Elven romance-F seeking M, World building and creating history

Started by Verasaille, February 09, 2015, 02:09:27 PM

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Hello all! I have been told to make my story requests more specific and focused. So here it goes.
I am building a world in the World Building threads. I need help in the Elven Area of Aluvia. Synopsis here:


The area covers a vast part of the Eastern Seaboard. There are four distinct elven varieties. The Blanqua, the Greneida, the Faela and the Perida. Each tribal unit claims a specific area, they seldom war and are often seen trading with each other without incident. They are barely tolerant of other races, and often chase them off their lands with deadly effects. They have a very highly developed society, full of artistry and song. As well as a potent military. Archery is favored by all the elves, but short blades and melee combat is also trained as well as siege weaponry. The few who delve into magic are unparalleled in skill. The Elven King Emortalus, has ruled for three hundred years. He is known to be patient, fair and respectful to all the elven kind. Though he is considered the High King of the Elves, his rule does not extend beyond the elven lands. All four of the elven main tribes pay him tribute and give him much respect.

The Blanqua

From the Misted Peaks to the North that rise out of the sea come the legends of the White Elves. Skin as pale as alabaster, blue slanted eyes and short pointed ears, they are known as the Blanqua. Fine boned and short, there are none taller than four feet in height. As a people they are very reclusive. Living on the smaller game plentiful in the foothills of the Misted Peaks, and gathering berries in the summer to dry and use as seasoning the rest of the year. It is said they can create a mist with their magic and vanish into it like a ghost. They use bows made of willow and arrows tipped with the paralyzing poison of a thorn bush that grows in their woods. They trade with their neighbors to the south for the some foodstuffs and also for spirits like the elven brandy and wine.

Their trade commodities include furs and rich oils from the animals they use for food. Whale oil and furs from seals and white bears. Their homes are often shelters dug out of the permafrost and reinforced with whalebone and hides. They are impervious to the cold. Their tribal units are often families who marry together and combine resources. They use domesticated deer to hitch to sleds to haul goods to the trade centers.

The Greneida

The Greneida are the deep forest dwellers, building their beautiful shelters out of the trees and plants without killing them Their dwellings are living and growing constantly and the elves shape them with judicious pruning and song. The only wood that is burned is that of the dead trees that nature has given them for that reason. Sometimes this dead wood is cut into planks and made into furniture and shelves. Woodworking is a very prized part of their heritage and they do it to a fine art. Lacquers and stains made from natural things found in the forest are what make the elven woodworking so fine.

Their forests are home to a wide variety of game including the deer, elk and moose. There are smaller animals as well, from skunks and weasels to raccoons and porcupines and beavers. Plenty of birds and a wide variety of predators, including cats and wolves. The Greneida pride themselves on living with nature in harmony. In appearance they are taller than most humans, standing at seven feet for the tallest males. They are slender and agile, and very fast. Hair coloring can range from a soft pale green to a vivid red in shades of flame. Their eyes are almost always green.

The Faela

The smallest members of the Elven race are simply called Faela. There are so many in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that even the elves have given up trying to keep track of them except for a few die hard sages. Ranging in size from twelve inches tall to a full three feet tall, they are gifted with flight. Wings come in many colors and are good only for short distances. A Faela can only stay in the air continuously for about ten minutes. They can however flit about all day. If they are not constantly in the air, it might seem so. Hair is brightly colored often because it is dyed. A natural color would be white. Their eyes range from bright blue to a deep sapphire.

They migrate from the Northern foothills in the summer to the Dales in the winter. They are not a hardy race and are easily harmed by larger and faster predators. Because of this they multiply rapidly and often have swarms where the play is raucous and orgiastic. They eat berries and grains and rice, with some insects taking priority at certain times of the year. They also raise silkworms and harvest the silk to sell to the other races. The making of dyes and colored silk cloth is a favored past time.

The Perida

The Perida are the southern coastal dwellers. Making their homes on the rocky promontories, or islands off the coast, out of stone and driftwood and sometimes the bones of sea monsters and whales. They are the shipbuilders and the most likely to trade and make friends with other races. Dark hair and brown or deep violet eyes are common. Their build is wiry and strong, standing at about the same average height as a human. Outgoing and friendly, they love to spin yarns and gamble. They can be passionate and fiery tempered as well.

They ply everything from sea going vessels to riverboats and lake fishing schooners. They love the water, being excellent swimmers and fisher folk. There have been times when the Perida were known to be pirates, before the Elf King signed the treaties with the humans to protect trade. There are still some who will try occasionally if they can get away with it.

I would like a separate 1x1 rp for each section of the Elven people. PM me with your thoughts and wishes on this subject. I am very willing to accommodate most anyone who wants to write with me. This will basically be me and a second writer making some history and background for each of the different types of Elves.

Levels of intimacy will vary. I am fine with no sex involved, or fine with writing gritty realistic scenes that leave you wanting a cold shower. It depends on how well we work together and how the story evolves.

I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.


I am open to anyone wishing to set a story in this world of mine with the elves, dwarves or humans.

Adding this picture for the thread, I have a partner for the Grenida.

I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.


I am still interested in having 1x1's for each of the four elf tribes. I would love to wander the southern coast as a Perida. Dark hair and dark eyes, friendly and outgoing and passionate about their lives and loves.

The Blanqua, cool air, secretive minds, intrigue and suspense. Can you melt a heart that is wrapped in ice and seeking revenge?

I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.


Still looking for more romance. Or even just a rollicking good story of Elves and magic!

I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.