous husband)  (Read 695 times)

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Offline JazzyTopic starter

I've been nursing this idea forever now, and I think I've even posted it in so many words in the past.  All the same, I never quite got to try it the way that I wanted.  What I'm looking for is really pretty simple.  The story is based in reality, and while it's very personal to me, I don't want to let that scare a potential partner off.

In describing this, I'm not going to bother coming up with character names.  I'm going to tell you exactly what I'm thinking about.  Please don't misunderstand; I'm not stuck on playing this in the first person, and I don't want to try and force you into this narrow fantasy of mine.  I think the idea might have some broad appeal, so just read it with an open mind.  If parts of it excite you, let's talk.  ;)  In fact, I'd really just love to use this as a conversation starter into something we can make our own.  Please PM me if you're interested, as I'd prefer to play this via email given the personal nature of it all.

The Setup!
We have a wonderful marriage.  We're still young, but we have a house, stable jobs, educations, and children are probably somewhere in our future.  For now, however, we're more than happy to enjoy our relative freedom and simply fantasize about becoming a little more settled down.  By now, we have a few years under our marriage's belt.  We've seen ups and downs.  We've had big fights and little fights, and we've both hurt one anothers' feelings.  Through it all, though, there's never been an abuse of trust.  We're very open and communicate well, and more recently, that's started to make things interesting.

I have a friend.  I work with her, and through the course of that, we've gotten close enough that she sometimes goes out with us.  I didn't think much of the way you two got on at first.  I'm not a jealous or suspicious person despite that you are prone to being a little obsessive.  To put it simply, though, things have gotten to the point that I sometimes feel like you two are flirting.  It's harmless, and I really don't suspect that anything would ever come of it.  Still, it's enough that it sometimes puts me in a sour mood or makes me just not wanna deal with going out.  Every now and then I'll have a foggy dream where the two of you are much closer than you should be.  In other words, I'm jealous.

The warm and fuzzy scenario
We're getting pretty experimental these days anyhow.  On a whim, I decide to talk with my friend about the idea of joining us one night, and -- much to my surprise -- she's into it.  The two of us sort things out and decide that I'll surprise you with the announcement one evening.  Maybe it's a celebration for your birthday or some other life event, or maybe it's as simple as a last minute change of plans.  For me, the real allure is in seeing how you handle this.  Do you give in and admit how excited you are for her?  Do you keep trying to play it cool when she shows up with the freedom to take the flirting a little further?  We don't even have to tell you up front.  There are lots of different ways this could work out.

I can't help thinking this is the stuff of stereotypical guy fantasy.  For me, the allure is in seeing how things unfold.  Are you awkward with her?  Do you indulge and show me a side of you I haven't seen before?  Does it bring us closer, or does it drive us apart?  It's an experiment.

The darker scenario
As it turns out, I'd be right to be jealous.  You and I work conflicting schedules, so it's not very difficult for you to abuse my trust.  At some point, either you or my friend reaches out to the other, and what starts as innocent conversing slowly twists to inappropriate texts or IM chats, and soon things are escalating.  In this approach, I'd love to go through all the sleazy motions, enacting some of those lewd conversations and seeing the whole exchange from this point all the way to hotels, secret trips, and quickie trysts.  I wouldn't be playing myself so much as her in this approach, but I'm still happy to supplement the story as I need to.

This approach is more of a pessimistic curiosity for me.  I do think confronting a 'what if' could be fun, though, especially if we decide to let things get dramatic at some point.  Hint, hint!

Even if you didn't like it, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me ramble! 

Offline JazzyTopic starter

I'd still love to try this with the right partner.  Send me a PM if you're even remotely interested.  ;)