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August 12, 2022, 07:00:18 am

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Author Topic: First Contact (Mass Effect)  (Read 499 times)

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First Contact (Mass Effect)
« on: February 23, 2015, 10:26:26 pm »
So... I fell in love with Mass Effect. I've played all 3 twice now and enjoyed  the world that was created and of course this means that I also have an itch to write in this particular genre. I'm considering making this a one shot but prefer plot-heavy stories so I'll be posting this here. The sort of writer I'm looking for is creative and bold and willing to create a character of their own. This will not be canon based characters.

And before I list out the plot please note that I'm writing this post on my phone. They keys aren't always agreeing with me.

My character: a human woman who works as security for well-to-do families or for those traveling to a new colony. She isn't military herself but her family is, and isn't a stranger to the challenges of space travel.

Your character: Turian or Drell, or at least that's my personal preference. The background is totally up to you since it is your character.

Plot: Remember this isn't pure canon. Creative licenses are being taken... mostly because I'm going off of the facts in the game and I'm not going to study the Wiki or read any of the books. But...

This will take place before the first contact war, when humans are an unknown race. While my character is on a security run with families to Shanxi their ship gets boarded by a group of slavers  (Vorcha, Batarians, maybe some Krogan?) She gets captured and taken through the mass relay and from there I thought the story could split two ways.

One: the slaver ship is boarded and she's rescued by your character who had never seen or heard of a human before. And since humans have yet to have those fancy chips inserted that allows them to understand other races, I thought it might be fun for the lack of communication until they give her one. Your character now has in his care an alien never seen before and because of that, by travel of word, could be worth quite a lot to unseemly people.

Two: The slavers bring my character to an underground ring that hosts illegal fights, pitting aliens of every type against each other, here our characters could meet (as competitors? As a sting?) And they work together to survive and escape when it all goes to hell.

I'm happy to talk about more ideas and of course I'm also willing to expand. These were just the current ones floating through my head.

Please PM me if you're interested!