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Started by Zombie Apocalypso, October 11, 2008, 03:25:40 AM

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Zombie Apocalypso

In the land of fable and myth there exists tales of dragons kidnapping young virgins, and the towns who sacrifice these virgins to these terrible beasts. Unless a knight comes along and slays the dragon the young virgin is slaughtered and then devoured mercilessly by the hungry Dragon. In the land of Acteon truth is not far from legend.

Among the alps of long since forgotten mountain terrain exists a kingdom of dragons. Here humans are no longer the hunters, but the hunted. Virgin females are sought for their fertility, it's said that a dragon can smell her luscious female organs from thousands of miles away. Since their female kind are completely sterile, there is a need for human females to sustain the life of the kingdom thus they are a highly sought after commodity too those dragon nobles who need to produce heirs to their fortunes. The dragons, with the ability to take a human form, will come down and woo maidens before whisking them away. Once a maiden is gone she is never heard from again.

It is customary for a young woman to birth one or two dragon children and then get slaughtered and eaten during the next big feast. Just like any fleshy meat, humans are nothing more then a food source and a viable means of reproduction. These reptilian humanoids are far more superior then than humans, standing at least four feet higher with a strength and dexterity much greater then the average human. However, because they cannot reproduce naturally and their population is still very small, they must be careful and not give away that they are more then fable. 

In this dragon land there exists a hierarchy, with humans on the very bottom. Every thousand years or so dragon men can pay to be allowed outside of the kingdom to find his own human, otherwise he must stay put and wait until the humans are brought too him, which often means he either won't get one or won't get first pick. Female dragons usually take the head of the household positions, being much stronger then their male counterparts it is a no wonder. The only Male who can physically over take any female dragons  is the King of the Dragons himself.

The King is perpetually much stronger then the rest both mentally and physically. When he takes a wife he is certain to make sure that she is never stronger than him and when he chooses human females he always gets the cream of the crop. If his heir looks like he is getting too big for his boots, the king will kill his own and start over anew in order to keep his place on the throne.

There is no council to elect a king, nobody that the king must answer to. The king is simply the strongest, eldest and most dominant male of the dragon world. The only way he can be overthrown is by brute force.


One such Dragon after three thousand years has grown strong enough to overtake the king and in turn become king himself. This dragon was born and raised amongst humans for a large span of his life and has different views on how the kingdom should be run. When it finally becomes his time to take a wife he has many beautiful dragon women to choose from. After going through at least four of them in a unnatural span of time he decides that maybe another dragon is not what he wants so  he secretly sends scouts to find the perfect human female to take to his bed and make his queen.

The woman they come back with is indeed perfect. Virtuous and beautiful, with fiery eyes there is little he can do to not fall for her charms. However, being taken by her will too a place she could never even begin to dream of, and being asked by a man who can shape shift into large reptilian forms is a bit much for a young naive woman to consent to. He is certain that she is the one, the deadly nightshade poisoning his heart with infatuation, so he comes to her offering her a deal. Of course he could just make her his bride by force, but he wants her to be happy, wants her to love him the way he is most certain he could love her.

So after some deliberation they strike a bargain.  If he can make her fall in love with him in a years time she must stay, partake of his immortal blood, and be his human queen until the end of his reign, however if she does not fall madly in love within a years time he will take her back home personally, with her virginity in tact so that she might wed a rich human male and die in seventy years later. Keeping his promise proves harder to do then he originally believed. Not only does he have to contend with the dragon population, who believes that taking a human bride is an atrocity, but he also must contend with a growing sexual hunger that is so insatiable, even a thousand virgins could not quench his thirst. 

They're relationship is going great, but when she unknowingly betrays him and is framed for something she did not do, it is too much for his dragon heart to bear. He becomes mean and intolerant, vowing revenge on her kind, but most of all revenge on her. He tricks her into drinking his blood, thus she shall live as she is and never grow old unless he first dies. Day after day he makes her life miserable claiming that he would never had reason to harm her if she hadn't broken his heart.


And that is where I ended it because if  I don't stop now then I won't ever stop and this will just end up being a really long piece to read.

I am looking for somebody to play the dragon king

This will pretty much go into NC-Exotic or Extreme..

If you have questions or comments please PM. me