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Started by Inception, February 19, 2015, 08:52:26 PM

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to never return alive.
a hotline miami search

Here's What I Want

foundation of writing // Basic grammar and proper spelling. I don't demand ultra elite literacy and six pages of text during a dinner conversation. Just something with some substance. I enjoy reading good description and have a set range of paragraphs. If I exceed said range, then I feel like I'm fluffing it up. Length is not always a good thing ladies and gentleman.

good characters // This speaks for itself. I want a character with emotion, attitude and personality. A character that can separate itself from the mundane and a writer who is willing to immerse themselves into said character. If you're able to stimulate my senses with a good character, you practically have me in the palm of your hands.

creativity // We all have it in us. Firstly, I don't enjoy role-plays that run on the same treadmill. I don't want 100% of anything. I expect some quantity of action, suspense or thriller themes or something to actually move the plot along. I also don't like partners who play passive characters - you can be a fly on the wall that still contributes to the plot. Oh, and don't you dare insert my characters into your pre-written plots that you already know the beginning, middle, and end to. Brainstorm with me, let's make something together!

*will add more as they come to mind.

•RULE#1: 3-7 paragraphs minimum! Quality over quantity.
•RULE#2: I am male. I only RP male characters. You = Must be female and only play female characters within session.
•RULE#3: Romance, Angst, Drama. All up for it. The more ideas, the better. I like my sessions to have depth.
•RULE#4: Roleplays can be both short-term or long-term. If long-term please make an effort to keep the session active. I understand we all have things to do but try not to abandon play.
•RULE#5: Be creative! Bored with how the RP is going? Feel free to throw suggestions or create plot twists.
•RULE#6: Have fun!

*May attempt to make this a group role-play with enough inquiries!


For basic information to get you started, press 1.

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Hotline Miami: Never Return Alive is based off the heavily acclaimed top down shooter known for it’s ferociously energetic gameplay, sexy 80’s art direction and amazing soundtrack. Our service plans to incorporate these elements in an exciting, character driven narrative, fueled with revenge, love and all the sexy violence you could ever want. The biggest influence on the game's story was David Lynch.  Other influences to the story were the 2011 film Drive while designers took inspiration from the movie Kick-ass.


For a in-depth background of the Hotline Network, press 2.

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The touch-tone phone is the center of all the action. In our services, Hotline Miami is the one stop shop for organized killing in the greater Miami area. It’s easy and takes four simple steps.

Step 1: Call the Hotline Network. (1-800-DO-HIM-IN)
Step 2: After being greeted, wait for the beep. Then say the identity of the person you’d like to treat. “I want to treat _____”
Step 3: Please enter a valid credit card number while the Network finds the appropriate hitman for your treat. American Express is not accepted.
Step 4: Just hang up and Hotline Miami will then call you back to confirm your individual has been “treated”


For additional plot and character background story, press 3.

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The source material has two main antiheroes. Many fans have named them Jacket and Biker. Jacket is named after his blood-soaked coat because nobody knows what else to call him. The oldest memory our anti-hero seems to remember is waking up in an apartment with splattered blood on his hands and and no trace of his identity to be found. That same night, he received a series of job requests from the Hitman network, Hotline Miami. It wasn’t until he was under black light that he discovered a hit list. Alongside that list was a circled glimmer of hope. Lisa. It was a name he didn't recognize. Our hero now has a purpose. Cross off the list and find Lisa. However, somebody else has that same goal. On the surface, Biker is a mysterious killer yet inside he is a loyal man that has lost something dear to him. His rage for his missing wife causes him to use Hotline Miami to kill those that are responsible. He travels from phone call to phone call in hopes in search of Lisa who holds the key to reunite him with his wife.


For information regarding setting and atmosphere, press 4.

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Our goal is always neon and always stylish. The casting, props, wardrobe, the lighting are all part of our hyper 80’s experience that should transport the viewer to the sexy and attractive backdrop of a gritty and violent concept. Many themes are borrowed from the major films Scarface, Carlito's Way, Goodfellas and Blow, along with the hit 1980s television series Miami Vice. Hotline Miami: Never Return Alive also pays tribute to much of 1980s' culture in the cars, music, fashion, landmarks, and characters in it's story.


For member participation, press 5.

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The creators of this demonstration unfortunately can’t do this without Hotline Miami members. As a member you’re not only ensuring the growth and development of Hotline Miami, you are also entitled to various rewards based on your participation. See below for information and remember. The more member participation, the better the service quality.

Your next client awaits.

Press 1 if you want to accept or 2 to decline.

So potential members….

1 or 2?