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Author Topic: Current Cravings (M seeking F)  (Read 786 times)

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Current Cravings (M seeking F)
« on: February 28, 2015, 03:14:13 pm »
All ideas, names, kinks, and pairings are negotiable. These are little snippets of the general idea. The details etc are to be worked out between us.

If interested, please PM me and specify which ideas interest you along with some of your own thoughts on the ideas.

All links/pictures should be considered NSFW and serve as inspiration.

NSFW Sharing the Wife
Sharing the Wife

Sarah had married a man 15 years her senior. He was rich and wealthy and well connected. She was the perfect trophy wife. They had sex, often - her husband was very healthy - and he was always pushing her boundaries. She had only been with three men before her husband, so she was relatively inexperienced. Her husband was not.

But he wanted to see her, with other men. Reluctant at first, she agreed. But after the first time, her husband decided that he got to watch from now on. Next it was a business partner, then a black guy...then two guys at once. And Sarah found herself starting to love every minute of being shared, being fucked while her husband watched. She even started to pick out the men - young and handsome - that she'd bring home. And the sex with her husband was still great, with him pounding away at her while she recounted every detail.

NSFW The Village Bicycle
The Village Bicycle
Kat was a nymphomaniac. She always had been. College had been some of the best years of her life - no one was off limits and she had done them all: girls, guys, teachers. She had calmed down a little after college and even gotten married to a man who was just as kinky as he was. They had had children and Kat considered those years to be her most calm. But now that there children were all teens, Kat was finding herself hornier and hornier lately.

Luckily, so was her Husband. He had found websites on bondage and they had started to experiment with it - Kat really seemed to enjoy it. The risk factor, the helplessness...everything. It turned her on. They even devoted a guest room to it and she would often found herself locked in it for hours on end. But her husband was about to push things even further, leaving the door open while people were over - his naked, aroused bound inside, helpless and ready for the taking, no matter by whom. [See picture for reference of position]

-Potential here for neighbors, coworkers, younger/older partners. Also incest, if partner is open to it.

NSFW Once you go Black...
Once You Go Black...

Sarah was married young but was happy in her marriage and at her work place. She got along really well with one of her coworkers, a black man she was often working on projects with. He was smart and funny and they instantly hit it off. It certainly helped that he was attractive looking. And Sarah, well, Sarah had to wonder if rumors about a black guy having a big dick were true. She hadn't been with many guys growing up, and never a black guy, so her curiosity was stirred.

As time wore on, her itch to find out only increased. Working on another project together, they went back to his place where he had left some files. The plan had been to go to a cafe to work on it, but once at his place they had some drinks and she couldn't resist asking. One thing lead to another and soon enough, Sarah had a very big, very hard, and very black cock in her hands. She soon found out what it felt like to have it inside her and the orgasms she had were the strongest ever - while her husband was gentle and loving, her new BBC was rough and hard - just the way she liked it!

NSFW Naughty Sister
Naughty Sister

Richard had grown up listening to the stories of what a whore his sister, Rebecca, was. She always put out, gave great header, and had a tight pussy and ass. Not the sorts of things he wanted to hear, but there was no avoiding it. And it slightly aroused him, he found, picturing his sister doing all those dirty things he heard people talking about. She occasionally snuck guys in at night and he would find himself jerking off as he listened to them having sex.

One morning, though, he walked into her room to retrieve a DVD she had borrowed and found her lay on her bed - wrists bound behind her back, her ankles bound together, and a gag in her mouth - the kind that let you throat-fuck a girl with out her being able to resist. It seemed her latest boyfriend was into bondage and wasn't going to be returning for a few hours. And Richard couldn't resist taking advantage of her in such a position! See reference picture.

NSFW The Daughter in Law
The Daughter in Law

Richards son married a beautiful Asian woman and Richard had long been smitten by her. She was smart and intelligent and beautiful and was always friendly with him. Perhaps it was because her new husband was always away on business and hardly had any time for her and she needed a friend. Richard stopped by after an especially hard week for her and began to comfort her.

The comfort soon turned sexual and Richard found out just how neglected his daughter-in-law  had been - he also discovered that she was a natural submissive and that his son didn't treat her the way she wanted to be treated.

NSFW Blackmailed

It was summer vacation and once again their parents were leaving them for a two week vacation.

Andrew figured he'd be playing a lot of video games while they were gone while he knew his sister was probably going to have a lot of parties. His sister was pretty popular at school and all. And he accidentally found out why, spotting his sister heading into the woods behind their house one afternoon.

She wasn't much of an outdoorsy type, so it was kind of strange for her to be going into the woods. It wasn't hard to follow her, but what he found was shocking - his sister was growing pot plants in an abandoned shed! She could do serious time for that amount of pot, and if their parents found out...well, this was perfect blackmail material!

NSFW Bad Sister
Bad Sister

A sister wants to learn more about bondage and BDSM. She asks her brother for help.
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Re: Current Cravings (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2015, 03:21:37 pm »

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The Western Lands

Konrad Roht was a North Man - 6'8", blonde hair, blue eyes, and muscled. His people were bred for war and he had excelled at it - both as a fighter and a tactician. His people were often sought after as personal bodyguards and Mercenaries to fight for the Southern Kingdoms in their constant wars. Konrad had ventured into the Southern Kingdoms to offer his services and had grown rich and famous over the years.

Now at the age of 32, he was looking to make an even bigger name for himself. A ship sailing off to the west, to find the fabled Western Lands, quickly drew him in. His people were known to be good sailors - often raiding the coasts of the Southern Kingdoms - and Konrad had always been drawn to the sea. His skillset was exactly what they were looking for - and a share in all bounties was what he was looking for too. Not to mention the fame that would come with being one of the first people to discover and set foot on those fabled shores.

Of course, many a ship had gone off looking for such lands, and none had been successful. Ships went missing, only to return years later with out any of their crew and no sign of them to be had. Others did return, their crews stark mad, having run out of fresh water and supplies.

The ship Konrad was on made the journey and sighted land many weeks later as supplies were dwindling too. But a freak storm sprang up on them, dashing the ship to pieces on the rocks. Battered and bruised, Konrad managed to claw his way up onto the beach before the darkness took him.

But who else had survived? Or would a native of this land happen upon him first? 

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Re: Current Cravings (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2015, 05:27:48 pm »

Older Man/ Younger Woman
Older Woman / Younger Man
Teacher / Student
Father/Daughter Friend
Father/Wifes Friend
Father/Wifes Sister
Mother/Sons Friend
Mother/Daughters Boyfriend

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Re: Current Cravings (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2015, 09:43:59 pm »


NOTE: I am not very interested in Canon Pairings.

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Re: Current Cravings (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: March 15, 2015, 03:34:07 pm »
Added some more pairings.