Been Gone Too Long... Violet's Wants (F for M/Futa)

Started by VioletDreams, January 27, 2015, 08:49:04 PM

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Important Things About Me

I am a very slow responder. I try to respond at least once a week and sometimes push for twice. if the plot is going well and it's enticing, I may respond more. I would like someone who is understanding of this or can match me.

To keep me enticed, I also request that posts are more than just a couple sentences. Give me something to work with. :)

I'm not in it purely for the sexy times, but I am not opposed to quicky, one-offs, but I am be persuaded to do so if the basis of the story is  intriguing.

Plots, plots, plots


Zombie Apocalypse
It would be our two OCs who just randomly run into each other and decide to stick together to survive. The location is up in the air, though I'd prefer a real world location.

Specific Plots

Loyalty isn't earned, it's bought. Really, really want this.
You're the Lord of a small town out in a mountainous region. A neighboring town has begun to wage war on your small settlements which is causing you to lose money and resources fast. While you have a decent sized army, you wouldn't have enough to send out to each settlement. So instead you turn to a band of mercenaries that have been living and poaching on your land for years now. The leader, a female, is known for her prowess in battle and even moreso for her diplomacy becomes your right hand and helps you with battle plans. At a cost, though.

Specific Fandoms:

World of Warcraft
This pairing I'm very open to any race combination as I do thoroughly enjoy them all, but I don't want to use Forsaken/Undead. Just not that sexy... I'm not set on a specific plot or whatever. We can brainstorm together or just kind of free-form it.

Elder Scrolls
Your OC x My OC - adventuring partners, enemies, etc. We can discuss this in more detail. If you'd like to know more about my OC, just message me. I have a couple Elder Scrolls character I've developed.


Hey there!

I've been gone a long time myself, now I'm looking around for some writing. I noticed that you have a zombie apocalypse idea... It got me interested. :)


Updated. Filled all except one. :D I'll probably post some more ideas this coming week.


Added a new fandom RP and opened up my Zombie Apocalypse one again. =D


Added a section for plots that I've been craving.


Edited my post now that I'm back and able to get back into the swing of things. ^^


Updated. Removed some plots that have been fulfilled. Added a new one and edited some others. Also added a little info about me.