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Author Topic: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)  (Read 6499 times)

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Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« on: March 05, 2015, 08:53:46 PM »
As you can guess, I absolutely adore playing particularly nasty women who will often have their claws sunk deep into some poor gal or, on occasion, a guy or, even more rarely, a transgender male or female. When it comes to these wicked gals, I can pretty much run the gamut from narcissistic, but somewhat realistic, pretty and mean young girl (like Persephone) to a megalomaniac murderous psychic supermodel (like Lisbeth). And while this thread is specifically a showcase for my games involving evil women/girls as with most of my plots, things are pretty flexible.

Vivian's Boutique - Magic, witch, transformation, slavery, mind control, pet play, neko, bunny girl, horror, body-horror, psychopath, cute, non-con, fashion, dehumanization, lesbian/bisexual, Taylor Swift.

The Internship Journal - Assassination, office, violence, sexual harassment, intrigue, murder,  investigation, bisexual, corruption, cruelty, non-con, 1%, bondage, seduction, The Intern's Handbook, Esha Gupta

Regina and Her Hive - Vampire, supernatural, new World of Darkness, Dresden Files, lesbian/bisexual, violent, corruption, mind slavery, non-con, horror, sociopath, Karen Mulder

The Sith and Her Apprentice[/s] - Star Wars, Old Republic, Sith, The Dark Side, slavery, death and destruction, corruption, violent, technology, assassination, cruelty[/s]

A Trailer Park Princess No More - Seduction, high school, lower class, teasing, realistic, white trash, trailer park, cruelty, sociopath, mentorship, dares, rags-to-riches, New Lyonesse, Danielle Campbell

Running WildCRAVING!!! - Violence, motorcycles, 1%, sociopath, non-con, corruption, lesbian/bisexual, kidnapping, New Lyonesse, cruelty, destruction, lower class, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Miranda Kerr, Gemma Arterton

Esmerelda and the Blue Blood Butcher - Violent, dark comedy, twisted romance, serial killer, investigation, murder, fashion, Dexter, Curdled, New Lyonesse, Blanca Suarez.

Invincible Defeat: The Investigation of Siobhan MacBride - Noir, neo-noir, mystery, murder, detective, investigation, interrogation, middle class, redhead, forbidden love, True Detective, Usual Suspects, Her Story, New Lyonesse, Kelly Reilly.

6-30-15 - Added Investigation of Siobhan MacBride and modified Vivian's Boutique!
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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2015, 08:54:46 PM »
Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Interns are invisible. That’s the mantra behind HR, Inc., an elite "placement agency" that doubles as a network of assassins-for-hire, taking down high-profile executives who wouldn't be able to remember an intern’s name if their lives depended on it.
At the ripe old age of twenty-five, Parvati Gahandi is already New Lyonesse’s most successful hit woman and reaching HR’s “retirement age.” As her last assignment, she becomes an intern at a prestigious New Lyonesse law firm, clocking eighty hours a week getting coffee, answering phones, and doing all the grunt work no one else wants to do. She’s also taking far more racial and sexual harassment that a young intern should expect to take. But she isn't trying to claw his way to the top of the corporate food chain. She was hired to assassinate one of the firm’s heavily guarded partners. Her internship is the perfect cover, enabling her to gather intel and gain access in order to pull off a clean, untraceable hit. But this being her last assignment, and the target being the scumbag that he is, she gets permission to make it a lot more messy and dramatic than her previous jobs.

Based very heavily on the book The Intern’s Handbook, Parvati is a sadistic, bordering on psychotic, young woman with a tragic and twisted background. She has a penchant for “pranks” such as uploading viruses that disable the “E” button on the firm’s keyboards and spiking the punch of the company holiday party with GHB. Naturally, despite her personality she portrays herself as demure, accommodating, naïve, and passive, and perhaps participatory, in the face of the verbal, physical, and sexual abuse from her obscenely wealthy boss. The same one she has been ordered to kill…

As you can guess this is a game involving rather dark humor, murder, violence, and some depraved sexuality. You could play Parvati if you like. But there are three other possibilities for YC (or I could play one or more of these):

-   Parvati’s cruel, sexually deviant, corrupt, and wealthy boss (and target), Dean Sacher. (Assassin x Target)
-   A new junior member of the firm who, despite her prestigious pedigree-e, is hired more for her ravishing good looks, Marie Clayton. Unbeknownst to anyone, including Parvati, Marie is an FBI agent working to secretly bring down Sacher. (Assassin x Cop)
-   A fellow intern Kristen Jacobs who unwittingly turns to Parvati for help when she finds herself being harassed by Sacher or one of the other high placed partners. Unfortunately for her, she finds herself trapped in the bizarre web when all she wanted was a good section on her resume… (Assassin x Innocent Bystandard)

Like all my games, EVERYTHING here is flexible and has a lot more background than I could hope to include so if this tickles your fancy at all feel free to drop me a PM :D

Visual Inspiration
Visual inspiration for Parvati

Visual inspiration for Dean

Visual inspiration for Marie

Visual inspiration for Kristen

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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2015, 08:56:29 PM »

The underworld of Boston is getting worse. More homeless, severe poor, and transients are disappearing at a high rate even by the standards of a major city. Prostitution is off the charts and even "real" people are slowly starting to vanish. However, the organized criminals are thriving with profits going through the roof.  In fact, their human trafficking business is thriving more than any comparable operation on the East Coast. Simultaneously, the supernatural world is getting more tense. The usual infighting amongst the vampires has lessened considerably and that's bad news for everyone else.

The reason for this sudden downswing is one Regina Sephicus. An ancient vampire who has been quietly amassing power in isolated suburban northern Massachusetts, she has mind control powers that are rare even among vampires. Regina controls her mortal blood slaves, thralls, and vampiric progeny very much like a Queen Wasp would with her drones and other slaves. After plotting for nearly seventy five years she finally unleashes her minions and powers on the joint vampire rulers of Boston: the Latrodectus Sisters. Although most of their underlings are killed, Regina manages to force the young looking three hundred year old sisters to submit to her will.

Now that Regina has consolidated her power amongst the vampires she has turned her attention to both the wider supernatural society as well as the  mortal society to enlarge her twisted "hive". Possible characters to play alongside would be the Latrodectus Sisters or another thrall (a vampire who is bound to obey Regina by blood). If things wanted to be darker, one of Regina’s mortal “drones” (ie blood slaves) could also be played. Finally, if you’re more interested in fighting Regina another supernatural character, or a monster hunter, could be made.

Inspiration for Regina and Her Hive

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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2015, 03:57:43 PM »
Isn't she just adorable?

Vivian’s Boutique is a beautiful little designer dress store in the downtown shopping district of Providence.  Visitors are usually enamored with the quaint presentation of the store, the fine quality of the merchandise, and the smiling friendliness of the young employees. Requests for custom designs are always met by the young twenty four year old manager Vivian Whitestone. The impeccably polite and marvelously beautiful blonde is pure charm and is happy to make any alteration or even custom order at a reasonable and competitive price.

Of course, not all is at seems. In actuality, Vivian is an incredibly powerful witch from a line that has lasted hundreds of years in New England. Although she appears twenty four she’s really over forty and has spent a significant amount of time using the Boutique as a way to learn the family trade: harnessing magic by using human test subjects. With a specialties in transformative (ie changing the physical aspects of people and objects) and mind magic, her subjects can suffer any number of experiments from being turned into smiling clerk drones to sex slaves to becoming new genders or even actual pets (cats and rabbits are her preferred polymorphs). Of course, almost none of her subjects exactly enjoy this process…but that’s perfectly okay because Vivian has ways of making them see things differently.

As you can likely tell this is a particularly dark game with a heavy dose of a Crapsaccharine World and Cute is Evil tropes.  My idea for YC is he or she is a customer (perhaps a tourist or a poorer local answering a help wanted ad) that is used by Vivian for her experiments. Here are some ideas:

-   YC becomes Vivian’s (literal) pet. I don’t think any overt changes (though I could be convinced for something like kitty or bunny ears and/or tail) but the slow breaking down of YC’s mind into a rabbit or cat would be delightfully horrific. Things may get even worse when YC is taken to see the family...

-   YC becomes Vivian’s “stud”/ “breeding mare” for the rest of her “cattle” (ie her other mind slaves). Being barely human herself (in temperament) she really does see mortals as nothing more than talking animals and, in a way, her “Boutique” is more of a ranch of humans as far as she is concerned. Horrible punishments will be meted out for lack of sex drive or impotence or even just because she likes the noise YC makes when she casts certain spells (or jabs you with certain objects). And God help you if you try and come on to Vivian herself…

-   YC becomes the subject of one of Vivian’s transformative experiments. Particularly, she’s interested in altering the gender and physical features as much as possible. YC could be overweight and/or homely prior to his/her transformation but is turned quite beautiful/handsome afterwards. Of course the physical trauma of this would be immense and the mental trauma as bad or perhaps worse. I think a male-to-female transformation would be ideal but I could go the other way as well. This idea has been taken.

-   YC is another witch and is Vivian’s apprentice. The possibilities of this could vary wildly as YC could be anywhere from wide eyed and innocent (having been unaware of his/her background until later on his/her teens) to being as vicious and cruel as Vivian herself needing tutelage in the Dark Arts. Vivian may even take YC as a lover (hardly unheard of or discouraged) if you like. Preferably YC would be 16-18 y/o for this.

As mentioned before, completely and 100% open to any other ideas you may have  for Vivian as she is another old favorite of mine and I’m eager to play her out!

Visual inspiration for Vivian

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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2015, 10:43:27 PM »


Once in a millennium, a man or woman is born who expands the frontiers of what Force users can achieve. During the years of the Old Republic and the Sith Empire a proud, young Jedi Padawan discovered the unprecedented ability to discern any being’s true nature and uncover a person’s most secret intentions. Born to a family of servants on Alderaan, she was brought to the Jedi Order and trained by Master Nomen Karr. But Nomen Karr could only protect and shield his Padawan from the galaxy for so long.

One particularly vicious Sith Lady, as ambitious as she was skilled in the Dark Side of the Force, lays multiple organizations to waste in a search for the Padawan, even cutting a bloody swath in the middle of the Alderaan Civil War just to find and murder the Padawan’s parents. Eventually, this draws out Nomen Karr who gives strict instructions for the Padawan to remain hidden. Defeated, captured, and tortured by the Sith, Norman Karr succumbs to his anger and hate just in time to see the Padawan emerge, having defied his last order.

Seeing the Jedi Master torn asunder she attacks the Sith only to be defeated but not killed. Instead, the Sith demands she see what has become of the broken Jedi Master. The Padawan feels that Karr is not the man she had originally followed her rage, hate, and fear consume her. She feels the pull of the Dark Side and submits to it and the Sith Lady it represents, willing to do anything asked of her.

And the new Sith Apprentice’s first command? To kill her sobbing wreck of a former master. Only then, can the pair go forth to take on a galaxy that trembles in anticipation of their approach!

While the background for this scenario is pretty much taken straight from the Sith Warrior story arc from the fantastic Old Republic MMO, my idea would be to spice it up considerably. A Twilek sex slave with attached shock collar (Vette) as well as the Sith Lady’s devoted intelligence officer and male lover (Quinn) will be on her ship (along with any other sexually charged fun you’d like to include within reason). Additionally, minor details such as the Sith being a Sorcerer or Assassin as opposed to a Warrior or the race of the characters can be changed as we like it (although I am strongly partial to humans and Chiss).

As expected from this type of game, I like the idea of it being very dark. Expect brutal violent adventures with the two of them causing horrible death and mayhem together while the Sith teaches the Apprentice the ways of the Dark Side, especially embracing the part about sensation and passion as they roam the galaxy for the Greater Glory of the Sith and the Empire. That being said, I’m extremely open to most reasonable actions the two characters can take. My preference would be playing The Sith while you would play The Apprentice (as well as “GMing” the rest of the world) but this isn’t necessary and we can certainly work out the details. But if you like violent and cruel RPs and you love Star Wars and/or The Old Republic, I’m sure you’ll find this a blast!
Visual Inspiration
The Sith

The Apprentice

Scenes of The Dark Side

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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2015, 02:25:49 PM »
Is your worst fear that people will always believe you’re just good ol’ trailer park tornado bait white trash?

Sixteen year old Kitty Blythe has always suspected she was born in the wrong social class. Gorgeous, an academic prodigy, incredibly charismatic, and ambitious she could have easily fit in the upper crust of society. Instead, Kitty grew up in Camlet Village Park, a trailer park so shitty that it was even looked down upon by the residents in her low income working class town of Carlisle.

Camlet Village embodies all of the worst stereotypes of lower class living: slowly dilapidating conditions, fights between residents, heavy alcohol use, drug dealing and abuse, and rampant promiscuity. Although she has been fending off the leering stares (or worse) from of the ugly and much older men, and some of the women, it has deeply affected her outlook and she has yet to get used to it. Additionally, Kitty’s family is no better as her abusive petty criminal father Johnny had vanished a few years prior and her alcoholic mother Georgeanne brings home men who are often worse than Johnny ever was.

Carlisle High is somewhat better than Camlet Village (though not by much) but Kitty has long been burdened as the “Trailer Park Princess” from cruel and jealous female classmates. Her male classmates often emulate the leering and catcalls she gets at Camlet Villaige but any boy worth his weight in salt doesn’t want to be seen with one of the “Tornado Bait Trash.” So, despite her looks and natural charisma, Kitty is somewhat of a loner and often lashes out viciously to make sure they fear her and leave her alone. She also keeps her focus on academics knowing that a scholarship is her one ticket out of the hellhole that is her life…

Or she did, until she met Julia Rubick. A wealthy, privileged, and drop-dead gorgeous lawyer working as in-house counsel for the incredibly powerful and influential Sacher Group in the nearby city of New Lyonesse, Ms. Rubick participates in a teen outreach program ostensibly to assist struggling local high schools’ student bodies. In reality, she’s looking for a diamond in the rough: A beautiful, intelligent, and potentially ruthless young woman she can recruit as an entirely devoted prodigy at a young age. Silently observing Kitty’s brilliance as well as the nasty demeanor she has supplemented her stunning looks, Julia brings Kitty under her wing.

The relationship between Julia and Kitty starts off innocently enough mostly consisting of rather generic advice and a few diners and movies. But as Kitty opens up about her situation she intrigues Julia enough to eventually receive a very tempting offer: Complete a series of assignments over the course of the next year or so and Kitty will get more than a full scholarship to the prestigious Merlyn University. She will become Julia’s true protégé and that ticket out of the Trailer Park not only come sooner, it will have the elite, and previously unattainable, One Percent as its destination.

As for those assignments, they won’t be easy but they could prove to be very, very fun…

Much of this RP idea revolves around the nature Kitty’s “assignments” from Julia that she has to complete. Some may be "simple" such as becoming a Popular Girl in her school or seducing the star jock. Others may get much darker or dangerous such as sexually teasing a teacher (male or female), exploring heavy fetishes with either her boyfriend or girlfriend (I imagine Kitty as having a love of sadism and breathplay), or ruining the life of a stuck up pretty rival. Of course, there are plenty of other suggestions I could take for this (within reason).

I'm looking to play Kitty and/or Julia with you playing Kitty's victim(s) or even the other characters (family, neighbors, teachers, other students etc) of the world. This is set in my recurring world of New Lyonesse, a noir-ish AU where everyone and everything is a bit grimier, unfair, sexually charged, and sociopathic than the real world. With all the detail it may seem a bit intimidating but I'm usually pretty flexible in everything from faceclaims to even broad details so if this is up your alley feel free to drop me a line and we can work on it to make it right for both of us!

Visual Inspiration for Kitty Blythe

Visual Inspiration for Julia Rubick

Musical Inspiration

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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2015, 06:35:18 AM »
Helping us all to pay a  little less welfare tax.

Even in the decadent and lascivious world of the upper crust in the city of New Lyonesse, Sally Heap and Therese May are quite a pair. Although not originally from Power Elite families, Sally and Therese ended up married to older and powerful men five years prior. In short order their husbands found that their new trophy wives weren’t quite what they imagined and quickly found themselves under their thumbs despite their great personal wealth and power. While Stefan, long since been comfortable with cushy do-little jobs and coasting on his family name and influence, found himself utterly out played and dominated by the diabolical Sally while Jonathan, an intelligent if overly kind and physically weak man, quickly learned that crossing Therese meant humiliating physical punishment which he was eager to hide from the outside world, let alone do anything to stop.

The two women, childhood friends who have been raising hell together since young ages, have decided that their positions, while comfortable, have made them soft and bored. Total domination of their husbands and the family companies is clearly not enough for them. One day, over cocktails at an elite country club, the sadistic pair do seize upon an idea based on their love of a certain television show and a certain movie. A joy ride assaulting, robbing, and otherwise raising terrible hell for no other reason than the thrill of it.

Since nearby Quinnebog County is mostly filled with shitkickers, trailer park trash, and otherwise worthless human refuse, they seize on it as the perfect hunting ground. They make massive donations to the police union as well as a generous donation to the Sheriff’s reelection campaign guarantee that any reports of “two hot women in bikes terrorizing people” will get a hand wave and not much investigation. With everything lined up the two ladies mount up armed with not just their killer weapons, but also their killer looks too.

Of course, having spent so much time in the lap of luxury where they rule as queens, nothing quite prepares them for the world they’re about to dive into…

This is a rather dark and extreme game, even for me, and will include violence, non-con sex, and other possibilities such as kidnapping, imprisonment, and particularly sado-masochistic sex. A theme, and one that recurs throughout some of my stories, is the economic stratification and privilege which is pretty much announced loud and clear. Influences include the aforementioned Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill and the first hour or so of Cheap Thrills, and the works of JG Ballard.

The story of what happens to Therese and Sally is pretty much up in the air and can be filled in with just about any reasonable idea you might have. I’d strongly prefer to play Therese and Sally while you control “the world” (like a GM). Another possibility, like in Faster Pussycat, is to have the ladies pick up a young trailer park princess they meet (and probably victimize) on their crime spree and decide to keep as a “pet” of sorts. You could also want to play one or both of the ladies too if you like!

The possibilities are pretty endless but I do have more details, including Therese and Sally’s personalities and history, that I’ll save for a PM or IM. But if this tickles your fancy, by all means, let me know as I’m eager to unleash these evil ladies!

Visual Inspiration for Sally Heap

Visual Inspiration for Therese May

Video Inspiration


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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2015, 05:41:24 AM »
There’s ALWAYS a guy!

Luisa Lopez didn’t have a spectacular home life. She grew up in a working class lower income neighborhood in a tough school and with some less than scrupulous friends. After doing a few bits in prison, including a juvenile stint, she met Liz “The Lez” Queen, at the time,  the greatest night club owner of Liberty City. The two grew close after Luisa took a job as part bodyguard, part consigliore, and part bag(wo)man to Liz.

Now, however, things have come to a head. The Mob wants far more from Liz than she has. Liz’s other best friend is thinking about murdering her, and the government is a hair away from seizing her two remaining clubs due to unpaid taxes. Liz, in typical fashion, decides she has one last shot not just at holding on to what she has left but to take back her entire empire.

Of course, to do this, she and Luisa will have to jump through a lot of hoops…that are on fire…and many of those hoops will be shooting at them… a lot.

This RP is based on (of course) GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony but with gender inversions. Aside from The Ballad of Gay Tony it will borrow liberally from GTA III: Vice City as well as a little from Saints Row: The Third. I would like to set it in Liberty City but 80s or modern day Vice City works just as well.

My idea is that YC is Luisa although if you would rather play her as a different ethnicity (white, black, or Asian) that is perfectly fine (her name can be changed to Louise. Additionally, the model for Luis could be changed from Vanessa Hudgens to whoever you like. Regardless, Luisa/Louise should be from a poorer working class background (like Luis). I envision heras straight but you can play her bisexual if you like. Either way the relationship with her and Liz should remain platonic and parental (don’t worry this is Elliquiy so there will be tons of opportunities for crazy sex!).

Since this game is based on Grand Theft Auto series we’ll play fast and loose with reality and craziness. Hijacking helicopters, trains, and APCs, jumping out of airplanes, zipping through the city on a Ferrari avoiding cops you name it, we can do it. I’d also like to explore some of Luisa’s familyand her friends as well. As with most things I’m extremely flexible and if this interests you drop me a line and we’ll see if we can’t work something out. After all, in Liberty City everyone has a price! ;)

Visual Inspiration for Luisa and Liz


Video inspiration for The Ballad of Liz the Lez (NSFW-LANGUAGE)

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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #8 on: June 22, 2015, 06:30:51 AM »
So, what was it like to kill a man?

Twenty one year old Esmerelda Villalobos has not had an easy life. Arriving in the United States from Columbia as a young teenager she has had to put up with struggling with the language, the culture, and being rather poor. Despite stellar grades, she has struggled to finish her associate’s degree in nursing and makes do living with her mother and younger sister juggling a soul-crushing dead-end job with increasingly difficult domestic responsibilities. Esmerelda is not like other people though. Having grown up as the daughter of a Columbian government intelligence officer and in the middle of a deep conflict, gruesome death was a semi-regular occurrence. Certainly, seeing the death of her father shortly before fleeing to the United States has had a devastating impact. But where others would suffer depression or trauma, the experience gave Esemerelda something else.

You see, Esmerelda has an deep obsession fetish interest with death.

As she struggles to make more money to provide for her family she discovers an unusual job for the unusual company Sunlight Cleaning. Sunlight specializes in crime scene cleanup which is a well-paying job that any intelligent person can do, so long as squeamishness isn’t an issue. For Esmerelda, that obviously wasn’t an issue so she got the job and now excels at it. While she often has fends off the consistent attraction of other coworkers or even police and other hangers-on of the crime-scene world, she finds herself more and more fascinated with murder and the things that drives the perpetrators of it.

Then the Blue Blood Butcher struck.

New Lyonesse is a city known for having a particularly lascivious, decadent, and dark upper class even for an increasingly economically stratified country. And when a series of serial-murders strike men and women of this elite group, the media jumps all over it. Especially when it turns out just how horrible these “blue bloods” are once newspaper reporters swarm in and report on every sexy and scandalous detail of the deceased’s lives. Soon the Blue Blood Butcher racks up a body count of a half dozen and counting and it is Sunlight Cleaning that is contacted to clean up the mess long after the police and media have left the scene of the crime.

Esmerelda, who has gravitated from nursing to forensic medicine in her few classes, becomes obsessed with the scenes after she cleans them. Not only does she piece together evidence, pour over all media accounts she can, eavesdrop on conversations of police and forensic examiners, she begins to have fantasies about meeting the Blue Blood Butcher and falling in love with him…or her.

The problem is, when Esmerelda discovers a vital clue that the police and everyone else misses, she doesn’t report it. Rather, she decides to make her fantasies come true…

Please note I DON’T want anything to do with amputation, real torture, horrible descriptions of killing, or anything of the like. This is a dark story about twisted relationships not Hostel: The Elliquiy Edition.

Based heavily on the concept of the movie Curdled, with a generous mix of the TV show Dexter and a splash of the movie Sunshine Cleaning and the tv show/movie Fargo, this is an idea that definitely leans towards black comedy and particularly dark plots. I’ve left a lot of details, particularly all the ones about the Blue Blood Butcher, vague for us to fill in together. Because I like F/F a bit more than M/F I’d be more inclined to want the Butcher to be female but either will do. There are lots of possibilities about the Butcher’s background (wealthy/poor, “reasoning” behind the murders, family life etc.) that can be filled in by us to your desires.

But the focus will be just what the Butcher will do when he/she finds out they have a fan. My guess is they’ll hit it off way better than they should, leading to a twisted romantic fling. Exactly what happens afterwards is up to us. Possibilities include:

- Esmerelda gets into a deeper relationship with the Butcher to get more information and closer to the killing.
- Esmerelda joins with the killing itself.
- Esmerelda gets her fantasy satisfied before killing the Butcher herself.
- Esmerelda kills the Butcher but continues his/her “work”.

As I said at the start I’m less interested in the gruesome details as I am about the sick and twisted romantic tapestry these two crazy cats weave. Obviously, this story isn’t for the faint of heart (even if the violence will be like what is often seen on Dexter rather than a horror film) but should be open to people who are willing to write things with more than its share of dark humor.

Visual Inspiration for Esmerelda Villalobos

Video inspiration for Esmerelda and the Blue Blood Butcher

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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
« Reply #9 on: June 28, 2015, 11:25:52 AM »
The spider spins her web in an almost invisible trap perfectly designed to entrap and devour her prey. Amateur.

The Masoch Group is the most influential corporation in the city of New Lyonesse and the state of Narragansett. A billion dollar conglomerate with people in many of the halls of power from police stations, to the state house, to smaller corporations paying homage. Run with ruthless efficiency by Victor Benson, the most powerful man in the city that most people have never heard of, and a core group of advisors Masoch has kept its ATM the city and state under lock and key for a decade and half.

Until now. Three years after a coordinated assault against his company using his own family against him and months after a nasty and contentious divorce from his wife Ellen, Victor makes a stunning decision: he would retire at the age of forty seven. However, rather than turn the company over to his devoted protégé, Jenny Little, or his capable COO and mistress of nearly twenty years, Lai Zhen, he splits it amongst his eldest and youngest daughters. This immediately puts twenty four year old Persephone and twenty one year old Eris in an extremely unique position for women their ages.

Those who don’t know them, however, are bound to be quite surprised. Persephone has been groomed from the age she could walk to take over the business and is as ruthless, conniving, ambitious, and brilliant as her father ever was, more than making up her youth and inexperience. Eris, on the other hand, is a mathematical and technological prodigy, graduating high school at sixteen and college at twenty, who was thrust into the dark maze of corporate politics and the dangerous hacking subculture at a very young age. And both are seductive, beautiful, and they know it.

And they’ll need those skills and talents. In the wings is a horde of greedy executives and other power players, both outside and inside the company, who are not above using blackmail, bribery, extortion, or worse to unseat the two pretty and young rich girls that are holding on to what they want. Not to mention plenty who want to get close to them romantically desperate for their attention, money, sexuality, power, or a combination of the three.

And amidst everything else, the sisters still need to deal with their family’s strange and dark dynamics not only with their father and mother but also with one another…

So this is a pretty open idea based around the ruthless world of corporations as well as the pressure of youth and the complexity of familial relationships. Persephone and Eris are pretty well established characters but the plot of what happens now that they’re unexpectedly on top is extremely flexible. Possibilities include:

-   YC is a college friend of Eris or Persephone and wants to hitch his/her wagon to the rising star for one of many reasons. Alternatively, they are of a similar age to one of the sisters and are assigned as their assistant where they have to learn under them in many ways. Probably leading to a romantic relationship but even offering to be their “Gal Friday” and becoming adequately corrupt would be an interesting dynamic.

-   YC is a rising middle aged executive in Masoch previously considered as a “useless but connected” person and given a cushy do-little job and title. Now that the company is supposedly up for grabs YC decides either to ally or oppose the sisters or perhaps even split them against one another. One possibility is an attempted seduction of one (or both) of them.

-   YC is a rival company CEO or corrupt politician who wants to bring down the entire Masoch group and sees that there is no better opportunity than now.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for these characters and the inspiration below might give you some other ideas. There’s enough background to make a world building thread (which I promise to make some day) but I’m open to a lot of discussion about plot and characterization. The main focus is making well-made characters with a fun plot in a deep dark sinful world.

Visual Inspiration for New Leadership



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Re: Wisdomcube's Collection of Vicious Vixens! (FxF/FxM/FxTG)
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All these stories we’ve been telling each other? Just that. Stories.

Siobhan MacBride (nee Gonne) has a life that’s typical of the residents of the wealthy upper class residents of the New Lyonesse suburb of Avalon. Married to William MacBride, a high powered IT manager for a major corporation, with two young children, John and Susan, she spends her spare time with a small business that manages self published e-books. On top of being a devoted wife and mother she’s also a member of the PTA and numerous organizations around the neighborhood and the fancy town. A beautiful, classy, and charming redhead one couldn’t get a more perfect embodiment of the wealthy American soccer mom, even with her slight Irish brogue and strangely spelled first name.

Except for one minor little detail. Siobhan has been interviewed over a dozen times by the police since college about murders.

Starting when she was nineteen while a student at Merlyn University, when a college professor died unexpectedly in class of food poisoning, untimely death has followed Siobhan. At no time was Siobhan ever considered a suspect very long, if at all. Yet, the fact that she was very peripherally involved with the deaths of a roommate, two boyfriends, a friend’s husband, among many others has yet to be noticed by anybody.

But one night Siobhan’s husband’s old college friend, Timothy, a high placed executive at the chaotic and ruthless Masoch Group, disappeared shortly after a dinner party with the MacBrides. Not long afterwards a massive investigation is launched to find the killer and, eventually, Siobhan is interviewed having been one of the last people to see him alive. Siobhan’s alibi is bulletproof, the forensic evidence points away from her, and, well, the elegant mother of two with no motive just doesn’t seem the type. Siobhan was sure to be written off as another peripheral witness again.

But not this time. The Investigator, by coincidence or good detective work, discovers just how often Siobhan has been interviewed and how many times she’s been around death over the years. When the Investigator brings this up, however, Siobhan’s reaction is not one of anger or confusion or denial. Rather she’s strangely coy, seductive, playful, humorous, philosophical, and even…


It isn’t long before the Investigator releases Siobhan. And since there is no evidence whatsoever against her and she’s given a statement she isn’t, technically, considered a suspect. However, the Investigator can’t let the strange woman go in their mind. Soon the Investigator becomes more obsessed with Siobhan learning more and more about her, interviewing people in Siobhan life, and starts becoming attracted, mentally and physically, to her. This builds until the Investigator comes up with an excuse for a “brief follow-up interview” with Siobhan.

Then things get interesting.

This idea is built from the inspiration from several places: the many interrogation scenes from the first season of True Detective, the “interview” of Verbal Kint from Usual Suspects, the recent game Her Story, as well as elements from the characters of Anton Chiggurh and Lorne Malvo all put to the tune of a Leonard Cohen’s song A Thousand Kisses Deep.

Siobhan’s background and ultimate motive I’m keeping vague so we can work on it together and/or to keep from spoilers if you’d like to play it more as a mystery. The details of the Investigator, aside from the fact that he/she becomes obsessed with Siobhan, I’m keeping entirely open so the character can be built to your desires/specifications.

While I’d like a large part of the story to focus on their interrogation scenes I can certainly see the two of them interacting with each other quite bit outside of the station. I believe the Investigator is, or will become, sexually aroused and attracted to Siobhan and the feeling being mutual. So, in general, I see this as a pretty deep game for someone who is looking for a lot of plot with their erotica and a slow build. Interests in mystery, noir, and magical realism, as well as the Cohen Brothers, Cormac McCarthy, and their related media, is also a big plus.

Video inspiration for Invincible Defeat
The Song!

Spoiler for Fargo TV show
Spoiler for Usual Suspects

Visual Inspiration for Siobhan