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January 19, 2021, 12:19:04 AM

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Author Topic: Z’s Strange Places  (Read 386 times)

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Offline Z488411Topic starter

Z’s Strange Places
« on: February 21, 2015, 04:51:02 PM »

Hello there and Welcome!

I’m currently looking to start another few stories.
First of all, please if you find anything striking your fancy here or perhaps just something you’re curious about, PM me. Let’s not clutter up this thread any more than it likely will end up as due to my own actions already.

Secondly I recommend reading my O/Os. They should give you an idea of what kind of writing I’m looking for.

This is not a request for any particular fetish, nor any particular pairing, though should it suit the story I might engage in or suggest a rather wide variety. There are some specific things I won’t do, you can find them on my roleplay preferences, but I like to think it’s not a lot in case you’re worried about that.

As for myself, I prefer third person, two paragraphs or more, though how much more depends in large parts on my partner. I also prefer to play multiple characters, I would be delighted if you did as well, but it’s not a requirement. It allows me to drift in and out of characters, perhaps drop one and leave them to their fate. Most of all I just like to write, to the best of my ability and hopefully getting better as I go along. I’m hoping to create an intricate, compelling story in an at least semi collaborative world with someone, or several people as the case may be.

You should be aware that my writing thrives on conflict. I find myself continually unable to stay engaged in any pure romance or mainly romantic stories, even if they do involve BDSM or very extreme power imbalances. Which is not to say I don’t appreciate it as an elements but should it turn into the main focus will likely lose interest.

Now what is this all about? I’m sure I’ve probably turned away most people by now without managing to put down anything approaching concrete ideas.

I won’t put fully formed plots here, I find them rather constricting myself, as If I am playing a puppet in someone else’s story or in any other case derailing their fantasy. I would like to write with you, so I will put down vague ideas and adjustable settings with their main elements here. I don’t mind if the plot gets derailed, just as long as it doesn’t stagnate, though even that can be remedied.
We will probably have to exchange and perhaps (or hopefully) continue to exchange plotting messages both beforehand and at certain points during, to make sure things will go smoothly and resolve issues not entirely in character in case either or both of us want things to go a certain way. I always love new messages, though I will do my best not to unnecessarily clutter your inbox.

So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it. These are by no means exclusive, just snippets of inspiration.

Alternate Histories
In my case I’m quite fond of supernatural (or preternatural /historical as well.

Such as for example messing about with vampire gangs during the prohibition era and trying to gain as much power as possible without attracting too much attention.

Or perhaps a roman republic in the middle ages with huge amounts of clockwork technology, investigating disappearances of prominent family members and an odd new cult

I would like to try places and cultures other than the sort of US American – western european culture I grew up with.

Maybe something involving Stalinism? Imperial China? What if Aztec or a South American culture had survived and was using a different kind of blend of magic and technology.

Supernatural (or preternatural)/Modern – very classic, really.

Science fantasy – Preferably with quite a lot of technology available and of the at least somewhat dystopian type.

Cyberpunk + magic (though probably inspired by but not the same as Shadowrun both in species selection and history),k weaving about the underground.

Fantasy, other.
This stuff is work. Lots of work, especially if like me you’re not all that keen on the usual court intrigue/romance plots. Though I suppose game of thrones influences do help in that regard. Though something  game of thrones like to me is if you’re not willing to create new countries and such and are using existing geography or something that could be considered as such, would fall under alternate history. Though if this works it can be absolutely amazing.

I’m kind of tired and still feeling empty, so I’ll update this later.

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