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May 22, 2018, 01:16:23 PM

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Author Topic: The Nonsensical and Verbose Invitations of The Baby Baking Mistress [F for M]  (Read 533 times)

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Offline CarlissaTopic starter

Hi! I’m Carlissa! For the poor soul whose reading this, welcome to my RP request thread! I hope you survive enjoy your stay!

About Me

While I like to think of myself as a creative mastermind and proverbial idea woman, I am little more than a guppy in search of fun in the giant ocean that is the Internet. An aspiring writer, I hope to constantly improve my literary abilities by RPing with others, especially with those who possess superior abilities to mine.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the kinkiest of people on E; fulfilling my sexual fantasies through story is subservient to the story itself. Make no mistake; I always welcome smut in my games. But sex in the midst of an uninspired story is rather boring and disenchanting. Creativity is a MUST for all of my RPs, even those whose primary focus is on the sexy times.

At this point, you’re probably wondering if I have any kinks. That’s actually a good question, since pinpointing what turns me on is an ability which I do not possess in spades, I’m afraid. That’s not to say that nothing turns me on however; quite the opposite, in fact! I encourage an adventurous mind in the virtual bedroom, so nearly everything in the Dictionary of Fetishes is something which I’m willing to try! I’m sure I’m going to regret writing that later, so let’s move on to what does turn me on.

For starters, I’m sure you've noticed my custom title hovering over my delicious avatar. That’s right; my primary fetish is PREGNANCY! Yay! What’s not to like about creating new life within your or your loved one’s body? In the past, pregnancy played a role in all of my RPs, usually acting as the underlying theme of the plot and smut. As you’ll see later on however, many of my RP ideas are action oriented, which doesn’t leave much room for baby making and baking. Therefore, if we share a common fetish, I’m always open for discussion on how we can implement it into our game.

In regards to other sexual elements which I take a strong liking, I’m afraid there aren’t many to mention. I can say that I like to have a “romance” in all of my RPs, whether they be sexually or plot driven. Passion is always a plus, so don’t hesitate to write sexual encounters with rough physical activity in mind. Things like foreplay and intercourse in unconventional environments are always welcome too.

For Whom I’m Searching

When it comes to partner seeking, the first thing I continually scout for is someone’s literary ability. That is, their ability to write a post that’s substantial in length and fun to read. I expect my partners to find ease in writing long posts, execute proper punctuation, and be creative in dialogue. Having a vast knowledge of the English language or access to a thesaurus is also a plus. I also urge my partners to avoid repetitiveness, use decent sentence structure, and allow plenty of time for my characters to respond to yours.

On the topic of post frequency, I don’t expect my partners to post every day. As the daily grind can suddenly become difficult on both ends of the line, slow posting periods are guaranteed to happen. My attitude towards activity are therefore lax; a post a week won’t garner a complaint from me. My posting frequency is guaranteed to fluctuate as well, so don’t feel an obligation to post if I’m writing faster than you.

I expect all my partners to approach all characters and situations with a creative mindset. As I aim to make the most intriguing and fun characters as my imagination will allow, the amount of time and effort into designing them is always substantial. I do not claim to be a creative genius, nor do I expect my partners to be, but I strongly encourage that you spend as much effort creating your characters as you do writing your posts. Think outside the box when creating their backstory, history, personality, and ambitions. Bland, one-dimensional people with pretty faces are NOT the kind of characters with whom I want to play. A character who is attractive but possesses no interesting qualities is little more than a sexually-appealing bag of meat in my eyes.

I mentioned earlier that I’m very flexible when it comes to fetishes, so feel free to bring up anything you may want implemented in our RPs. The only thing I ask is that my partner play a MALE CHARACTER. Playing multiple characters of any gender is welcome however.


Still here? Really? Wow, color me surprised. Since you haven’t run away with your hands to the sky by now, I'm guessing you're still interested in RPing with me. In that case, I present to you: a list of vague RP topics! If you have any interest in these topics, feel free to shoot me a PM and we'll iron out a plot, setting, and everything else. If you don't see a topic which you would like to play but are still interested in RPing with me, you are free to contact me with a different concept!

1920's America
Medieval/Dark Ages
Dark Fantasy
Martial Arts

Fandoms (Original Characters)
Pokemon (No Pokehumans/Gijinkas/whatever you kids call them these days)
Dragon Ball
Star Wars
The Elder Scrolls

And by the way, PLEASE DON'T POST IN THE THREAD IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN A RP! That's what PM is for!  ;)
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Offline CarlissaTopic starter

CHANGELOG: Removed pre-established ideas and replaced them with a few vague concepts, which will act as the foundation of a plot that my potential partner and I will create. I will be updating the list over time. As mentioned in the main post, feel free to contact me if you don't find any of the listed concepts to your liking!