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Author Topic: The Heroine of Old Gwenmont Village (short/system/NC)  (Read 225 times)

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The Heroine of Old Gwenmont Village (short/system/NC)
« on: February 18, 2015, 03:44:44 AM »
As a traveling adventuress, you are always on the lookout for opportunities: heroics, riches and fame. You first arrived in Old Gwenmont village two weeks ago and heard about the trouble locals are having with goblins stealing from the town and sometimes raiding the nearby fields. After just a little asking around, you tracked down the monsters and cleared the cave they inhabited, freeing the villagers from the vile little creatures. However, after your return the village elder had a look of worry and not gratitude on his face. It turns out someone was using the goblins as minions, and their master was about to get angry a would-be heroine interfered. The villagers seemed too scared to talk about this boss... other than it was a terrifying monster and it would surely come to terrorize the village.
Deciding you would free these people from their fearful oppression you step up for the challenge, like a hero should! Three days later at dusk, the creature comes to destroy Gwenmont, and only you can stop it!

However unknown to you, the villagers doubt your chances and prepare a backup plan...

Will the brave adventurer triumph over this adversary, or become prey for it? Will the villagers betray their savior and offer her as a sacrifice to please their monstrous overlord?


I would like to run one or a series of short/one-shot system games (I am willing to run pathfinder, or the 4th or 5th editions of dnd) based around the idea above. An adventurer defending a helpless village from some manner of monster, while the villager might be just afraid enough to betray her to their tyrant. The game would consist of two parts: after a short intro, the heroine would battle the boss monster, and based on the outcome of the fight (who wins, remaining hit points etc) the second part where she is either a celebrated savior of the town enjoying the rewards of heroics, or claimed by the monster to suffer (or enjoy) the indignities of failure. Becoming a heroine, a sacrifice or a sex slave, either way the story would be over after these scenes play out as I do not intend to take this into an ongoing game campaign.

The setting would be a generic fantasy realm, and specifics on mechanics such as power level, equipment and the enemy would have to be decided after the player expresses interest in a system. (For example, a vampire would work differently in pathfinder or dnd4).
I do intend to make this a relatively low to mid powered game to avoid too much over the top action or overly quick resolutions, so I was thinking around the lines of somewhere between 4-8th level depending on the system. While discussing the identity of the boss monster is OK, I would like to keep it hidden fromthe player until the game starts... it will be a different enemy every time or I might create a new monster entirely. Either way it will be a fair (though slightly handicapped) fight for our brave heroine.
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