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Started by Vetis, October 11, 2008, 09:24:30 PM

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Hi All! I'm new to Elliquiy, and am still not comfortable with coming out straight farward with my desires for a roleplay. At this point I am open to simply playing with someone. I'm honestly looking more for a long-term roleplay with some saucy sexual twists here and there. I have a character in the works that is in the market for a friend that could form into something more.

PM me if interested in any sort of action.

- Vetis


Or just reply here....

...I'm friendly...I promise!...


I'd be interested in seeing what your character is looking like so far...  that way I could possibly craft a character to fit.


It might help to be a bit more specific...perhaps if you'd like NC, Vanilla, idea of what you might be looking for...even if general might help!  ;D


Well, you've peeked my interest! :)

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance"

Know who the quote is by, without google? Drop me a PM if so. :)

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OK. So the basic idea that I'm looking for is development. I have had my fair share of roleplays where it begins, our characters greet eachother, and then clothing is strewn about and bodies are going at it. That, while sometimes fun, doesn't interest me that much anymore. I am looking for depth. I'm looking for the ability to actually let my character feel something for a person before anything actually begins to heat up.

So that means that the scene can be wide open! We could be mall rats hanging out together, or meet while gathering groceries, or even something silly like meeting at a bar. The idea's are endless, and that is why it is so inticing to me. Each person I talk to can have their own custom roleplay with me with that style of thinking.

So, I'm sorry I cant say specifics for what I'm looking for, because that's what I'm specifically trying to avoid. :)