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Author Topic: Bad Night to be A Good Cop (M seeking F)  (Read 568 times)

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Bad Night to be A Good Cop (M seeking F)
« on: January 28, 2015, 05:21:33 PM »
Alright, let's break me in.


This story takes place in the fictional town of Owen, TX (which might exist, I haven't checked the map). It's a quiet, developing township with only an hour commute to San Antonio. Owen has many of the fixtures you could expect from a growing community; public schools, locally owned businesses, McDonalds, the usual. The people are also very friendly and warm, with a predominantly white population. However, it has it's share fair of other ethnicities and even a small Native American community with their own welcome center for tribe members passing through.

Indeed, Owen is quite the place to live if you're a small town sort and enjoy the quiet that one can't get in a major city. There's also the grizzly murders and gratuitous blood letting, but local law enforcement keeps that under wraps.

Unbeknownst to most local residents, behind the smiles and hellos of their friends and neighbors, lies a monster with inhuman cravings who prowls the night to satiate their lusts. The monsters of the old Universal and Hammer films are real, and they hide behind a veil of human flesh and decency. Some, knowing that their true forms are cursed lives, try to resist with all their power the needs their lesser halves require. Others, embrace the call of the moon and use the cloak of night to hunt down wandering prey, to drain them of all life.

The local police are resistant to accept the notion of monsters, but with the increasing number of such murders on their hands it'll get out to the public sooner or later. Someone is gonna point a finger and say, "Yep, that's a Vampire."

The Plot

A new officer has just transferred to the OPD from San An, and has just finished settling in two weeks after his move. He is vaguely aware of the talk around the water cooler, but like any sensible human being doesn't believe in the supernatural, at least in regards to it being a cause for a homicide. On this particular night, during patrol, he's about to become a believer.

A. Tommy is on night patrol and stops at a diner for a quick cup of coffee. He makes small talk with the employee when the call comes in to investigate a nearby disturbance. It turns out to be another grizzly murder (dependent on the monster of choice, the body will look like it met that creature) and Tom is first to arrive on scene. Where the culprit is is anyone's guess.

B. Though not much of a casanove, Tommy managed to strike up an immediate chemistry with a nice girl he met in Owen. Perhaps a few odd habits here and there, but otherwise just the sort of small town girl a big city kid dreams of. However, she can't make it to a date for untold reasons which inevitably leaves Tommy to make the most of the evening and requests a patrol shift. This eventually leads back to Plot A, except Tommy already knows the culprit, just not what she really is.       

I'm flexible with the plot and it doesn't even have to be this entirely, I'm fine with collaborating.

Main Characters

Tommy de Santa

Physical Traits:
Age: 26
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Light Brown

A native of San Antonio, Tommy enlisted with the army after high school graduation and then became a part of the SAPD after his contract was up. Though he excelled at his precinct, Tommy decided to get away from the big city and find something more relaxing. Hence, Owen. Tommy did his last tour in Okinawa, Japan, and while a beautiful country it always made him feel cramped. After doing that for four years, and returning home, the young officer decided it was time for a more open environment. Also the army doctor strongly recommended it.

Tommy keeps up his exercise with regular jogging and visits to the precinct workout room, but has a rather large appetite thanks to his army training (lots of exercise, strict meals). He doesn't have a carved abdomen, but he isn't exactly fat or terribly skinny. He has light brown eyes, similarly colored hair, and a sharp cheek bone structure.   

Before enlisting, Tommy was a good son and student, so it was a surprise to everyone in his family that he wanted to enlist. With aspirations to get into law school with a military scholarship, all that seemed to change when he came back home from his last tour. Though ambiguous about his radical change in career paths, Tommy easily fit into a policeman's uniform. His time in the military left him a bit rigid, formal, and just slightly less sociable than he used to be before going out, but still retains a good nature if with just a few hinks here and there.

The Monster

This I'll leave entirely up to my writing partner, whoever that may be. The only limitations I ask is that the creature they choose must adhere to classic ideas and physiology.

Vampires don't like being in direct sunlight, Werewolves automatically transform under a full moon, etc.

It doesn't even have to be a vampire or werewolf, if you got a neat idea you'd think I like I'm totally up to listening to it.

Whether the character is good or evil is also up to you. There's no set tone to the story, it can be really dark or even something light hearted, sorta.

As another note, if you're interested in this story but would rather switch roles, hit me up with a PM and we can plot out something.

If you're interested please leave a reply in this thread or PM me.
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