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Author Topic: Welcome to Palace of Depravity! (Star Wars themed freeform game, LGBT friendly)  (Read 7998 times)

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Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

As Luke Skywalker and his crew rescued Han they left behind a broken crime syndicate which resulted into a power struggle
which lasted years between various lieutenants of Jabba the Hut who fight over control ruins of the organization and nobody in
Republic even bothered put stop at it, as criminals at war each other were too busy to cause trouble and they killed each other
and thus saved all trouble and hassle go arrest them. However there was then a change, a one which was not good at all.
A man appeared into the ongoing conflict.

Nobody knew his name nor he gave any, people started describe him with various names; gentleman with gun,
nightmare, crimson eye, shadow-killer and so forth. But one name struck and got stuck for remain of the conflict;

Lord Crimson

So thus he was called and he never denied to be called such, he appeared more amused from his given nickname which
was given since he created single handedly most devastating massacre of several crime syndicates all at once. using
nothing more than quick reflexes, skill on blaster and using creative various means execute and brutally murder
heads of said syndicates.

Then dust settled, Lord Crimson took on throne of Jabba the Hutt, the ultimate prize of the conflict and the various
thugs and bounty hunters swore oaths of loyalty to him and he started run the empire and run various plots for name
of profit. One menu of profit he started increasingly become well famed for; slaves. He brings already existing slaves,
both labor and pleasure, into the very palace which had been vacant all years which he rebuild anew according his
designs. grander, bigger and more well secure than Jabba's palace ever was. Yet republic law forces are not even
aware Jabba's palace has been now renamed as Palace of Depravity.

It's not named as such because of deeds what are done in there, but influence it has on slaves which slowly turn them obedient, craving
and submissive...and enjoy being slaves for others. A influence which carries even if slave is removed from the exclusive
fine stocked slave gallery from palace grounds onto the galaxy and thus infamous fame of the palace spreads over to underworld and
name Lord Crimson starts grow become regular besides all various plots he does to keep himself in the throne.

Okay, if you got this far I presume your interested to join this game. This game simply is based on Jabba's palace in Star Wars universe which is ran by new crime lord who fancies to breaking in slaves in his palace than in any possible facility outside his palace. Every slave brought in there eventually becomes corrupted and thus 'broken' which does not mean they become empty useless husks, but a craving sluts (may they be men or women). The staff itself has free reign enjoy any slaves brought to the palace as they wish (they take responsibility for any potential injuries inflicted on themselves or onto the 'goods'. Overall rule being if you break it, you buy it, albeit this case 'break' equals to killing a slave).

So you can apply as staff or a slave. Or as client (after all his palace doubles also crime syndicate ran brothel with finest slaves across entire galaxy). You can start slave as broken or unbroken. However there is small 'system' in place measure the broken and unbroken status (I dislike term 'system' as it's entirely player managed thing). The system is corruption meter. There is sort supernatural (force) field in the palace which functions as aphrodisiac which slowly stacks over time and eventually renders person into permanent state of arousal and submissive attitude. Or make already dominant person to more dominant and aggressive (and have almost constant boner). This affect primarily slaves but staff also can be affected by it. The slave players should increase meter at minimum 1% at every encounter (but they can assign high numbers as they wish, depending on scene and how intense it must had been for character to experience it).

There are two ways to retire slave character (and thus removed from the game). They are either sold in auction (with possible 'sample' action taking place) or are thrown into former rancor pit of the palace and be devoured by new dark tentacle beast whiting. Sometimes it leaves victims alive instead after it's done playing with them (so thus enables enjoy tentacle rape in this RP besides via staff or client), which often than not breaks slaves entirely in one go.

Staff members can retire just by leaving or thrown to the rancor pit (or other means killed off). Clients are for players who want short term investment for the game (RP scene or two with a slave and then take break and return with new client and so on). Anycase no limit on races, gender or sexualities involved. Although even if someone comes with a slave character and is only interested on lesbian/gay sex scenes, those preferences must be respected (although they should check in advance a staff or a client who is interested on scene with such char).

Anycase below is charsheet and short note; you can play force sensitive (awaken to force powers during RP) and could be jedi, sith or force adept etc. But do take note purpose of this RP is not slave escape, but slave corruption. Escape chances are zero for any character, may they be whoever they are (you can roleplay escape attempt but then taken down and then be punished for it). Wookieepedia is useful for those new to Star Wars or want check potential races for staff, client or slaves (I allow custom races also, galaxy is vast after all, but would need in background details of the custom race then).

Edit; Need slaves mostly.

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=300]PICTURE URL HERE[/img][/floatleft] (pic can be anime, realistic, 3D graphic or drawn)
[b]Name:[/b] (what you call yourself, or if broken, what masters gave as new name)
[b]Gender:[/b] (female/male/transgender/futa or whatever)
[b]Species:[/b] (even plain humans have planet nationality and can differ a lot)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (if lacking picture)
[b]Role:[/b] (client/staff/slave)
[b]Profession:[/b] (slaves have careers usually before being slaves unless homegrown ones, clients and staff naturally have jobs)
[b]Corruption Meter:[/b] (starts usually 0% when entering palace, dark side users start higher)
[b]Personality:[/b] (one word sentences describe your personality)
[spoiler=Background]So what's your story?[/spoiler]

[b]O/O:[/b] Things what you want to do in this game/RP. Besides O/O in your signature/profile.

[b]Hooks:[/b] Things what help connect with other players.
« Last Edit: February 26, 2015, 05:47:23 pm by Zaer Darkwail »

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

So, kind of sample of charsheet in use. Introducing Lord Crimson, the man behind creating Palace of Depravity.

Name: Lord Crimson
Gender: Male
Species: Human?
Appearance: As in pic
Role: Crimelord, a.c.a 'boss' by staff.
Profession: Crimelord, covers all variety organizing crimes from murders, assassination, smuggling, illegal substances/goods, slaves, weapon manufacture outside republic
Corruption Meter: Nobody alive to confirm it (over 9000!!!)
Personality: Gregarious, Cocksure, Ruthless, Armando
Lord Crimson origins are not known very well. But it's known he came off from likely Nar Shaddaa (born or came early there to learn). As man matching his description is told as popular urban legend there. Either it's fact or supported myth by Lord Crimson himself. Either case he speaks with fluently various languages and as human nothing is odd in him expect his irises are deep crimson in color. But many tell where they normally would keep their cool against anything, they feel nervous or weak on their guts/knees (or other similar organs) in his presence.

He started as smuggler and did various side jobs besides that, he was ruthless opportunistic and none other smugglers liked nor trusted him. As he literally was willing to murder his partner to take cargo, their ship and get double profit. But whatever schemes he did, was high in profit and few did walk alive from his just needed keep on toes around him. Then suddenly he turned interest to Jabba's Palace conflict and he started alone to strike on various crime syndicates (former branches of Jabba the Hutt) and started take crime lords by himself. There are various tales about how he killed his various foes and some were close calls but he triumphant with blaster blazing out outright outwitting or luring his enemies into traps or turn formed allies against one another. So thus proving his mettle as manipulative schemer and ruthless killer.

Yet despite all that....he kept his almost innocent charming scoundrel appearance which still charms women who meet him in person. Oddest sort paradoxes in universe. Yet he is man of power and he knows what he desires and wants. He accepts his nature like skin on his body, so he does not care nobody trusts him and he would laugh if anybody ever told he had compassion or honor. Because of this reason he is feared, very much feared, by anyone who does business with him.

O/O: Interest on corrupting a jedi (or turn Sith as his personal sex slave/henchman), also various dominance related plays and using of toys or eve force powers breaking women in. Despite species involved.

Hooks: A jedi council may had found one slaves trained in Palace of Depravity and detected a thorough dark sided mind manipulation (unable cured it off so far from slave they found). So sending a jedi to investigate it but nobody told where palace was located so jedi sold itself in slavery and hopes she was bought by right buyer. Another is that a sith is drawn to dark side aura in palace, assuming it's from a location than person and goes challenge crimelord (to take over the place and turned to Sith academy or such) and find some surprising facts about him....
« Last Edit: February 25, 2015, 06:38:30 pm by Zaer Darkwail »

Offline eBadger

Name: Jav Callick
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Role: Staff/Client
Profession: Security/Pirate Lord
Corruption Meter: 100% (Dark Force user)
Personality: Calm, ruthless and depraved, Jav plays with his victims like a sadistic cat. 
Jav Callick is the scion of a long line of dark force users, men and women who've worked in the shadows as assassins, crime lords, and pirates; he himself has done all three.  Work for Lord Crimson brought him to Tatooine where his adept handling of an attempted rescue earned him notice and favor.  He walks the line between a client and staff, frequently working autonomously but, while in port, enjoying the freedom of a security officer and the periodic prize thrown his way. 

Jav's preferences run to the young and unspoiled, choice slaves that he enjoys destroying.  Lord Crimson has also given him others, though - slaves too rebellious, damaged, or simply too thoroughly corrupted to be of any further use.  It's rare that any are returned alive. 

O/Os: My focus in this game is on the extreme, with few or no restrictions: I'm up for torture, toilet play, snuff, etc. 

Hooks:  I've left Jav pretty simple for now to leave an opening to develop with another player(s) - Jav could have returned from his last bit of piracy with a new slave or a noble hostage awaiting ransom; I'm also open to a female apprentice (sub to me, Domme to others). 

Jav's pet tumbleback is stabled below the palace; alternately kept in the iron grip of Jav's mental control or unleashed as a ravenous, violent beast, it provides amusement in some of his darker games. 
« Last Edit: February 26, 2015, 04:43:07 pm by eBadger »

Offline Etherealgirl

Name: Alice Waylander
Gender: Female
Species: Human - from Corellia
Appearance: Small. 5'0. Only 100lbs. Small breasts, long black hair. Deep blue eyes
Role: New Slave
Profession: Daughter of Noble Family.
Corruption Meter: 0%
Personality: Youthful, naieve, and stubborn. Virgin.
Alice was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her family, who were nobles on Corellia and highly influenced the politics of the planet, were a prestigious house. Alice was born with a twin brother, whom she grew up close with. With the Empire taking shape and war on the verge of breaking out, Alice spent most of her time in high class society. She learned to dress the part, speak the part and over all groomed to be highly prized dignitary.

Alice as the apple of her parents eye, and were proud of her accomplishments as she grew up. However, when they learned of her sexual orientation, they were severely disappointment. Alice was to be wed to another prestigious family, thus securing a powerful relationship between her family and her betrothed. On her wedding day, Alice fled and escaped off world in a small ship. A few days later she was attacked by pirates and sold to the pleasure palace.

O/O: Open to Non-con scenes. Character is gay, but will RP Non-con scenes with men.

Hooks: Virginal, young and fresh. Character is gay. She will fight tooth and nail and be hard to train. Has a twin brother. Let me know if anyone is interested in playing him.
« Last Edit: February 26, 2015, 09:45:30 am by Etherealgirl »

Offline rikka

Name: Ghul-Gabal
Gender: Male
Species: Gamorrean
Role: Staff
Profession: Master Torturer
Corruption Meter: 60%
Personality: Sadistic, whimsical, methodical, somewhat a chickenshit
GHul-Gabal was Jabba the Hutt’s master torturer, given the sole task of torturing prisoners for information or as punishment before ultimately being killed under his ministrations or feed to the monsters in the pits.  But his favorite hobby, if given the chance, is torturing/breaking young and attractive females of acceptable species - which tends to humans or those who share their basic physiologies.  Human females are his favorite subjects as it stems from his hated view of humans, who consider themselves as being the dominant species in the galaxy.

Providence had it that Ghul-Gabal did not share the same fate as his former master, for he was left to do mundane duties and such back in the palace on that fated day.

Since Jabba’s passing his palace in Tatooine has descended into chaos and into a warzone.  Factions where formed and various areas of control, or ‘mini-fiefs’ were establish.  Ghul-Gabal’s little kingdom of course was the torture chamber, which has practically became his home for all the years of service under Jabba the Hutt despite its grisly surroundings, and would defend it fiercely to the end. But when the gamorrean noticed a deafening silence within the halls of the palace, he eventually discovered the reason why.  A new self-proclaimed boss has established full control of the place, and has either dispatched or goaded the various warring groups.  Ghul-Gabal reluctantly chose to be on the goaded side.

Ghul-Gabal now serves under Lord Crimson, and even if he is a human, he had little choice on the matter. Either the gamorrean torturer obeys or faces the new boss’ displeasure, especially when rumors abound of Lord Crimson as being user of the Dark Side.  Of course, Ghul-Gabal is no believer in such mumbo-jumbo but it would not hurt to be careful around him.


O/O: Torturing/breaking of slaves through archaic means: whipping, stretching on the rack, branding among others.  Would not mind doing NC/bondage scenes with sex toys involved.

Hooks: Ghul-Gabal will allow others to use his tools and facility for their purposes but would like to have at least a piece in the action
« Last Edit: February 25, 2015, 10:01:39 pm by rikka »

Offline vin26m

Name: Sinjin
Gender: Male
Species: Zeltron
Sinjin is a typical Zeltron specimen, highly attractive due to his genetics and noticeably muscular from years of combat and dance training.  He wears fashionable clothing off-duty and takes great pride in his appearance, but forgoes the elegant, flashy and trendy for the effective, practical and intimidating when on duty.

He stands at 6'2" and weighs just over 200 pounds.  In addition to pink skin and blue hair, he produces pheromones that make him naturally likable and appealing, he has limited telepathy in the form of projecting emotions onto others, and he has an acute sense of smell that can be a blessing or a curse. 

Role: Client
Profession: Smuggler
Corruption Meter: 30%
Personality:  Sharp.  Resourceful.  Independent.  Shady.  Opportunistic.  Charismatic.  Witty.  Cocky.  Reckless.
Sinjin was born to a male Corellian smuggler and a female Zeltron veil dancer.  After living a life of hedonism and pleasure on his mother's home planet, he gave in to his wanderlust and traveled throughout space on his father's heavy stock freighter. 

He later enlisted in Corsec, where he enjoyed the demanding physical aspect of his job, but chafed under the numerous regulations. 

He left the force and joined a mercenary group called the Corellian Eclipse, which proclaimed the goal of security without restrictions. 

After his father died of natural causes, he inherited his father's ship and continued his smuggling operations, taking mercenary jobs as needed.

He enjoys fine food, drink, clothing and women, and he always looks for a reason to celebrate when business is concluded. 

He can understand multiple languages, include Wookie and Binary (Droidspeak).

While he is a skilled pilot, combatant, and technician, he thinks of himself mostly as a leader who brings out the best in the more specialized members of his crew, which includes a loyal Wookie paying a life-debt to his father and an R2 unit with a serious attitude to go with its utility.

O/O: I want to have a scene involving his pheromones and his telepathy.

Hooks: Sinjin is a slave trafficker and glitterstim smuggler who has regular employment with Lord Crimson.  He spends most of the payments from his jobs on the slaves in the palace.  He regularly buys, sells, rents and borrows slaves for himself, and he likes to train slaves for fun.  He's a regular at the palace, so he knows many of the other clients, staff and slaves.

« Last Edit: February 25, 2015, 08:33:31 pm by vin26m »

Offline Miroque

Name: Erith
Gender: Female
Species: Cathar
Appearance: Young cathar female. 5´ and under hundred pounds.
Role: Slave
Profession: Street urchin
Corruption Meter: 5%
Personality: Erith is self first type of pussycat. She is an survivalist.
Erith has lived as an orphan for years at Outland Transit Station. She have learned to look out for herself and doing oddjobs here and there, mostly wokring as dancer in one of the stations many bars. War between Rebels and Empire was profitable as OTS was located in Hutt space and was filled with travellers from afar, all thirsty for exotic shows and easy pickpocket marks. This was her downfall. She was caught by OTS security staff, and them being wokring for Hutts, their laws were severe. Crime against the Hutt goals was dealt swiftly. She was sold to slavers without second glance.

O/O: I like the breaking of slaves will, forced servitude (sexual and otherwise), pimping, beastiality, humiliation and NC. To name a few. And this being StarWars, interracial  being given.

Hooks: New slave to be broken in. Which ever way possible.
« Last Edit: February 25, 2015, 11:52:16 pm by Miroque »

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Looks good, although would need more slaves though.

Offline Etherealgirl

Updated. Lemme know if I need to fix anything.

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Looks okay to me. But I guess her corruption meter would grow slower rate with interactions with men compared to women (yes, women can be part of the staff also). But would she turn bi-sexual in 100% corruption then? Or simply enjoy sex but form no bonds with men anyway? Just overall curious long term goal.

Offline Etherealgirl

I think by the end she would end up bisexual or pan-sexual.  :)

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Ok, so that manner corruption would affect her :). Anycase, 2 slaves, 3 staff members (two with possible being clients) + boss in. MOAR SLAVES TO MY DEN!

Offline eBadger

Lovely character image, Ethereal! 

And yes, definitely hope the subbie interest from the other thread translates to this one. 

Offline Kimera

I might make a slave girl for this ^^

Offline Etherealgirl

Thanks ebadger! :D

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Also side note as this never came up in original thread that bodily modifications/transformations are possible but it needs slave players consent naturally. Piercings also or 'lazer printed tattoo' stamping are also possible :). Overall the game should serve various forms of fetishes in Sci-Fi Star Wars environment.

Offline Max

Will try to get my character in tomorrow.  Any restrictions on slave girls?

One idea I had was maybe a New Republic spy, sent in to find out what was going on here?  Or maybe a law enforcement agent, local to this area of space, who had gotten in the way of some plot of a minion of Lord Crimson?

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

No limits in slave girls. Your idea sounds good, a republic spy or a law force agent who wound up into slavery through caught by trying interfere one Lord Crimson's operations.

Offline rikka

Zaer, that's a very funny dbz reference on Lord Crimson's corruption level.  XD
« Last Edit: February 26, 2015, 12:18:40 pm by rikka »

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

With Lord Crimson corruption level? Yeah, completely intentional reference :P. But it's also warning that if anyone thinks take him on, expect to be crushed (literally) by a star destroyer (yeah, bit hint about his origins if you know the Star Wars references).

Offline rikka

So what will the staff call you? Milord, boss, or master?  :P

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Just boss, or Lord Crimson if want to be formal. But he himself cares what name/title he is called by.

Offline Etherealgirl

How many more players are we looking for?

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

At least point where there are slaves equal to staff/client + boss.

Offline inflatetress

Name: Cassia
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Cassia is a curvy, tall blonde human with bright green eyes.  She has several augmented parts on her body.
Role: Slave
Profession: life-long slave
Corruption Meter: 10%
Personality: As a life long slave, mostly of sexual nature, Cassia is not very smart.  She's spent her entire life being ogled and lusted after and has let it go to her head.  She is vapid, selfish, slutty and very ditzy and dumb.  Cassia is very content in her role and even hates the other slave girls that complain and try to escape, she's very loyal to whoever her captors are as long as they pay attention to her!
Cassia was born into slavery and has spent her entire life being groomed, augmented and trained to pretty much be a living sex toy.

O/O: Kinda up for anything!

Hooks: As mentioned, Cassia really does not like the other slaves, she thinks they are all uglier than her and they distract from people giving her attention!