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Started by Amarlo, March 02, 2015, 03:47:00 AM

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My tastes
While I’m not into orgies or poly play, I do enjoy group roleplays for the sake of the story. Sometimes one on one roleplay can get stale and a great way to spice it up is to convert it into a group roleplay, if you feel this is something you’re interested in before or during play, please let me know through pm!
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New Concepts Will Likely Be Added Periodically
(Feel free to shoot concepts at me as well)

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Current Cravings:
Building romances
Unlikely romances

Bullet plots

These are small bullet plots just to give a general taste for us to work off of!

• Settings •
• Pairings •
• Themes •
Male x Female
Hard Science Fiction
Bad boy x Good girl
F’ed Up/Dark Romances
Rich x Poor/Homeless
Factional Warfare
Barbarian x Captive
Hard Fantasy
Invader x Captive
Modern AU
Invader x Barbarian Captive
Character Development
Alternate Universes
Unlikely Allies
Epic Adventure
Unlikely Pairings
Diesel Punk
Steam Punk
Social Rejects
Professor x Student
POW x Care Taker
Hidden/Secret World
Arranged Marriage
Older Brother x Younger Sister
Cat girl x Male

The Usual Cliches
Werewolves - An alpha finally finds his mate and:
- She's the huntress trying to kill him
- She has no idea that supernatural creatures really exist
- She's an alpha of her own pack!?
- he just had to kill his brother to save her!
- She's his half sister!?
- A combination of any of the above!
- Other

Dragons (With a human form) - An ancient dragon finally finds his mate and:
- She's just been sent to him as a sacrifice....
- She's a dragon too but trapped in human form thanks to a nasty curse!
- She is the daughter of the king he stole her from specifically to punish!
- She is a sorceress with the audacity to try leashing him!

A King's Conquest
Dom/sub, NC-Seduction, Many other potential elements.
The Premise
You are the Mighty Emperor of Hanesptu; devilishly handsome, ruthless, calculating, unyielding - the Grand Monarch of a flourishing kingdom growing in economy and size every single day as you conquer more and more of the world around you with extreme prejudice. Most of your life if you could not buy it or argue it into your clutches, you could charm it off them. You were at the peak of perfection, more than aware that you would go down in history as one of the greatest men to ever live.

Then the rebellion happened. First it was just a handful of rebels and then - as though overnight - thousands upon thousands came out of the woodwork. Simple public floggings and executions would no longer deter their hopes for a new life. Even the pitiful slaves were throwing off their collars and joining the opposing forces to see all that you had worked hard for since your coronation as a young lad burn to the ground at your feet! Architectures, Libraries, Temples centuries old were being destroyed just to boil your blood and make it clear how far they'd go to have their demands met.

Furious, you demand the conspirators behind this be identified and as usual your demands bore fruit as you had expected. However you hadn’t expected them to capture this conspirator, much less that the man they’d parade in chains through the city and to your throne room to be a woman. Zahara of Lemadh, recently dethroned Princess of Lemadh and the only known surviving royal with claim towards its throne. All along it was she who had been the rebels' beacon of hope and while normally you would have simply made an example of her then execute her, but this time things were a bit more complicated.

Men went to war for women in the past and as she stood before you in chains and at your mercy, you could understand why. She was gorgeous, a truly exotic flower whose perfume you had yet to experience for yourself. Obviously, if you had dealt with her like you would any other traitor the reaction would be severe. No, this situation called for delicate action. You would pluck this lovely lily and you would bend her and break her. You could abuse her, torment her or wine dine her.. One way or another you needed her under your control while all eyes looking see only a true gentleman, treating her with the utmost respect - but in the privacy of your room.. Oh ho ho.. she is naught more than your play thing. 

This is the plan forming in your head as you watch her forced to her knees before you, staring up at you with a boiling glow of hatred and defiance glittering for all to see. Yes, you would break her and when the time was right you would have her stand before the entire world denouncing everything she had thought of you. She would plead the forgiveness of your kingdom for slandering your good name and together you would announce your engagement, making it legal before the eyes of all that the rebellion’s hope would bow upon her knees before you.

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PM me if any of these images or categories get your gears turning! Maybe we can plot something fun! :)



Post Apocalytpic/Zombies


Wild Woman/Man


Semi-historically correct realism/fantasy

Added 01/18/2019

Runaway Beauty

Star Childe

You are Mine


She wasn't meant for this World



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My Curiosities

Klingon Mating
I am a BIG star trek fan (At least when it comes to TNG, DS9 and Voyager) and I've found myself curious about the way Klingon's mate and go about sex. If one has any knowledge/experience on this subject I would love to talk to you and maybe even roleplay with you! This could be a one shot or a long term roleplay. The characters would have to be Klingon but the male would have to at least be raised Klingon/partially Klingon

Personally I hate vampires but I absolutely LOVE Carpathians and would love to try out a Carpathian based rp. I have two characters created already. The female would be my main and the male is meant to be an npc. :D

My Charactrs
Name: Hadassah
Nickname: Esther, Hada, Queen, whatever nicknames people eventually create ic
Eye colour: Gold
Hair colour: Brunette
Height: 5'2"
Rough Age:A little over 200
Age Appears: 24-28
Brief Personality: Introverted and quiet.
Brief History: Hadassah is well known as the last born female Carpathian. She is most famous for being sickly since birth and then disappearing in her 13th cycle. There is a lot of mystery surrounding her disappearance and while many believe her to be dead, her father claims she is quite alive but lost. Rumor has it that she was stolen away by vampires.

Family / friends: If anyone would like to message me about potential family ties or history, feel free! :)
Lifemate: Currently unmated, nor has an arranged mate. Message if interested!



Name: Gadrie Lafrey (NPC)
Nickname: Gadrie The Betrayer

The Illusion

Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Black
Age Appears: 36

The Reality

Height: 5'11
Age: Near Ancient

Brief Personality: Malicious, jealous, vile and cruel.
Brief History: Gadrie was born to a prominent and once prosperous Carpathian family shortly before the decline of female borne Carpathians. He grew up as any male would in his time, careless and ever faithful that when the time came he would meet his life mate. Not once did he stop and think that such a catastrophe could befall him as never finding one.

The years passed and he fell further and further into despair, but to proud like many of his family, he refused to meet the dawn. Years turned into decades, decades into centuries and when even feeding came to taste like ash upon his tongue he finally fell into the foulest taboo known to his kind - taking the life of his human victim and turning as vile as he felt.

He has since then acquired a decent thrall of ghouls and human turned vampires to do as he whims. He is best known along the grapevine for his unquenchable jealousy of other Carpathians, especially happily mated Carpathian males - many of which he has expended a multitude of vampire fledglings just to simply maim one of these males or their mates, let alone at the chance he may bring their deaths.

Family / friends:
Lifemate: Believes Hadassah is

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Added: Will playbypost or Play through an instant messenger.

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Added more inspiration images. More pending.

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