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May 23, 2018, 01:53:55 PM

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Author Topic: Escape from Slavery (M for F, dark themes)  (Read 259 times)

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Offline DenivarTopic starter

Escape from Slavery (M for F, dark themes)
« on: February 20, 2015, 11:33:44 PM »
The unimaginable has happened: you have been enslaved. Captured, taken, sold. Now you are a piece of property, subject to the capricious whim of others who now consider you mere property. A thing to be used and abused for their convenience and pleasure, whether it be for sex or for labor, or whatever else they please.

But you are a determined woman. You determine that you will never be broken. Never a slave in spirit, never consider yourself the property of another. Do you show defiance openly, or do you keep it a secret? Do you speak with other slaves of it? You decide that nothing is more important to you, indeed nothing matters at all, other than winning your freedom. Is it by escape? Simply earning your freedom and release by pleasing your owners? Or do you try for something unspeakable in its ambition: a full fledged slave revolt, overthrowing those who hold power?

I am interested in GMing someone in this very open ended concept. It will take place in an open world, with you, enslaved, wanting to win your freedom. You will have to interact with masters and mistresses, freemen and free women, and your fellow slaves. Trying to survive. Having to navigate the harsh rules that govern the situation you find yourself in. Trying to win your freedom.

I have been intentionally abstract about the specifics of the setting: it could be something historical, set in ancient times, or in a fantasy world, or from a dystopian or sci-fi future. I am happy to discuss the specifics of the world a little more after choosing a partner. We could also discuss exactly how you came to be a slave. Were you once a free woman who was sold for debt? A noble who was captured by enemies and enslaved? Or perhaps you are a woman from earth transported to another world where slavery is commonplace? The only requirement is you are a woman who never in her wildest dreams expected to be in this situation. Yet now you are determined to fight it, to overcome -- though it is your choice entirely how you do this. Perhaps by force of will, perhaps by guile and cunning.

The role play will include a variety of characters. Some of the free people will be pure evil of course, but some might be more conflicted in one way or another, showing certain kindnesses even to slaves. Likewise, different slaves will have very different attitudes.

Expect this role play to have some harsh themes. Dark and gritty. It is, after all, appropriate to the premise.

Send me a PM if you are interested. In your PM please tell me what you see your character being like. Is she feisty? Or more demure? What special abilities and skills does she have? Perhaps she is very athletic and powerful. Perhaps she knows how to use weapons. Perhaps she is cunning, knowing how to climb and pick locks. In a fantasy setting she might even have some very special ability, such as receiving strange premonitions, or being able to manipulate the elements of fire or water or plant life or speak to animals -- don't go too nuts with this though, it has to be subtle. No hurling 3d6 fireballs around in this role play. :)

Also, if there is something special, some special desire you have that you think this role play could feature at some point, let me know and I will see what I can do!

I intend this to take place on the forums, however I would prefer a partner who is open to IMing do build the world, and generally build a rapport with.
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