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May 27, 2018, 03:18:07 AM

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Author Topic: The Blue-eyed Stranger  (Read 948 times)

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The Blue-eyed Stranger
« on: March 05, 2015, 05:46:02 PM »
The  blue- eyed stranger

I stood my multi hued blue dress spooled around my waist the stiff martial rubbed  against my dark golden skin. My mask covered the top half of my face, blocking my peripheral vision. My long dark hair half pulled back hurt my head, as did the small silver high heels when I walked. I stopped looking out the giant door outside. " beautiful " I thought seeing the darkened lake outside, the wind lightly playing with the few trees, the mighty bright moon shone down for all to see. I turned looking back into the crowded masquerade ball room. Everyone's dresses and mask a different color and style. The ceiling went high above our heads crystal light hung down the golden paintings light up the room. So much wealth in just one room it seemed to glow a low golden color that awed all the guest including myself.

" have this dance?" a young man asked swooping down into a bow his white gloved hand out. I looked him over his suit a simple dark grey color along with the matching pants. He wore a black gold mask that curved up on the left side, pushing his long blond hair to the side, meshing the blue and purple strips together forming a mix of colors in his light hair. I took my black gloved hand and lightly put it in his. His gentle grip soothed me, as he stood straight walking me to the dance floor. I felt his strong left arm around my waist his right hand taking my right into a formal grip. I felt a chill as I placed my left hand on his shoulder. I drapped my eyes around the room as we started to dance, his build was strong but his movement flowed.

My heart shuddered as I finally looked into his magnificent blue eyes, I felt the room fade away as I stared at him tracing his face with my eyes. He said nothing staring into my eyes as our feet went through the consecutive movements. The song ended and he let me go the warmth he gave off vanished, I felt deeply cold. He turned sideways and I could see the slight scars on his neck, I slide my hand into his waiting arm as he walked outside. I could say nothing, my mind swarmed with questions and emotions but nothing came out; he mystified me as he walked into the moonlight. I felt helpless against him, as he stopped. The moonlight set his suit to a light silver, taking my breath away. His blue eyes searched my face as I could do nothing but stare at his beauti, my heart drummed in my ears as he again held out his hand. My body felt like it would melt as I touched his hand again setting my body on fire. He let a small smile show and I stopped breathing as my heart did flips.

"you look beautiful Miss?" he asked his voice low and husky. I grew red as I tried to remember my name.

"Miss Kingstyen" a booming voice behind us said causing me to shiver. I turned seeing another young man in a Golden suit his half mask a mixer of golden silver as his dark eyes held anger, I took a deep breath turning to look at the blue eyed stranger, his gloved hand no long held out he stood with pose, daring the other to make a move.

"Lord Ira good evening" I stated to the new comer, my eyes never leaving the strong one in front of me

" My lady must you come back inside" he said taking a step towards me.

I felt his movement, the blue eyed man in front of me his hand flashed to his sword hilt, his blue eyes held a powerful spark. That brought a curving smile to my lips.

"Lord Ira see to it that you find yourself home, I shall meet with you tomorrow, I have some business here that is to be done" I stated with full confidence, pulling myself up straight, turning to Lord Ira. He stared at the scene before him and nodded his  dark eyes glowing with hatred.

" yes Miss Kingstyen" he said walking away reluctantly. I breathed out. As the chills went throughout my body. The blue eyed man rested his hand back away from his sword hilt and he look at me once again, sending my heart into a speed race.
" I'm sorry" he said as he began to turn. Sudden lost and hysteria hit me.

" wait it's not what you think" I said quickly holding my hand out to him. I found it hard to breath as he turned to look at me again, his beautiful blue eyes held a question. " he's just courting me" I said in a rush.  A sudden light went off in his eyes as I gasped a breath, my cheeks red.

" Miss Kingstyen," he said as I took his hand a again, the warmth swept through me. I nodded not being able to speak, " May I kiss you?" he asked his eyes searching my face. A shiver ran through me as my heart felt like it was to burst. He pulled me closer to his chest as the heat over powered me.  His head dipped closer to mine, I stared at him the silver moon light sent his mask into a darkened shadows making the blue of his eyes stand out.  "May I?" he asked lowly I took in a breath feeling his own on my neck. I lifted my face towards his and shut my eyes, the feel of his lips made me want more, the heat he gave off flooded me my heart all but stopped. He pulled away first his lips leaving a tingling sensation on mine.  I looked into his eyes again seeing a darken flash of something i could not understand in them

"Miss Kingstyen,,," he started not letting me go, his arms wrapped my to his chest.

" Katalyna call me Kata " I barely said he smiled jumping my deadend heart into a frenzy.

"Kata, " he paused tasting my name in his mouth;" thank you for the dance" he said and all i could do was nod. My heart sank as he turned and began to walk back inside.

" Wait!" I called " you never told me your name" I yelled running after him the best i could in my floor length dress, he turned his blue eyes on me giving me a small wink that took my breath away causing me to stand still, then he turned and disappeared into the crowd.

~~~Thank you for reading~~~