Looking for a writing partner in a fandom*-based RP (*fandoms listed within)

Started by ashesandcinder, February 18, 2015, 05:34:48 PM

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Hey all,

and thanks for reading my good ol' generic search thread without any of the fancy trappings others include in their threads. Alright, here's all the info you are going to need before you get to decide whether or not I might be your next writing partner.

I write mainly m/m with a few rare exceptions (though currently, it's m/m I'm looking for). A word to the wise, just so you know upfront and can bow out before having to read the rest of my blathering on: I do not time-skip or fade to black for romantic encounters. Now, that's not to say I am constantly going for narrating such scenes in every glorious detail, but when they come up (and they will), they will be given their space. I write maturely for mature characters, and mature scenes are a part of the package deal. I know that shouldn't be an issue on a site like elliquiy, but I've run into issues before so I'm putting it up front.

My likes/ interests are hurt/comfort with a big emphasis on hurt -- torture, rape, anything you want to have done to my or your character, I'm sure I can match you bit by bit. The only thing I don't do is turning rape into true luuuuurrrrrrrvvvvvveeee, meaning that, since there is going to be a (budding) relationship between our characters, I will not do it based on a rape.

Now, if you are still reading, here is what I am bringing to the table (and, in paranthesis, what I hope to see from you in return):
* literate writing with solid grammar, vocabulary and spelling (I'd expect the same from you)
* a length of about 700-1000 words or more each post (it doesn't have to be a race for long and longer posts but something along that length would be nice)
* a turn-around time of about ca. 1-2 days, with an alert for you should I be absent for a longer period of time due to circumstances (I'd expect the same from you)
* many years of roleplaying and writing experience -- and when I say many, I mean about 20 :P Yes, 20 years of experience. (I don't care if you are brand-spanking new to writing or have been at it for 50 years ;) Just as long as you are legal to write whatever we'll end up writing.)
* a fairly squick-less approach to writing, meaning that not many things will really put me off -- if it floats your boat, we can at least discuss it and see if it would be something that I'm into. (Let's talk about likes and dislikes if you are interested)
* a wide variety of fandoms to choose from -- I mostly do fandom-based RPs, rarely original -- I like to have a world already built for me to only frolick in. (pick one below and get in touch)
* the interest to sustain an RP over a long period of time, moving forward in time by moving to different scenes in the characters' lives (You are hopefully not a roleplaying mayfly so .. let's give it a whirl?)

The fandoms (in no particular order) we could be working in (and the main characters I could offer to write within them bolded -- if there is none bolded, then I can write either):
* Harry Potter (Harry/ Draco) (Sirius/ Remus) (James/ Lily) (Severus/ Regulus) (Credence/ Graves)
* Nolan's Batman 'verse (Commissioner Gordon/ Bruce Wayne)
* Dragon Age Origins (Warden/ Zevran)
* Dragon Age II (Fenris/ Hawke or Anders)
* Star Trek TOS (Kirk/ Spock)
* Star Trek Voyager (Tom Paris/ Harry Kim)
* Hellboy (Hellboy/ John Myers)
* X-Men (young Charles Xavier/ young Eric Lehnsherr) (Cyclops/ make a suggestion) (Wolverine/ make a suggestion)
* Avengers (any set of two between Loki, Thor, Captain America, Bucky or Ironman)
* Doctor Who (Jack Harkness/ 10th)
* Stargate SG1 (Jack O'Neill/ Daniel Jackson)
* BBC Merlin (Merlin/ Arthur)
* House (House/ Wilson)
* LOTR (Aragorn/ Arwen or Legolas or Faramir or Eomer)
* The Newsies (Jack/ David)
* Criminal Minds (Reed/ Morgan)
* The A-Team
* Star Wars (Poe/Finn) (Han/Leia) (Kotor)

Outside of these fandom-based RPs, I can also do genetic fantasy-realm ones like Prince/ Captive or Centaur/ Human etc.

Let me know if there's anything here that interests you. I'd appreciate it if you'd contact me via PM.

Once I can find the time to create a proper graphic, this place shall be filled with favorites of mine. Until then, feel free to assume that I am boring ;)