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August 11, 2022, 10:33:55 am

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Author Topic: Allangar new Craving (m for any)  (Read 770 times)

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Allangar new Craving (m for any)
« on: February 27, 2015, 09:49:34 am »
Hi there i got some new craving that i want to play and i will put them into two category : 1- searching for female character, since i dont bother what gender the player is as long as he could play it well and 2 - char idea i want to play.

Let me tell you a little bit about me, i am a real live tabletop gm and as i am mostly playing with male player i am use to play female character and i like it a lot when the story good. I am also a french writer from quebec trying to improve my writing in englis so it might happen sometime that i will make some grammatical error or some phrasing might look wierd. I dont ask anyone for a perfect english so i hope those playing with me will understand.

So now for the story i crave for the moment :

1 - Searching female character :

Beauty and the beast type of game
Ryzak is a powerful ork in the kingdom of Erentia, but he dont like to rape girls, he dont like to destroy and conquer like the other ork does. He want o build thing, to find a women that will love him for what he is. A women that might see that not all ork are killing machine. Recently Ryzak found a very old castle filed with petty  monsters. He killed them all and clear the castle to make it is home. It's still old and dark but finally it's a place he could call home. One day, a young girl was fleeing from something in the woods and she arrive at the castle. I am looking for someone the play the young lady that will fall in love and build a new home with him.

Rise of a DemonLord
Hellfire is a demon that was kept in hell for a thousand years for crimes he comitted against the church. Now after a thousand years, he escape from hell, he's looking for revenge and he will destroy everyone that step in is way. A young angel that is working for the church as been sent to destroy him. They didnt told her much, only that this demon need to be destroyed at all cost even at the cost of her life. I am look for someone the play the angel sent to destroy him. After she herd a story she might fall for him and she want to help him get is revenge.

A zoo at night
You are working as a security guard in a very old abandonned zoo at night. Each night, the zoo come to back to life. The spirit's of the animal that are there need your help in order to find peace before the autority destroy the zoo. What the spirit ask are different from one to another but it will involve some beastiality and others. I am looking for someone to play the security guard.

2 - Character i want to play :

Master please feminize me and breed me
Dylan Masterson, is a young man, that look effiminate. He got a craving he never told anyone, he would like to be a true women. He very shy and he spoke to almost no one passing most of his time on the internet. One day, Jack Thomson, the school bully found out about Dylan with a post he made on a black man looking for sissyslut website. Jack is an afroamerican that love to humilate others and He's been dreaming to get is personnal little slave for a while. I am look for someone to play Jack, that will make me is personal sissyslut and he will even make me goes to a complete transition from man to woman. PS i will not accept any demand in regard for someone to play Dylan.

Lost on as dark planet
Liza Stanfield is a young women that love her job which is mostly patroling the sky and space. One day she pass close to Ereval21, the dark planet since from space thatt planet look completely black. This planet as been class as off the chart from the consortium of planet and nobody can go there. That day, something is wrong with her starship, her engine as been sabotage and she crashing into the planet. I am looking for someone to build the planet and the char that go with it, it's very open and it can countains anything you think off. The game will start after the crash with Liza knowing nothing of her surrounding.

So if your interested pm me or reply here.

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