Looking to join a game [MxM, looking for doms]

Started by dror, February 13, 2015, 06:13:00 PM

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I play both male and female characters.
Male - I usually play two types of characters (though that can easily be expanded):
1. support characters - these are usually the less muscular, less "manly" characters who see their role as supporting someone else. They know their strength and weeknesses, but more importantly the needs of their peers. They tend to be more "traditionalist" in how they see the roles of each character, both in general and when it comes to sexual relations. They'll connect less with those who think they can lead by day and become servents in bed.
2. Fighting class - these are usually the muscular "hunks" who think of the world in terms of strength, and mostly physical one at that. They lead, or are lead by anyone strong enough to overcome them, and work this way in both general and in bed. They can be gentle, rough or anything else, so long as the balance of power is kept with those strongest on top.
NOTE: As you'll read in the next sections, I only pair these character types with someone actually able to overpower them.

Female - I play two female types:
1. The sarcastic, independant yet sexually submissive woman, who doesn't think what she does in her bed has anything to do with how she acts anywhere else, nor does she agree that those dominating her at night will do so during the day. She doesn't expect pampering, though she won't object to it either.
2. The slutty sex slave girl who hungers for it.

All my characters are very versetile when it comes to adventuring. They can be heavy armored knights or unarmored ninjas. Everything goes. They are usually curious by nature (simply because I am, and that's a hard trait to conceal).

I do NOT like preprepared characters! I create a character on a game basis.

The way I play depends on how fast the game is going. If there are 5+ posts per day, I don't mind shorter messages. If we're talking about 1 post a day, than a two liner just won't cut it. I don't want books written, but the game needs to advance at a reasonable pace.
English is NOT my native language (though I'm told I speak it very well), so if you're a grammar freak you probably don't want to play with me. Sometimes I write my messages on Word for the grammar checks, sometimes I don't, and I have no intention of starting to always do it.

I like interesting games, both in plot but not less so in sex. I play A LOT of off-forum games in RL and online, and this is where I come for ADULT games and experimenting with sexual RP, so if you don't like lengthy sex descriptions I'm not your guy.
That being said - this isn't porn. I expect games with plots, well-built worlds, etc.

I myself won't create new games for a while, especially because I already do that A LOT off-forums. but I'm always looking for new games to play in.

Right, so I'm seeking M/M or Group/M mostly, or M/F or Group/F if I'm playing a female. I don't mind much if the players are male or female (though I prefer males), so long as the characters are.
From this point on, when I write "I" I am refering to characters in the game, NOT the players.

1. General likes: I like guys who are taller and more muscular than myself. This is true for all my character types. I like them rough, who don't take bullshit and who have a clear point of no return, afterwhich no amount of begging would stop them from mounting me.
I like them controlling, mildly physcally violent, forceful. A guy who knows what he wants and how to take it (not get it!).

2. Specifics:
Anal sex (receiving)
Oral (Giving and Receiving)
Clothed Sex
Double and multiple Penetration (Recieving)
Drug & Alcohol use (Receiving)
Face Slapping (Receiving)
Hair pulling
Cum Shots
Strip Tease
Swallowing cum
Abuse (sexual, physical, mental, emotional)
Dirty talking
Face fucking (Receiving)
Hand cuffs
Public places
Fantasy and Medieval settings
Modern Fantasy

If you have ideas for games and are looking for a player like me, simply PM me!

Settings - I play mostly (though I'm open to others) Fantasy or Sci-Fi games, possibly Dark Fantasy or Modern Fantasy.